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A delightful French food and wine gift box from the Auvergne region !

This month we’re headed for Auvergne with our Cantal gourmet box. Cantal is highland cattle country, where the Salers and Aubrac breeds are kings of the pastures, but it’s also a land of delectable cheeses (even boasting its own AOP label), scintillating wines and countless artisans who work magic with premium products. Lentils, potatoes mixed with Cantal's unique tome fraîche cheese to make truffade, mountain flowers that provide nectar for bees and are used to make the region’s famous gentian liqueur... the list is long and tempting. We had a grand time exploring the magnificent scenery and culinary gems created by local artisans. Treat yourself to a savoury spread with the contents of this special Cantal gourmet box—you won't regret it!

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The Auvergne Cantal Gourmet Gift Basket, a delicious food box for the most discerning foodies!

La chambre de Léa - Corent Côtes d'Auvergne AOC – rosé wine 100% Auvergne Gamay 2017 (75 cl)

Rose wine Auvergne gourmet gift box by La Gourmet BoxWinery: Maison Desprat Vins.

With the arrival of summer, we couldn't resist the temptation to share this delicious rosé with our epicurean fans. Rosé wines rule the roost in the Puy de Corent AOC; in fact, this bottle comes from the only 100% rosé AOC in Auvergne and features a surprisingly generous, complex bouquet with light citrus notes. The distinctive taste of Gamay grapes is supplied by the mineral-rich volcanic soil of this region.

Serve chilled as an aperitif or at a summer barbecue... exquisite!

Terrine of Salers beef with Auvergne gentian liqueur (180 g)

Salers beef Auvergne gourmet gift box by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Le Cellier de la Marmotte.

Ranging freely in mountain pastures, Salers cattle produces amazing beef with a long, intense flavour, and in terrine form it’s a traditional local delicacy. This pâté is a superb blend of premium Salers beef and a typical Auvergne beverage known as gentian liqueur, made from the roots of wild gentian plants, which adds a subtly bitter flavour to the meat. Spread on a slice of bread for a bite of pure heaven.

Savoury Cantal cheese biscuits (120 g)

craft made products Cantal-Auvergne gourmet basketArtisan: Biscuiterie Apiflor.

We made our way to a village called Madic, on the border between the départements of Cantal and Corrèze, where we met an artisan who makes delicious traditional biscuits in bronze moulds. Genuine Cantal AOC cheese is added to the biscuit dough for a truly unique flavour. Ideal for nibbling with a small glass of rosé wine from your gourmet box—a crisp gourmet treat! Serving suggestion: to bring out the full flavour of these biscuits, bake them in the oven 2-3 minutes before serving.

Aubrac beef stewed in Saint-Pourçain red wine (380 g container)

French delicacies Cantal-Auvergne gourmet boxArtisan: Maison Julhes.

Aubrac cattle roam freely and graze in the high meadows of Aveyron and Auvergne. This breed, raised for its savoury cuts of meat, is easily recognizable by its brown coat. In this recipe, delicious bits of Aubrac beef, selected by the Joffrois de Pierrefort butchery, are stewed in Saint-Pourçain wine, seasoned with pepper, spices and bouquet garni and accompanied by carrots, mushrooms, onions and lardons. The result is a savoury local speciality with an amazing texture.

Genuine Auvergne-style truffade, pan-fried potatoes with Cantalian tome fraîche (380 g)

pics French delicacies Cantal-Auvergne gourmet basketArtisan: Maison Julhes.

Of course, you can't properly enjoy your beef stew without a side of truffade, Auvergne’s delicious version of scalloped potatoes. Melted tome fraîche, a cheese made in Cantal, is mixed with locally grown potatoes and seasoned with a bit of garlic, parsley and pepper for a classic taste of traditional Auvergne.

Cantal mountain honey sweets (70 g)

Cantal gastronomy French gourmet box for foodiesArtisan: Miellerie Natur'Ailes.

In the high meadows of Coren in Cantal, Géraldine and Nicolas harvest honey from their own hives, known as “high mountain honey” because of the altitude at which their bees work. Cantal has two significant advantages in these critical times for bees: large crops and the toxic pesticides they use are virtually non-existent in these range lands, and the diversity of mountain flora is a feast for honeybees, giving their liquid gold a rich, nuanced flavour. And these sweets are little morsels of that pristine paradise. With more than 40% honey content—and “high mountain honey” at that—they’re guaranteed to delight fans of nature’s sweetness.

Confit of premium blonde Saint-Flour lentils (250 g)

Cantal products French gourmet hamper for foodiesArtisan: La Roche aux Fruits.

We couldn’t overlook lentils in Cantal, as one of the region’s most famous products, so we were delighted to stumble upon this rather unusual culinary creation: a deliciously unexpected confit of blonde Saint-Flour lentils. There’s something about it that reminds us of chestnut paste, but with the perfectly balanced, delicate flavour of lentils, curious gourmands are in for a very pleasant surprise.


Bon Voyage in Auvergne and Cantal !