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A delightful French food gift box from the Brittany region!

This month La Gourmet Box invites you to sample the surf and turf delights of Ille-et-Vilaine in Brittany, a land of exceptional artisans and superlative products. This is one breton gourmet hamper you simply can't afford to miss!

Content of your Brittany Gourmet Box :

• Delicious Poiré de Brocéliande (75 cl)
•5-grain mini craquelins from the Rance Valley (36 units)
•Creamy carrot spread with chopped peanuts (100 g)
•Shredded pork rillettes with caramel (100g)
•Langoustine rillettes with Roscoff onion (100 g)
•“Tradition” seaweed tartare (80 g)
•Return from fishing rice (250 g)
•Salted butter caramel (250 g)
•Mini rum babas with Marie-Galante rum and Madagascar vanilla (120 g)

Details on our Brittany gourmet box products and artisans below.

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Experience the succulent delights of the Ille-et-Villaine region (Brittany), as you eat your way through this fabulous gourmet hamper.

Delicious Poiré de Brocéliande (75 cl)

poire-artisanal-broceliandeCidrerie: Cidre Fermier du Pays de Brocéliande, Bertrand Monnerie..

So far, we hadn’t had a chance to share the excellent invention known as perry or pear cider with our subscribers, but when we tried this one, we knew the time had come. Made the same way as a good apple cider, the refined delicacy of this elixir is revealed through the nose and mouth.

Champagne-coloured with fine bubbles and low alcohol content, this perry, as if imbued with the magic of the legendary forest of Brocéliande, makes a delightfully fruity aperitif or dessert companion. Serve very cold.

5-grain mini craquelins from the Rance Valley (36 units)

craquelin-rance-bretonArtisan: Les Craquelins de la Baie, Christophe Girouard.

A speciality of the Rance Valley, this unique puffed biscuit is crunchy on the outside yet melts in your mouth thanks to the scalding method, where the lumps of dough are dipped in boiling water before going in the oven.

Our artisan’s biscuits are perfect for breakfast or as a snack, especially with the scrumptious salted butter caramel you’ll find in this Breton hamper or with any of our other spreads. A staple of traditional Breton cuisine.

Creamy carrot spread with chopped peanuts (100 g)

carrot-spreadArtisan: Conserverie artisanale bretonne TyBocal, Mary Jeanney.

Select seasonal ingredients supplied by local producers, preserved only by heat processing, made and packaged on site... these responsible practices combined with excellent savoir-faire have yielded truly unbeatable results.

Our artisan hit on the clever idea of enhancing the carrot flavour with peanut bits. A savoury spread with a crunchy surprise, try it with our craquelins for the perfect nibble.

Shredded pork rillettes with caramel

breton-artisan-productsArtisan: Conserverie artisanale bretonne TyBocal, Mary Jeanney.

The people of Brittany have mastered the arts of making caramel and raising pigs, and this best-selling recipe is a prime example of what these two local products can achieve together.

A sweet and savoury spread that’s sure to scintillate your taste buds!

Langoustine rillettes with Roscoff onion AOP (100 g)

rillettes-langoustinesArtisan: Conserverie artisanale La Cancalaise, l'Atelier de la Mer.

Tinned seafood products are common in Brittany, but La Cancalaise is one of the few canners who've managed to preserve all the delicate freshness of langoustines (also known as scampi or Norway lobsters).

A deliciously oceanic discovery!

“Tradition” seaweed tartare (80 g)

seaweed-tartareArtisan: Alg’Emeraude, Nath Hamon et Nath Ameline.

Near Saint-Lunaire, we met these amazingly talented artisans who take their work very seriously and helped us to discover the culinary delights of seaweed with respect for Mother Nature.

During the spring tide, they comb the wild shores of Saint-Lunaire to harvest the finest produce of the marine gardens, using shears and following a strict harvest calendar to maintain the ecosystem’s biomass. Everything is done by hand, from meticulously cleaning the seaweed to drying it at low temperature to preserve its full flavour.

These herculean efforts are apparent in the absolutely stellar quality of all their products: everything we sampled left us speechless! Try this special tartare on toast or with smoked salmon, on pasta with shrimp or scallops, on a biscuit.

Return from fishing rice (250 g)

seaweed-riceArtisan: Alg’Emeraude, Nath Hamon et Nath Ameline.

Is there such a thing as Breton paella? We think there is...

Prepare a delicious dish by combining fragrant Thai rice with seaweed carefully selected by our artisan in a pilaf, add some mussels, cockles or clams, and enjoy a delicious Brittany-style paella... yes, it does exist!

One bite and we were in love: a genuine delicacy!

Breton Creamy Salted butter caramel (250 g)

breton-salted-butter-caramelArtisan: les Confitures de Raphaël, Cédric et Raphaël Guillo-Lohan.

It took three years of trial-and-error to discover the recipe for this delectable treat! An iconic Breton creation, this salted butter caramel spread combines the sweet intensity of caramel with the smoothness of butter and cream. A dash of salt magnifies the flavour and tickles the taste buds.

Obviously, the key is finding the perfect balance of all these elements, and we think Raphaël and his brother have done just that: their caramel is pure gold in your mouth!

Mini rum babas with Marie-Galante rum and Madagascar vanilla (120 g)

babas-rum-brittanyArtisan: Les babas de Saint-Malo.

These babas au rhum, the famous rum-soaked cakes with a twist, faithfully carry on the tradition of the Saint-Malo corsairs.

One day, a Michelin-starred chef decided to put his speciality in a jar so that his seafaring friends could enjoy a delectable dessert after weeks at sea. But even if you aren’t planning to set sail any time soon, you can still savour its scrumptious sweetness.


Bon Voyage to Brittany!