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A delightful French food gift Hamper from the Poitou region!

The Poitou region French gourmet gift hamper

This month, La Gourmet Box has set its sights on western France with a gourmet hamper from the département of Deux-Sèvres, a region packed with delectable delights for foodies willing to take the time to discover them: Duhomard or cognac for aperitif lovers, boudin (black pudding), farci du Poitou, premium farm-fresh meats, sweet angelica and the famous Broyé du Poitou, a delicious butter-rich shortbread, are just some of the exquisite finds we look forward to sharing with you.

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Duhomard® Blanc, a Poitou-Charentes aperitif of sweet white wine and aromatic herbs (100 cl)

aperitif-duhomard-french-gourmet-hamper-deux-sevresArtisan: Les Jardins de l'Orbrie, Duhomard®.

A unique aperitif of sweet white wine mixed with natural orange, cinchona, cocoa and gentian aromas, Duhomard has been the king of spirits in the Niort region for nearly a century. Nothing could be finer than a chilled glass of Duhomard before dinner or with dessert. You won’t want to miss out on this unique regional aperitif!

Savoury terrine of lamb lightly seasoned with Marais Poitevin angelica (90 g)

french-terrine-lambArtisan: La Ferme de Châteauneuf, Ludovic Pachot.

Only “Label Rouge” lambs raised by an environmentally conscious breeder and a famous local plant could give us this creamy, savoury terrine. Ludovic’s lambs are suckled by their mothers and later fed hay from his own farm before being turned out to graze in his fields.

Artisanal savoir-faire and responsible practices combined with the subtle sweetness of angelica, a plant that grows deep in the marshlands of the Marais Poitevin, give this terrine a truly unique flavour. Grab a slice of bread and start spreading!

Traditional organic boudin noir (black pudding) from Poitou with farm-fresh pork and baby onions (180 g)

french-boudin-noir-organic-black-puddingArtisan: Ferme Bio La Rénéamière.

This organic farm also prides itself on excellent farming and breeding practices, respecting the natural balance and prioritizing animal welfare by refusing to use pesticides, chemical fertilizers or GMOs. Their black pudding is a genuine gastronomic delight prepared the traditional way, with baby onions, premium pork and a pinch of seasoning. This iconic traditional organic boudin noir from Poitou is ideal as snack spread on toast or as a main course. Serve cold or warm as desired.

Artisanal farm-fresh duck pâté with a dash of Poitou-Charentes cognac (130 g)

french-farm-fresh-duck-pateArtisan: Ferme Foie Gras Gaillard.

Our artisan is an expert at raising mulard ducks, highly prized as a source of premium foie-gras in south-western France. He prepares delicious duck recipes with no artificial colouring or preservatives, using the same methods as his grandparents to help us rediscover authentic flavours.

In this spread, the duck meat is simply seasoned with a dash of local cognac and a few spices: nothing beats a proper, home-made pâté! The fine art of enhancing the rich flavour of duck meat isn’t limited to the south-west of France...


farci-poitevinArtisan: Conserverie Artisanale Les Mijotés de la Belle.

Farci Poitevin is another Vienne classic, a hearty pâté made with vegetables and generally pork. Every country family in Poitou has its own recipe, so each new Farci is a delicious surprise. We’ve tried quite a few, but the vegetarian version created by Les Mijotés de la Belle won the contest hands down.

It's usually served as a cold pâté or warmed up in the oven a few minutes and spread on toast—the choice is yours!


broye-du-poitou-artisanalArtisan: Chocolaterie Artisanale Chocolats et Délices du Poitou, Valentin et Alain Pineau.

The Broyé du Poitou is a delicious butter-rich shortbread. Instead of cutting it, the custom in Poitou is to break it into uneven pieces by punching it in the middle—hence the name Broyé, which means “crushed”. That way, everyone can find a piece to suit their appetite and sweet tooth.

We grabbed the biggest ones, of course! Ideal with a fresh fruit salad or jam.


Bon Voyage in the Poitou marshland in the Deux-Sèvres Département!


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  1. Robert Desforges3/14/2019

    Mon deuxième coffret après la Loire et je suis toujours aussi favorablement surpris: la présentation du coffret très sympa et les produits excellents : j'ai retrouvé des classiques délicieux de cette région que je connais pourtant bien comme le Farçi ou le Broyé du Poitou mais aussi de très bonnes surprises comme le chocolat noir à l'angélique... Bravo!

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