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A delightful French food and wine gift box for Christmas !

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This holiday season, La Gourmet Box invites you to spend December exploring the cuisine of Les Landes. Though known for its endless pine forests bounded by the sea, this corner of Gascony is also home to many impressive culinary delights, each tastier than the last: poultry and pastured duck prepared a thousand different ways, including France's celebrated foie-gras, Adour kiwis, the famous Armagnac brandy, Tursan and Chalosse wines, and much more! You won't want to miss this elegant gourmet box, packed with epicurean delights prepared by the finest local artisans of this corner of southwest France.

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THE LANDAISE GOURMET BOX, our food and wine gift box for Christmas !

La Dame de Brassempouy, IGP Landes Côteaux de Chalosse, moelleux (sweet) white wine (75 cl)

Christmas gourmet gift box French wine La gourmet boxWinery: Les Vignerons Landais de Chalosse.

We're pleased to bring you a special kind of sweet white wine called moelleux from the IGP/PGI (Protected Geographical Indication) of Chalosse that's absolutely ideal for the holidays. It's also a great introduction to two native grape varieties of southwest France: Gros Manseng (essential to the production of Jurançon white) and Arriloba, a rare Basque cross between Sauvignon Blanc and the local Raffiat de Moncade. The result is a deliciously sweet wine that's expressive (candied orange, peach, honey and white blossoms), velvety and balanced, perfect for enjoying with the foie-gras and other treats you'll find in your gourmet box. Your first taste may be as thrilling as the sight of the splendid female statuette after which this wine was named: the Dame de Brassempouy or Venus of Brassempouy, discovered in Landes, a small 25,000-year-old ivory head, is the earliest known representation of a human face!

Genuine Chichon Landais with southwest France duck confit and duck (130 g)

Christmas gourmet gift hamper French wine by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Maison Bignalet.

Chichon is eaten like pâté but is actually a more original type of snack food: a speciality of southwest France, made from a blend of melted duck and pork fat. When the fat melts, the small bits of meat attached to it are roasted and scraped off to make the famous Chichon Landais—and you don't have to feel guilty, because the pure fat is discarded. Only local ingredients are used to make this very special, incredibly flavourful snack spread. Serve it on a hearty slice of country bread heated a few minutes in the oven for a heavenly experience. Magnifique!

Artisanal block of smooth genuine southwest France duck foie-gras (130 g)

foie gras Christmas gift hamper by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Les Cadets de Gascogne.

No Christmas party would be complete without Gascony’s famous foie-gras, but not just anything will do for our gourmands. The smooth foie-gras we've chosen is made from farm-raised Landes ducks with the Label Rouge quality seal, which ensures at least 102 days of outdoor pastured living and guaranteed traceability. We recommend serving this incredibly flavourful foie-gras on mini-toasts with a glass of the moelleux wine included in this box. A very pleasant way to get your foodie juices flowing. Joyeux Noël!

Salmis of quail, stewed in wine sauce (340 g)

Christmas gift hamper by La Gourmet Box SalmisArtisan: Conserverie Artisanale Berthon.

This company combines its acknowledged talent and savoir-faire with artisanal methods and only the finest local products of southwest France. Finally, we’ve found all the right ingredients for bringing our food lovers an authentic, superlative salmis. This ragout-like dish typical of the Landes region is made from bits of game birds (in this case quail) stewed in a richly seasoned sauce. This Gascon culinary speciality makes an ideal winter supper, with a highly original flavour that's more refined than the traditional duck confit. Serve with baked potatoes or a lighter side of vegetables.

VSOP Armagnac from southwest France (6 cl WIT® bottle)

Armagnac VSOP Gascony Christmas gift hamper by La Gourmet BoxWinery: Château Garreau.

To top off this small Landes feast, we couldn't skip what some gourmands like to call le trou gascon: a break between courses in a copious meal when diners enjoy a little glass of Armagnac (as they do with Calvados in Normandy) to revive the appetite. And here's a new term to add to your culinary vocabulary: a WIT® bottle is a 6 cl tube that can be used to store wine or alcohol with the same assurance of long-term quality as a traditional bottle—and what quality! This Armagnac from Château Garreau, winner of the gold medal at the 2014 Concours Général Agricole in Paris, is a Very Superior Old Pale or VSOP (the English acronym denotes its popularity outside of France), a brandy made from a combination of different distilled wines aged in oak barrels for at least 4 years. Light orange with golden highlights, this brandy has a vanilla aroma with hints of hyacinth and rose and a smooth, full-bodied mouthfeel reminiscent of vanilla with a spiced finish, making it a delightful aperitif or after-dinner drink. Best served at room temperature.

Chokilas, dark chocolate truffles with prunes and Armagnac (70 g)

chocolate delights Gascony Christmas gift hamper by La Gourmet BoxArtisan chocolatier: L'Atelier du Chocolat.

L'Atelier du Chocolate is renowned for the quality of its sweets and artisanal savoir-faire throughout southwest France. And these truffles called Chokilas prove the reputation is richly deserved: a subtle, intense dark chocolate ganache enhanced with the fruity tang of Agen prunes and the caramelized notes of Armagnac. They're a variation on typical chocolate truffles, with a thicker coating of dark chocolate and cocoa powder. Simply scrumptious!

Homemade Adour kiwi marmalade (250 g)

kiwi marmalade French Christmas gift hamper by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Kiwi Délices.

In the heart of the Landes region, the Valley of Adour has long been famed for its kiwi plantations, and today it even has its own Protected Geographical Indication (PGI or IGP). This artisanal operation has been growing and processing kiwis for over 40 years. It also boasts the Label Rouge, a quality seal that ensures careful cultivation of this exquisite fruit using environmentally responsible methods. The homemade marmalade we've chosen is an amazing recipe and a feast for the eyes, as the black seeds of the kiwi contrast with the greenish-yellow of the pulp. The gourmet way to get your daily dose of vitamin C!

Traditional brandied fruits in Armagnac (2 individual glasses)

fruit in armagnac French gourmet gift hamper by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Les Confitures de Nicole.

To conclude this tasting menu of the best of southwest France, we invite you to try two different desserts in two individual glasses: cherry and plum preserved in Armagnac. The sweetness of the fruit complements the brandy’s intensity and fragrance. Enjoy after a meal or as a gourmet topping on vanilla ice cream, for example. Excellent for a gourmet Christmas dinner or New Year's Eve party!


Merry Christmas in Les Landes and Gascony with La Gourmet Box!