Discover HERE our wide range of delicious gourmet gift boxes direct from the French and Spanish region for your Christmas presents and schedule their delivery on the date of your choice

Rates and delivery times for the UK and Europe


These delivery rates include all taxes and are to be added to the prices of the boxes and/or subscription plans.
They are valid for an order with a unique delivery and at a same address.
These delivery times are valid for orders placed before 12.00 on working days.

Our gourmet boxes are generously stocked (3 to 5 kilos...), which explains the shipping costs on which we do not take any margin.

NEW: we now ship to Baleares Island.

Please note: UK deliveries are no longer available since the Brexit unfortunately due to the new customs' complexity for the kind of product we propose... But delivery to Ireland still available.

For home delivery, our delivery rates are strongly decreasing according to the number of boxes purchased.

For subscription plans, the total shipping cost is to be calculated by multiplying the number of months subscribed by the shipping rate for 1 box.
     Example > Shipping cost for a subscription of 2 months to La Gourmet Box with delivery in the Netherlands.
                         - Express home delivery (2-3 working days): 2 x 8,50€ = 17€.
                         - Standard pick-up shop delivery (2 working days): 2 x 6,00€ = 12€.



Delivery times and hours

The courier services do not allow us to specify a timeframe for delivery, so we recommend providing an address where someone is always present during the day to accept the delivery on the first attempt.

We have made every effort to offer our customers a high-quality, personalized delivery service; however, it is ESSENTIAL that you provide an email address and phone number (mobile and landline) for the recipient so s/he can be contacted if necessary.


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