A delightful French food and wine gift box from Northern Catalonia !

Prepare to explore the Pyrénées-Orientales or Eastern Pyrenees of France, also known as Northern Catalonia, with our January gourmet box. Nothing can rival Catalan cuisine’s combination of surf and turf to create delicious, authentic meals. Olives, almonds, assorted fish, fruit and, of course, wines grown in a wide variety of soils... this land is a feast for the eyes and taste buds. With our box of Catalan treats, you’ll be more than ready to welcome 2018. It’s going to be a truly gourmet year!

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The Northern Catalonia GOURMET BOX, an exquisite combination of surf and turf in an elegant gift box !

Domain Força Real 2015, AOP Côtes du Roussillon Villages, red wine (75 cl)

French wine Domaine Força Real catalan gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxWinery: Cyril, Domaine Força Real.

These vineyards, which began the conversion to organic agriculture in 2014, boast stunning views of the Pyrenees and the Mediterranean Sea. This wine from Força Real is reminiscent of the south. Grown in chalky soil, the Black Grenache, Syrah and Mourvèdre grapes are able to express their true character in this coupage, lovingly tended by Cyril on the vines and throughout the wine-making process. Ripe black fruits swirl in the nose and mouth, enhanced by a pleasant hint of freshness typical of schist soils and spicy notes that give way to a silky, elegant finish. We’re so in love with this wine!

Almond-stuffed green Mediterranean table olives (125 g)

Almond-stuffed olives catalan gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Saveurs et Traditions du Midi.

There’s no better introduction to this region than a taste of locally-grown olives with a special gourmet twist. The firm, creamy flesh of the olive mingles with the crunchiness of the almond, an iconic regional crop. This classic Mediterranean duo, a time-honoured tradition, still has the power to delight and amaze.

Catalan zarzuela, traditional fisherman's stew with Mediterranean fish and seafood (650 g)

Maison Roque catalan gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Maison Roque.

Spanish Catalans call this region of France Northern Catalonia, so it’s hardly surprising that Spain has such a strong influence on local cuisine. And with the Mediterranean lapping its shores, there is no shortage of artisans who know how to enhance the bounty of the sea. Maison Roque, a historic enterprise in Colliure, brings us a revamped bouillabaisse with their zarzuela or stew, made the traditional way by slowly cooking remnants of the day’s catch with tomatoes and olive oil. It’s a simple recipe, but with premium ingredients it can’t be beat! This hearty southern dish is sure to delight fans of Mediterranean fish and seafood. Heat slowly in your own zarzuela or stew pot and dig in!

Mild, creamy artisanal mustard with Banyuls dessert wine and honey (110 g)

Artisanal mustard catalan gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: La Légende de Pyrène.

We tried this some time ago and couldn’t get it out of our heads. In this delectable mustard, part of the vinegar is replaced by the famous Banyuls dessert wine for extra smoothness, and the honey adds a nice sweet touch. A sweet-and-sour mustard for fans of complex flavours, this is an ideal condiment with grilled meats and can also be used to liven up vinaigrettes.

Rousquilles du Roussillon, traditional soft Catalan sweet biscuits with almonds (200 g)

French Pastries catalan gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: L'Amandon du Soleil.

A typical Northern Catalan speciality, the rousquille is a small, soft, round biscuit shaped like a crown (rosca in Catalan), lightly flavoured with almond, vanilla, lemon and a hint of anisette, and dusted with icing sugar. Warning: they’re deliciously addictive. For a heavenly afternoon, just brew a cup of the herbal tea included in this gourmet box and let one of these tender rousquilles melt in your mouth.

Pépites du Canigou, refreshing organic boiled sweets with the intense flavours and aromas of the high Catalan Pyrenees (80 g)

Refreshing organic sweets French gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Abies Lagrimus.

Organic sweets with no preservatives, additives or artificial colouring, and irresistible to boot? Yes, they really do exist. This highland candy is an antioxidant and a natural breath freshener rolled into one, because it’s made with a special syrup that Abies Lagrimus obtains from the sap of balsam firs growing on the Canigou Massif. You’ll be whisked away to a high mountain forest as soon as you unwrap one of these delightful sweets! A pleasant surprise.

“Maquis et Garrigue” artisanal herbal tea with warm Mediterranean plant flavours (30 g)

Artisanal Herbal tea catalan gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Savoir En Herbe.

Finally, there’s no better way to wrap up a gourmet feast—especially in winter—than a steaming cup of herbal tea. We love this artisan’s philosophy of close communion with Mother Nature, hand-picking each plant with the utmost respect for the environment. Herbal tea lovers will be enchanted with this brew, which combines heart-warming local flavours with minty freshness.


Bon voyage in French Catalonia!