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A delightful French food gift box from Burgundy!

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This month we invite you to discover the taste of Yonne, a region in Burgundy named after the river that waters its magnificent valleys. We can’t wait to share all the delicacies that have earned Burgundian cuisine its international reputation for excellence! Most people think “wine” when they hear the word “Burgundy”, of course, and Yonne is famous for its Chablis, but there’s so much more to savour: Escargot, gougères, Charolais beef, Morvan honey, Burgundian blackcurrants and cherries, Duché biscuits... So many premium products and ingredients, presented by our hand-picked selection of Burgundian artisans in creative, occasionally surprising but always delicious ways. If you love Burgundy, you won’t want to miss this gourmet box!

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Chablis-style Bourgogne Blanc, 100% Chardonnay, 2016 (75 cl)

wine-burgundy-chardonnay-chablisWinery: Clotilde Davenne, Domaine Les Temps Perdus.

Clotilde Davenne, Burgundy born and bred, perfected her craft by making hundreds of cuvées in different DO regions before finally returning to her roots near Chablis, where she gradually acquired a number of small plots with vines of various ages and different grape varieties that allow her to concoct splendid wines brimming with character. The vineyards that produce this Burgundy white are located in Préhy, one of the twenty towns belonging to the Chablis appellation. Chardonnay, the king of Burgundian white grapes, thrives in calcareous soil, giving this wine a delightfully fresh, mineral taste very close to a Chablis. A sparkling white gem of a wine! Serve chilled but not cold, between 10 and 12º. Ideal for pairing with white meat, cold cuts, sweetbread or, of course, as an aperitif.

Traditional Hungarian-style Charolais beef goulash (500 g)

goulash-burgundy-gourmet-gift-basketArtisan: La Ferme de la Flatterie.

A few kilometres outside Auxerre, Clément raises Charolais cows on his human-sized farm. They only eat grass in summer and are fed hay and farm-grown grains in winter. This diet keeps them happy and healthy, and it shows in the quality of the meat. As most foodies are probably well acquainted with bœuf bourguignon, we decided to go with this delicious goulash, a typical Hungarian peasant dish made with chunks of beef from our artisan’s farm, vegetables (tomatoes, peppers, onions, etc.), seasonings (pepper, salt and, of course, the all-important paprika), and absolutely no artificial colourings or preservatives. Nothing beats the taste of home cooking with all-natural premium ingredients!

The Burgundian gougère reinvented: savoury biscuits with escargot butter and white wine (90 g)

craft-product-burgundyArtisan: Pyneau Prunutz, Aymeric Luczkiewicz.

Artisan Pyneau Prunutz has breathed new life into the traditional Burgundian gougère by adding a dash of originality without sacrificing the quality or essence of this traditional cheese puff. Carefully selected ingredients (organic flour, AOC butter, free-range eggs and IGP or DO cheeses) combined with the unmistakable taste of Burgundian cuisine (escargot) and a generous dollop of creativity have produced these refined little morsels. Served with a glass of Burgundy white, they’re the perfect way to whet your appetite!

Artisanal country pâté with red wine and blackcurrants (180g)

artisanal-country-pate-burgundyArtisan: La Tour des Terroirs.

The best of Burgundy in one fabulous spread! Served on a small slice of bread, this pâté will melt in your mouth to release the rich yet perfectly balanced flavours of red wine and blackcurrant.

Burgundian honey nonnettes filled with blackcurrant jam (200 g)

french-pastries-burgundyArtisan: La Tour des Terroirs.

Burgundy has always been a land of gingerbread and blackcurrants... and nowhere is this combination better expressed than in the nonnette, a small gingerbread cake with a creamy core of jam and honey. In the Middle Ages, nuns (nonnes in French) made these cakes at their convent, which explains where the name came from. These spongy, tasty Burgundy treats are sure to be a hit with epicures of all ages!

Biscuit Duché, the essential Chablis biscuit (box of 12)

biscuit-duche-burgundy-gourmet-basketArtisan: Boulangerie-Pâtisserie Mickael Body.

There’s more to Chablis than wine! Like the Tarte Tatin, the recipe for the Duché biscuit (also known as the Chablis biscuit) was discovered by accident, when confectioner Alfred Duché made a lucky mistake back in the 1860s, and local baker Mickaël Body has been keeping the tradition alive for the past 15 years. Apparently, one night Duché had a bit too much to drink and forgot a batch of small biscuits in the oven. When he removed them the next day, he realized that the glaze which had formed on top gave them a very interesting flavour and, best of all, that these dry little morsels were perfect with a glass of Chablis! Make sure to sample them à la Chablisienne, dipping each biscuit in a glass of Chardonnay. Let us know what you think of M. Duché’s “mistake”...

Salted caramel popcorn (30 g)

artisanal-pop-cornArtisan: Maison Gramm's.

No GMOs, no palm oil, no preservatives, additives or colouring: just the wholesome goodness of gourmet French popcorn made from the finest corn kernels with a delicious coating of salted caramel butter from the AOC-certified Montaigu dairy, seasoned with a sprinkle of Noirmoutier salt. Cinema popcorn will lose its appeal (sorry!). We first discovered this delicious popcorn while searching for artisans to fill our special children’s gourmet box, and since Maison Gramm's is in Auxerre, in the département of Yonne, we couldn’t pass up the chance to share it with our grown-up fans in this Burgundian gourmet box.


Bon Voyage to Burgundy!