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A delightful French food and wine gift box from the French Aveyron region !

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This month La Gourmet Box invites you to discover Aveyron, a wonderful province for fans of French cuisine. Here we find the stunning scenery of the Causse du Larzac plateau, the high plains of Aubrac, the gorges of the River Tarn and many other lovely landscapes—and, of course, inimitable regional flavours. Aveyron is a land of cheeses, including the blue delicacy Roquefort (often called the “King of Cheeses”), the famous Pommes Aligot or mashed potatoes with Tomme, a special local cheese, and garlic, wines made from unique grape varieties, extraordinary herbs and aromatic plants, and many more tasty delights. And we can’t forget the authentic artisans who add zest to this amazing territory. Fellow gourmands, prepare to be seduced by the flavours of Aveyron.

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The Aveyron GOURMET BOX, an exquisite combination of delicious treats from a splendid Terroir!

Tandem 2015, AOC Marcillac, organic red wine (75 cl)

AOC Marcillac wine AVEYRON Gourmet gift basketWinery: Domaine des Costes Rouges.

One of the greatest pleasures on our forays into the French countryside is discovering or getting reacquainted with forgotten grape varieties. Claudine and Eric, the winery owners, have concocted this lovely red Tandem. Harvested from organically cultivated vineyards, the grapes in this bottle are 100% Fer Servadou (a variety also known as Mansois in France). The result is an intensely flavourful, fruity wine with pleasant notes of blackcurrant and red berries and a hint of pepper. Ideal paired with roast fowl or pork tenderloin, this red is a delightfully refreshing change from the classic Cabernet Sauvignon! Serving temperature: slightly chilled, between 14º and 16º C.

Apéroquefort, savoury Aveyron Roquefort-flavoured biscuits (100 g)

Aveyron gourmet gift basket Roquefort-flavoured biscuits Artisan: Les Délices du Rougier.

You can’t experience Aveyron cuisine without trying a bit of Roquefort. Adeline’s savoury biscuits with the delicious taste of Roquefort, “King of Cheeses”, take the family bakery to a whole new level of flavour. Enjoy these crunchy, tasty, nutritious morsels as a snack or crumbled over a salad: a local gem you won’t want to miss!

Larzac pâté of pork, mature Tomme sheep cheese and organic thyme (130 g)

Larzac pate Aveyron gourmet gift basketArtisan: Roger Vidal.

Loyal to traditional manufacturing methods, Roger Vidal is a family business at the foot of the Larzac plateau, in the heart of sheep country. Combining the essence of the region with respect for the environment, this creamy organic spread made from pork, local mature Tomme cheese and a hint of thyme (and nothing else!) is a veritable explosion of flavours. Served on a slice of bread with a glass of wine, it makes a delicious snack.

Famous traditional Aligot Aveyronnais, mashed potatoes with fresh Cantal cheese and sour cream (2 servings)

Aligot Aveyron gourmet gift basketArtisan: Marie de Livinhac.

Pommes Aligot is a staple of local cuisine: potatoes whipped with an unprocessed cheese called Tomme or Tome fraîche, a fresh Cantal or Laguiole cheese, and mixed with sour cream. Thanks to Marie de Livinhac, now you can try it at home: just add water and sour cream to the package contents, cook over low heat, and dig in! For the best flavour, the trick is to rub the pan with garlic before heating. Serve with grilled meats or cold cuts, as they do in Aveyron, and prepare to treat your taste buds!

Traditional Aveyron Choux Farçis: cabbage rolls stuffed with minced meat and fresh vegetable sauce (390 g)

Choux farcis Aveyron gourmet boxArtisan: Les Garibotes.

Another very typical and popular dish in Aveyron is stuffed cabbage rolls. We've tried several, but none compared to the Les Garibotes recipe. These melt-in-your-mouth rolls filled with minced meat and vegetables, cooked in a sauce and properly seasoned, bring out the natural flavour of cabbage. Just heat in the oven and serve. We’re already hankering for more!

Aubrac tea-infused 70% cacao dark chocolate bar (100 g)

Dark chocolate gourmet boxArtisanal confectionery: L'Abbaye de Bonneval.

The Cistercian monks ousted from the Abbey of Bonneval during the French Revolution were replaced by nuns of the same order in 1875, who brought the abbey back to life (and our palates are forever grateful!). The nuns soon became famous throughout the region for their unique chocolate, guaranteed free of preservatives, artificial flavours, colouring and vegetable fat except for pure cocoa butter... Magnifique! This version is infused with the delicate flavour of Aubrac tea or large-flowered calamint, a unique plant with a subtle balsamic aroma that grows on the high plains of Aubrac. An artisanal, pure dark chocolate worthy of the most discerning gourmands! The perfect way to satisfy your sweet tooth at any time of day.

Artisanal Larzac sweet biscuits with raspberry nuggets (160 g)

Aveyron french biscuitsArtisanal bakery: Pierre Lequepeys.

Aveyron baker and confectioner Pierre Lequepeys has worked hard to give us a taste of his childhood in these deliciously crunchy morsels. The biscuits are made from simple, all-natural ingredients, but it’s the way they’re combined that makes them unique. The tasty little raspberry chunks add a splash of colour and tart imagination for a gourmet touch. Crispy and fruity, these artisanal biscuits are so delicious that they probably won’t last long in your pantry!


Bon Voyage in Aveyron and the Midi-Pyrénées!