Vegetarian food and wine gift Box: the Nature Box by La Gourmet Box

This special box is packed with the finest vegetarian products we could find during our travels through the French countryside. Made by France's finest artisans, these exquisite, original and largely organic creations are sure to delight fruit and vegetable lovers everywhere. And, of course, we've included a bottle of fine wine and the thoughtful details that make every La Gourmet Box a unique, elegant package. The perfect gift for vegetarian gourmands, packed with all-natural flavours to enjoy an authentic, wholesome feast!

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LA GOURMET BOX Nature, a 100% vegetarian gift box by true Terroir artisans

“Les Charmes” AOC Côteaux du Giennois 2016, white wine (75 cl)

Vegetarian gift basket BURGUNDY wineWinery: Domaine Catherine et Michel Langlois.

For this box we've selected a little-known designation of origin that is sure to surprise wine lovers. This vintage, with the AOC Côteaux du Giennois label, has been distinguished several times in prestigious wine magazines. In the mouth it offers a fruity burst of apples, peaches and grapefruits, and in the nose, notes of white flowers. Fresh, full-bodied and bursting with aromas, this Sauvignon Blanc, a typical grape variety of this region, makes the perfect aperitif.

Organic Cream of carrot soup with a hint of cilantro (340 g)

Vegetarian gift box Organic soap by la gourmet box Artisan chef: la Réserve de Champlat.

There's nothing better than a good soup to whet your appetite. Located in the Provence region of southern France, the Réserve de Champlat is one of the last surviving artisanal canneries. It makes over 90 traditional recipes based on organic produce, most of which is grown in France. Zero additives or flavour enhancers, just garden-grown carrots seasoned with cilantro: a match made in gourmet heaven! Serve the soup as is or dilute it with coconut milk or a few spoonfuls of cream.

Creamy-crunchy colza seed and tomato spread (90 g)

vegetarian gift Colza spread by la gourmet box Artisan: La Ferme de la Fontaine.

We stumbled upon this deliciously seedy spread on one of our rambles through the French countryside and were so blown away that we couldn't wait to include it in one of our gourmet gift boxes. When you bite down on the crunchy colza seeds (closely related to the rapeseed and mustard seed) cultivated by our expert artisan, they release a burst of flavours that perfectly complement the sweet tomato. Enjoy this delectable treat as a snack spread on mini-toast or use it to add some zest to your vinaigrette. Fine, flavourful and fun!

Poichichade, Provençal hummus (80 g)

Veg food box Poichichade by la gourmet box Artisan: Les Oréliades.

Since 1982, the family business Les Oréliades, based in the Var town of Salernes, offers a wide variety of Provence's finest gourmet products. All of their recipes, prepared by hand using only local ingredients, are highly original, festive and inspired by tradition. This poichichade (chickpea purée in French) is a smooth, creamy hummus lightly seasoned with lemon juice, garlic and cumin. Magnifique! Serve as a dip with grissini or breadsticks.

Mediterranean aubergine caviar (80 g)

Veg food box Mediterranean aubergine caviar by la gourmet box Artisan: Les Oréliades.

Continuing our jaunt across southern France, we bring you a savoury, subtly seasoned concoction. This Mediterranean recipe is a delicious, natural, healthy way to enjoy nature's bounty: aubergines, tomatoes, onions, oil, garlic, lemon juice, salt and pepper working in perfect harmony. We recommend eating it as a dip with pieces of pita bread.

Tasty and healthy artichoke spread (80 g)

Veg food box Tasty and healthy artichoke spread by la gourmet box Artisan: Les Oréliades.

One taste of this delicious artichoke spread and we were hooked. The incredibly delicate flavour and texture of this splendid concoction brings out the best in the already magnificent artichokes. For maximum enjoyment, spread it on toast or use it in a vinaigrette drizzled over vegetables or a savoury panna cotta. If you're not an artichoke fan, you soon will be!


moulinade verte Producer: Lo Moulinet.

In the mood for a taste of summer? Then you simply must try this moulinade, a delicious blend of olive oil and Lucques olive paste. Grown primarily in the Languedoc region, Lucques olives have a distinctive half-moon shape. The fruit used in this moulinade comes from 30-year-old trees tended by two olive enthusiasts, Anne and Didier, who together run a plantation with over 3,000 olive trees and an olive oil press opened in 2004, Lo Moulinet (The Little Press). As staunch advocates of tradition, they still extract oil using the old cold-pressing method. This savoury farmhouse moulinade will make a fresh and original addition to any snack spread.


moulinade noireProducer: Lo Moulinet.

Food should be a feast for the eyes as well as the stomach, and this black moulinade from Lo Moulinet is ideal for adding a highly original dash of colour and flavour to your hors d'oeuvres platter. Spread on Melba toast, this moulinade is sure to give your guests a delicious welcome.


Eugène Blond salt butter rosamary snacksArtisan: Eugène Blond.

No truly French vegetarian hors d’oeuvres party would be complete without these lightly salted, pure butter appetizer biscuits, crunchy temptations with the flavour of natural rosemary. In addition to being one of the oldest biscuit factories in France, Eugène Blond is world-renowned for its waffles and biscuits. Their secret recipe is a tribute to local products: flour, eggs, salt butter and natural spices and plant extract (the secret ingredient). Ideal served with any spreads of your veg gift box. Forget the silverware and go wild with these addictive finger snacks!

Crunchy black soya beans dipped in Matcha-flavoured white chocolate (50 g)

coffret gourmand vegetarien Haricot Noir chocolat matcha par la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Maison Gramm's.

No GMOs, palm oil, preservatives, additives or artificial colouring. The many virtues of these naturally sweet black soya beans have been known to the Japanese for millennia. Roasted in Kyoto, they have a crispy, crunchy, almost biscuit-like texture. And to round out the Far East experience, Maison Gramm’s has dipped them in white chocolate flavoured with Matcha green tea. The delicate aroma of ceremonial Matcha tea combined with the crunchy taste of roasted black soya beans will introduce you to a whole new world of gourmet sensations.


At La Gourmet Box, we're all about thoughtful details, which is why we've tucked some surprises among these delicious products to make your feast of French vegetarian delicacies truly memorable.

Go green and feast on France’s all-natural goodness!