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A delightful French food and wine gift box from the French Poitou region !

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This month, La Gourmet Box invites you to discover the bounties of Poitou, in the heart of Vienne in central western France. Premium products (such as the famous Beurre Charentes-Poitou, a butter with its own AOP, goat cheese, Haut-Poitou AOC wines, succulent melons, free-range beef, assorted vegetables, etc.) and a generous culinary tradition passed down for generations make this province a gourmand’s paradise. This is one gourmet box you can’t afford to miss!

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The Poitou GOURMET BOX, an exquisite combination of delicious treats from a splendid Terroir in an elegant gourmet gift box!

Sauvignon Blanc AOC Haut-Poitou 2017, white wine (75 cl)

French Wine sauvignon blanc AOC Haut Poitou French gourmet gift boxWinery: Domaine La Tour Beaumont.

Though not widely known, the Haut-Poitou AOC (controlled designation of origin) label boasts several hidden gems, starting with this Sauvignon Blanc, whose intensely fruity aroma and citrus notes won the silver medal at the 2017 Concours Général de Paris. In the mouth, it strikes a nice balance between freshness and fullness. This delicate, fruity, delectable wine makes an ideal aperitif.

Recommendations: serve chilled between 8 and 10º C; pair with seafood, exotic and spicy dishes, sushi, cold cuts or farmer’s cheese.

Savoury crab terrine with a dash of cognac (90 g)

Crab terrine French gourmet gift box Poitou by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Conserverie artisanale Les Mets d’Aimé.

Les Mets d’Aimé, a pair of passionate artisan canners, delight foodies with their tried and true family recipes made from meat and seafood with no preservatives, artificial colouring or added sugar. They are firmly committed to the Clean Label movement, guaranteeing the use of natural, healthy, unadulterated ingredients. We absolutely loved the texture and flavour of this crab terrine with a delicate hint of cognac, a signature liqueur in this part of France.

Washed down with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from your gourmet box, it’s a little taste of heaven.

Old-fashioned Poitou black pudding spread with apple chunks (90 g)

French black-pudding or Boudin Poitou gourmet gift box by la gourmet box Artisan: Pierre Milleret.

Poitou is famous for its boudin noir or black pudding. Prepared the old-fashioned way, this gourmet product with chunks of apple, pork and Ile de Ré salt is a perfect snack spread on toast.

Serve cold or warm (heat in a pan or pop in the oven a few minutes).

Savoury snack terrine of escargots du Poitou with a dash of cognac (90 g)

French Terrine of Escargots Poitou gourmet gift box by la gourmet boxArtisan: Pierre Milleret.

Heliculture—what a lovely word, especially for your taste buds! Heliculture is the technical term for snail (Helix Aspera) farming, an art that the people of this French region have perfected over time.

Savour the taste of genuine escargots (comprising nearly 40% of the terrine’s content) with a hint of cognac as a starter or hors d’oeuvre.

Traditional Farci Poitevin with pork and vegetables (180 g)

Farci Poitevin French gourmet gift box Artisan: Conserverie artisanale Les Mets d’Aimé.

Farci Poitevin is another Vienne classic, a hearty pâté made with vegetables and pork. Every country family in Poitou has its own recipe, so each new Farci is a delicious surprise. We’ve tried quite a few, but the version created by Les Mets d’Aimé won the contest hands down.

It's usually served as a cold pâté or warmed up in the oven a few minutes and spread on toast—the choice is yours!

Thin, crisp, savoury biscuits flavoured with Pouligny Saint-Pierre goat cheese and Vienne beer (90 g)

Crisp biscuits with French goat cheese by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale Serenity Biscuits.

This artisan has made a responsible decision to return to basics, buying locally to support the community and reduce environmental impact. And we love this at La Gourmet Box, especially when local loyalty translates into superlative flavour. These wafer-thin savoury biscuits are made by hand from quality ingredients and delicately flavoured with Pouligny Saint-Pierre goat cheese, another iconic regional delicacy.

Be warned—their crunchy, tasty perfection is highly addictive!

The famous Broyé du Poitou, traditional shortbread with slivered almonds (380 g)

Broye de Poitou French gourmet box by la Gourmet Box Artisan: Pâtisserie Goulibeur.

The Broyé du Poitou is a delicious butter-rich shortbread. Instead of cutting it, the custom in Poitou is to break it into uneven pieces by punching it in the middle—hence the name Broyé, which means “crushed”. That way, everyone can find a piece to suit their appetite and sweet tooth. We grabbed the biggest ones, of course!

Ideal with a fresh fruit salad or jam.

Home-made Haut-Poitou melon and raspberry jam (110 g)

Home-made poitou mermelade by La gourmet BoxArtisan: Les Confi'Nature.

Culinary artisans often start out as ordinary people with a talent for cooking whose recipes become so successful that they decide to make it a full-time job. And that’s pretty much the story of Marie-Christine, a woman who’s perfected the art of making genuine home-made, all-natural jams. We invite you to savour her melon concoction—a typical fruit in Poitou—enhanced with the tart taste of raspberries.

This home-made preserve is a gourmet gem!


BON VOYAGE in Poitou !