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A Gourmet French Food and Craftbeer gift hamper from the Auvergne region!

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This month La Gourmet Box invites you to discover the magnificent flavours of the Puy de Dôme département in Auvergne. Nestled between the fertile Limagne Plain and the volcanoes of Auvergne, this land is packed with culinary gems that are sure to delight our curious gourmands. Are you ready to wow your taste buds?

Content of your Auvergne Gourmet hamper :

• Owl Beer, craft pale ale (75 cl)
• Margottes d’Auvergne, delicious biscuits flavoured with Fourme d’Ambert cheese and nuts (120 g)
• Organic Mousse spread with carrots and Auvergne AOP blue cheese (100 g)
• Authentic Bolognese sauce, Aubrac beef stewed with tomato sauce (400 g)
• Les Perles Bio, small organic durum wheat pasta (500 g)
• Tasty, slightly tart apple and blueberry compote (340 g)
• Trio de l’Auvergnat artisanal meringues with a hint of liqueurs (65 g)
• Crisp gentian and verbena biscuits (150 g).

Details on our Auvergne region gourmet hamper products and artisans below.

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OUR GOURMET GIFT Hamper from the Auvergne region, A Premium FRENCH FOOD AND beer box

Experience the succulent delights of France Auvergne gastronomy, as you eat your way through this fabulous Puy-de-Dôme gourmet box.

Owl Beer, craft pale ale (75 cl)

craft-beer-auvergneCraft Brewery: Brasserie et Ferme des Sagnes, Etienne Bertrand et Fabien Guillou.

At their microbrewery, the founder’s son and his childhood friend do everything themselves, from grinding the barley and making and fermenting the beer to bottling and labelling. They even grow their own hops on the family farm. Their brews aren’t filtered or pasteurized, and the result is authentic, natural, lively beer.

We wanted you to try their Owl Beer, a pleasantly round, fruity ale with a perfect balance of aromatic French hops and malts, all fermented with an unusual “Belgian-type” yeast.

Chill and savour the nuances of this amazingly tasty craft beer.

Margottes d’Auvergne, delicious biscuits flavoured with Fourme d’Ambert cheese and nuts (120 g)

french-cheese-biscuits-auvergneArtisan: L'Atelier Auvergnat, Artisan Biscuitier d'Auvergne.

L’Atelier Auvergnat, a family business specialized in artisanal sweet and savoury biscuits, has one aim: use the finest natural products of Auvergne to make the region's best biscuits the old-fashioned way. An ambitious goal, but they're already making it happen.

These flavourful biscuits are seasoned with the famous Fourme d’Ambert cheese and a hint of walnuts.

Foodie tip: for extra crunch, heat the biscuits in the oven at 180º for three minutes and let them cool: happy snacking!

Organic Mousse spread with carrots and Auvergne AOP blue cheese (100 g)

organic-carrot-spread-cheeseArtisan: Clac, Conserverie Locale Artisanale & Créative Bio.

Local, artisanal, eco-friendly production methods, Km0 philosophy, respect for producers and the environment—we at La Gourmet Box couldn’t agree more with this artisan’s values. Strong values make a successful snack! Clac works with fifteen ecological producers in Auvergne to create delicious, all-natural creamy spreads.

This mousse, his first invention, combines sweetness and intensity thanks to the blend of carrots and Auvergne AOP blue cheese.

Perfect for spreading on a slice of freshly baked bread or dipping raw veggies or breadsticks.

Authentic Bolognese sauce, Aubrac beef stewed with tomato sauce, small vegetables and herbs (400 g)

artisan-bolognese-sauceArtisan: Ferme Elevage Gasteau, Nathalie et Paul Gasteau

In the heart of the Auvergne volcanoes region, this highland farm raises Aubrac cattle, one of the finest beef breeds, the traditional way: in summer the cows are put out to pasture, and in winter they return to the stables, where they eat hay harvested from the nearby meadows. Respect for animal welfare and for the environment aren't just empty words here.

Discover or rediscover the authentic taste of premium farmhouse beef in this delicious Bolognese sauce recipe.

A genuine artisanal success!

Les Perles Bio, small organic durum wheat pasta (500 g)

organic-pasta-auvergneArtisan: La ferme Bio des quatre vents, Sandrine, Hervé et Jonathan Brun.

Our artisan, a firm believer in the Km0 philosophy, grows his organic wheat the old-fashioned way (crop rotation, no chemical products) in the black soil of Limagne, a plain famous for its fertility since antiquity. He also processes the harvest on his own farm.

The result of his good practices is these tasty pasta pearls, the ideal accompaniment for your homemade Bolognese sauce.

Tasty, slightly tart apple and blueberry compote (340 g)

craft-compote-apple-blueberryArtisan: Le Tango des Saveurs, Confiturier.

Good jams require good fruit picked at the perfect point of ripeness, and the same goes for compotes. Our Auvergne artisan has learned all the secrets of making excellent jams and applied them to his compotes.

We chose this combination of apple and blueberry, the quintessential wild mountain fruit of Auvergne, to bring you some loving spoonfuls of tangy sweetness, with far less sugar than even an artisanal jam.

Trio de l’Auvergnat artisanal meringues with a hint of Gentian liqueur, lemon verbena liqueur and blueberry and chestnut liqueur (65 g)

meringues-artisan-gentian-liqueurArtisan: Les Liqueurs de l'abbaye, Laurent Dartere.

Laurent Dartere harvests gentian roots from the mountain soil at altitudes of between 800 and 1,200 metres above sea level. He uses traditional methods to make his liqueurs, macerating the roots for several months without heat to preserve all their natural flavour.

His stellar liqueurs give these homemade meringues a spectacular twist.

Crisp gentian and verbena biscuits (150 g)

auvergne-biscuitsArtisan: Crok Andises, Christophe Chevalier Artisan Biscuitier, Chocolatier, Confiseur.

In Cournon d’Auvergne, Christophe makes sweets that pay tribute to regional flavours like lemon verbena, gentian and blueberry. His artisanal process respects time-honoured traditions and uses natural ingredients, with no artificial colouring or preservatives. The results speak for themselves!

The gentian and verbena make these little morsels a rare treat. They’re simply delicious, especially combined with the homemade compote.


Bon Voyage to Auvergne and the Volcanoes region !