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A delightful French food gift Hamper from the Loire region!

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La Gourmet Box whisks you away to the Loire département, near Lyon, for a gourmet exploration of the Roannais region. Here the cuisine is as varied as the geography: watered by the River Loire, its namesake, bordered by the Rhone and dotted with mountains, the diverse climates of this unique region produce a rich variety of gourmet delicacies. Savoury cold cuts, meats, cheeses, great Rhone Valley wines and a wonderful community of artisans—we were pleasantly surprised and delighted to discover such amazing culinary wealth.

You won’t want to miss out on this Loire gourmet hamper; we’re certain it’s going to be one of our “greatest hits”!

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Nouvel’R Syrah-Viognier 2016, red wine (75 cl)

rhone-valley-wine-Winery: Domaine Chirat, Gilbert et Aurélien Chirat.

In this rugged part of the Rhone Valley, grapevines were cultivated long before the Romans conquered Gaul. Our wine artisan tends his vineyards based on careful observation of each stage in the vines’ development: “The right thing at the right time.”

Syrah and Viognier grapes are planted side by side, harvested and taken to the vats at the same time, and placed in stainless-steel tanks that intensify the fruit's woody notes without masking its essence. The wine has a highly expressive bouquet with hints of macerated red berries and spices. The mouthfeel is silky and very fine, with notes of strawberry and black currant and a delicately spiced finish.

As a young wine, it has a fruity freshness that makes it a genuine pleasure to sip. Perfect with grilled meats, cheeses or deli products like our delicious artisanal sausage ...

Recommended serving temperature: 17º.


artisan-dry-sausage-lyonArtisan: Maison Duculty.

This dry-cured farmhouse sausage is a renowned speciality of the Loire terroir, one of the cradles of French gastronomy. It comes in many different sizes and flavours: our box contains the original saucisson sec, but there are also nut, peppercorn, cheese, smoked and other varieties. We chose this particular sausage because it is made the traditional way from fresh pork with no dyes or preservatives.

Important: like all natural sausages, this product has a long shelf life and will not rot unless you keep it for several years. But it is possible and indeed common to find something called “bloom”, a white or occasionally greenish mould that grows naturally on the sausage casing. This mould is penicillium, from which we derive penicillin, and is found in a variety of food products (such as Roquefort and other blue cheeses). It is perfectly healthy and is even a sign of the sausage’s quality as long as it does not develop an unpleasant odour. The casing is 100% natural and perfectly edible, but we recommend that you remove it before eating to appreciate the full flavour and finesse of this artisanal sausage. Store in the canvas bag included in the gift box and keep it on the bottom shelf of your fridge.

Serve in thin slices for a deliciously flavourful appetizer.

Farm-fresh pork frittons (180 g)

loire-farm-productsArtisan: Ferme familiale Les Délices Fermiers Roannais.

Pigs raised in straw-cushioned comfort, fed on grains (wheat, barley) and cheese curds made by our artisans with milk from their own free-range cows (increasingly rare these days!), are the secrets behind the premium quality of these frittons or pork scratchings.

The savoury, well-seasoned flavour makes them perfect as snacks or starters... a very pleasant introduction to this tasty corner of France.

Beef stew with bacon bits (350 g)

beef-stew-gourmet-boxArtisan: La Ferme des Charolaises.

In their little atelier, Patricia & Sébastien prepare gourmet dishes with organic beef and veal from their own farm. The Charolais breed, famed for its delicate parsley-flavoured beef, is king in this region.

Their tasty, preservative-free recipes also contain vegetables grown on their own farm or purchased from local organic producers. And you can taste the wisdom of their responsible choices in every bite—an all-natural feast!

Bubbly artisanal milk chocolate and hazelnut spread (250 g)

chocolate-artisanal-spreadArtisan: Roland Charles, L'Artisan Tartineur.

Foodies, take note: you won't find any palm oil, chemical additives, artificial flavouring or colouring in this delicious artisanal spread, just 100% natural ingredients. Sunflower seed oil and cocoa butter replace the notorious palm oil, a veritable plague on the ecosystem.

Roland Charles, our master chocolatier, has added bits of caramel made from sugar and cocoa butter that trap CO2 bubbles in the spread, creating a uniquely frothy texture and magical flavour.

Gourmands, prepare to melt with pleasure!

Pralines Roses, traditional pink candied almonds (200 g)

pralines-traditional-pink-candied-almondsArtisan: Max Fleurdépine, Confiserie familiale La Maison de la Praline.

The sugar-coated almond confection known as the “praline” first appeared in France in the late 17th century. Later, Lyon artisans added natural colouring to the original recipe to create the praline rose, the main ingredient in Lyon’s famous praline tart.

Our artisan is one of the few confectioners who still make their own pralines roses from roasted almonds the old-fashioned way, and the result is a testament to his exquisite savoir-faire. If you’ve got a sweet tooth, you’re in for a real treat!

Verbena-flavoured marshmallows (120 g)

artisanal-marshmallowsArtisan: Confiserie Artisanale Les Bonbons de Julien.

What better way to conclude our exploration of this region than with the nostalgic taste of gourmet verbena-flavoured marshmallows (guimauves in French) to bring back sweet childhood memories? In fact, when we walked into this traditional confectionery, where they pride themselves on using only all-natural flavours and colourings, we felt like we’d stepped back in time.

These verbena-flavoured marshmallows, with their unique consistency, are a refreshing way to end to any meal.

Once you’ve tried them, you’ll keep coming back for more... we certainly did!


Bon Voyage in the Loire terroir!