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A delightful French food gift Hamper from the Nantes region!

The Nantes region Gourmet Box, Loire Valley gastronomy

This month, La Gourmet Box invites you to discover the region of Nantes. Dig into a generous gourmet hamper packed with the tastes of land and sea, perfected by talented and environmentally conscious artisans. This is one gourmet box you can’t afford to miss.


• 1 bottle of Muscadet Comte Leloup de Chasseloir, Vieilles Vignes 2014 (75cl),• Artisanal seabass rillettes with Beurre Nantais (100 g),• Organic cream of carrot, coconut and curry (25 cl),• Pénestin mussel mouclade snack spread (90 g),• Organic pork rillettes with Maresme de Guérande samphire (130 g),• Seafood snack spread: duo of salmon, sour cream and lime (100 g),• salted butter caramel duo with Maresme de Guérande salt (110 g),• “Men Bihen” traditional Breton palets (200 g).

Details on our products and artisans below.

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Preparing a gourmet box dedicated to the Nantes region was a thrilling experience. This land is home to amazing vineyards, often overshadowed by the great French labels but full of delectable surprises, and a wide variety of culinary traditions, thanks to the bounty of the sea, the magnificent salt of the Guérande marshes, all sorts of fruits and vegetables, and time-honoured recipes subtly influenced by nearby Brittany and the Loire Valley. However, the true stars are the artisans: individuals deeply committed to local, organic production and the slow food philosophy. Thanks to them, we’ve assembled an assortment of truly excellent products. Bon appétit!

Comte Leloup de Chasseloir, Vieilles Vignes 2014, white wine, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie (75 cl)

muscadet-comte-leloup-de-chasseloir-wineWinery: Château de Chasseloir, Maison Chéreau Carré.

Muscadet wine is often considered the "poor cousin” of the more prestigious French appellations, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be.

Château de Chasseloir produces this delicious Muscadet, made only with the finest vintages of grapes harvested from the oldest vines on the property (over 100 years old!), one of the most fascinating wineries in the Muscadet region.

The wine is aged on the property for several years. It has a lovely golden colour and notes of citrus and pear on the palate, with a delicate mineral hint. A real treat for fans of a good white! Ideal for pairing with shellfish, cheese and, of course, the seafood spreads you’ll find in your gourmet box.

Serving temperature: 10–12º C.

Artisanal seabass rillettes with Beurre Nantais (100 g)

artisanal-seabass-rillettesArtisan: Conserverie artisanale Conserverie des Saveurs.

Creamy, savoury, smooth ... These seabass rillettes are made sublime by the white butter sauce, a regional speciality known as Beurre Nantais. The sweet mixture is sure to delight your guests if you serve it as an appetizer with a glass of Muscadet.

Organic cream of carrot, coconut and curry, 100% vegetarian and all-natural (25 cl)

organic-carrot-creamArtisan: Atelier PotPote, 1ère Conserverie nantaise de fruits & légumes 100% BIO.

This month we fell in love with Mélanie, Carine and their small business: they’re everything an excellent artisanal enterprise should be, in our book. The most important thing is their absolute respect for the environment: they gather the seasonal surplus of local producers, 100% organic fruit and vegetables, and process them in an ultra-low-energy building with all-natural methods that do not involve additives, preservatives or animal products or by-products. And then, of course, there’s the flavour!

They had so many delicious things to choose from, but Nantes’s famous organic carrots are a must, and we could think of no better way to begin a tasting tour of the region than with this creamy soup.

Pénestin mussel mouclade snack spread (90 g)

mussel-snack-spreadArtisan: Conserverie du Pays de Retz « Côtes & Quais ».

This recipe for traditional mussel mouclade is another lovely story of a local artisan who found success. Our artisan met a mussel farmer from Pénestin who had developed a special process for extracting the best juices and flavour from his mussels. This process, unique in all France, and our artisan’s special talent for reinventing local recipes have combined to create these delectable mouclades, bursting with flavour.

Spread on toast for an unforgettable snack!

Organic pork rillettes with Maresme de Guérande samphire (130 g)

organic-pork-rillettes-guerandeArtisan : Conserverie artisanale Les Bocaux Locos.

Based near Guérande, Servanne uses the surplus of a select group of local producers to prepare dishes in collaboration with regional chefs. These rillettes were the first result of that project: delectable free-range pork seasoned with Guérande samphire (salty sea asparagus) and a blend of Gros Plant wine, cider vinegar aged in oak barrels, a pinch of Guérande salt and organic pepper. Everything except the pepper is produced locally.

There’s nothing better than local, organic, delicious food to take the edge off your appetite!

Seafood snack spread: duo of salmon, sour cream and lime (100 g)

salmon-seafood-spreadArtisan: Conserverie artisanale bretonne L'Atelier Bernard Marot.

A fisherman turned seafood canner? It’s a typical tale in artisanal Nantes. Using the savoir-faire passed down through generations, Maison Marot has concocted this savoury spread: the contrasting flavours of fresh and smoked salmon, the smooth thickness of sour cream, and a dash of lime to top it all off.

Spread on melba toast with a glass of Muscadet, and you’ll have the perfect pre-prandial nibble.

Gourmet dessert spread: salted butter caramel duo with Maresme de Guérande salt (110 g)

salted-butter-caramelArtisan: L'Atelier Bernard Marot.

Officially, Nantes is no longer part of Brittany, but our culinary tour wouldn’t be complete without a taste of this typical Breton sweet. The smooth butter caramel contrasts with the salty tang of the Guérande marshes in a way that’ll make your tongue tingle with pleasure.

If you've got a sweet tooth, you’ll love this on crepes or home-made pancakes ... unless you prefer to just dig in with a spoon.

“Men Bihen” traditional Breton palets or crisp golden butter biscuits (200 g)

artisan-palets-bretonArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale Saint-Guénolé.

You’re probably acquainted with the Breton galette, but you may not know its round, golden cousin, the palet. Thicker than galettes, palets are 25% pure butter ... criminally delicious! Made by an artisan on the Guérande peninsula who has a healthy respect for tradition, these biscuits are crisp and melt in your mouth.

Sure to delight young and old alike..


Bon Voyage Gourmand to Nantes region !


1Reviews For The Nantes region Gourmet Box, Loire Valley gastronomy

  1. Guillaume Guellec11/6/2019

    Un cadeau de mes filles pour mon anniversaire et j'ai énormément apprécié votre "box": présentation sympa avec la petite carte postale et la belle carte avec leur petit mot, très bons produits (et j'habite pas loin!), le vin notamment était un délice pour un Muscadet!

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Independent Advice on our Box

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