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Due to Brexit and the administrative problems we are facing so far to ship our gourmet boxes, we had to pause the shipment to the UK. But shipments to the rest of Europe still available for our delicious and elegant gourmet hampers !

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Premium affordable gourmet gift Hamper

Our Surprise Budget Gift Hamper of the French Terroirs

La Gourmet Box offers you the opportunity to discover or give as a gift our gourmet baskets in an affordable version (much cheaper than our classic gourmet boxes) but without sacrificing quality: 6 to 8 products from small selected artisans from different French regions paired with a surprise elixir in an elegant gift hamper.

In short, all the advantages of La Gourmet Box (carefully presented gourmet hampers, elegant personalised card with your words, exceptional products from small local French artisans, express delivery) but in an economical version.

Take advantage of this unique opportunity now because these surprise (and affordable!) gourmet hampers will only be on sale for a limited time!

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Our Budget Gourmet Hamper of the French Terroirs, the quality of La Gourmet Box at an unbeatable price.

With our budget gourmet baskets, we give you the opportunity to discover our concept of terroir gourmet baskets at a reduced price: a very demanding selection of delicatessen products from different terroirs (between 6 and 8 products) and an elixir to accompany them, all in an elegant gourmet hamper but at a much more economical price than our classic French hampers. For us it is a way to avoid wasting some delicious but mismatched gourmet products from some of our gourmet hampers and for you a unique opportunity to enjoy or give a loved one an exceptional gourmet gift at an economical price.

Example of the composition of one of our budget gourmet surprise hampers:

• Cuvée Saint-vincent 2017, AOP Côtes-du-rhône Villages, Organic Red Wine (75 cl)
• Craq’Pom, thin, crispy dried apple chips (40 g)
• Veggie spread with celery, apple and walnut oil (110 g)
• Creamy chicken rillettes with garden vegetables (200 g)
• Mayenne-style carbonnade, a delicious beef stew slow-cooked with stout and spices (250 g)
• Venison rillettes with elderberries (100 g)
• Traditional Petit Salé with lentils, Montbéliard IGP sausages and smoked streaky bacon (920 g)
• Small, light and tasty financiers, gold ingot-shaped cakes with semi-salted butter and almond flour (60 g)
• The essential “Doubs frisson”, subtle sweet chocolate morsels.

We are convinced that there is hardly anything more pleasant than receiving a gourmet basket filled with good things to eat and drink at home. And if, in addition, the gourmet hamper you receive at home is elegant, 100% biodegradable and the products that make it up are real nuggets from small local artisans that you won't find in supermarkets, and the very special price proposed for this gourmet basket makes the gift very accessible!

In LA GOURMET BOX, everything is natural, authentic and of high quality because we choose our products ourselves, directly from small local producers after having carefully tasted them before selecting them. We believe in the know-how of our craftsmen and in the almost loving relationship they have with the earth to defend the true taste of good things.

A truly affordable gourmet hamper to discover the quality of La Gourmet Box, both in the excellence of the artisanal products and in the attention to detail in the presentation of your gourmet gift! A unique opportunity to discover the quality of our French hampers at a very reasonable price...

Affordable French gourmet hamper



1Reviews For Our Surprise Budget Gift Hamper of the French Terroirs

  1. Alain Kahn9/24/2021

    Je conseille à tous de vous laisser tenter par le coffret surprise : un rapport qualité-prix vraiment super (comme les coffrets d'abonnement avec une qualité de produits et de présentation irréprochable et en plus ...avec un super discount!!)

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Independent Advice on our Box

Independent Advice on our Box

Every month, we have our new gourmet boxes tested by independent testers (we don't pay them! We just ship them one of our new gourmet basket…), specialized in the world of gourmet boxes to get external advice (we would obviously put 10/10 each time...) and make our latest gourmet baskets known, because we are proud of them, and because we must play the game of criticism....

This month, our French gourmet hamper of the Loire Valley's gastronomy in LaBoxDuMois website: excellent rating!