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A delightful French food gift basket from the Vosges!

With this gourmet box, we invite you to discover the Vosges and its inimitable cuisine, steeped in the mountains, forests and wild rivers of this land. Vin gris, honey, trout, wild berries, the fruits of Lorraine and plant extracts enhanced by artisans who know how to make the most of the region’s bounty—enjoy all this and more in a fabulous gourmet box that will take you to a little-known corner of France filled with savoury surprises for curious foodies.

An experience you definitely don’t want to miss!

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Vin Gris Tradition, AOC Côtes de Toul 2017 (75cl)

vin-gris-cote-de-toulOrganic Farming Winery: Domaine Claude Vosgien.

First invented in the 17th century and made from grapes with black skin and white pulp (principally the Gamay and Pinot Noir varieties), vin gris or “grey wine” is the result of direct pressing, with minimal (just a few hours) maceration time. The must or grape juice has very little contact with the skins, which explains the subtle grey hints that give this special wine its name (although at first glance the colour is actually a very pale pink).

The Domaine Claude Vosgien, a vineyard committed to organic agriculture (no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or synthetic products), brings us this Tradition cuvée, a wine with a fresh, fruity, floral, refined bouquet and an incredibly fresh mouthfeel. Serve chilled (6-8º) with seafood, shellfish or poultry to savour all the delicacy of this “grey” wine.

Country pâté with wild Vosges blueberries (100 g)

country-pate-gourmet-vosgesArtisan: Maison Robert, Conserverie Artisanale des Vosges.

Expert charcutiers for three generations, the artisans at Maison Robert have perfected a technique for bottling traditional Vosges recipes, made with the finest, hand-picked ingredients and the same slow cooking methods their grandmother used. The Vosges blueberries add a delightfully fruity note to this delicious country pâté. Spread on toast for a refined, mouth-watering appetizer!

Country pâté with gingerbread (100 g)

french-country-pate-gourmet-vosgesArtisan: Maison Robert, Conserverie Artisanale des Vosges.

The Vosges region is famous for its honey and, by extension, its gingerbread, a taste incorporated in this country spread with amazingly delicious results. Served on toasted bread, it makes a delectable appetizer with a slightly bittersweet flavour that’s sure to delight even the most discerning gourmands.

Stuffed “turban” of Vosges trout with tarragon and Riesling sauce (380 g)

lorraine-gourmet-product-foodiesArtisan-Traiteur : Maison Robert, Conserverie Artisanale des Vosges.

This turban of fresh Vosges trout, a local speciality, is cooked in a Riesling sauce lightly seasoned with a pinch of tarragon that brings out the delicate flavour of the fish. Pair with a glass of vin gris from your gourmet box for an exquisitely savoury meal no true gourmand can resist.

Artisanal organic cockscomb-shaped pasta with wild garlic (250g)

artisanal-organic-pasta-franceArtisan: Pasta Délices, L'Atelier à Pâtes.

The Allium ursinum plant—known as wild garlic, bear’s garlic, bear leek or ramsons—owes its name to the fact that bears are said to munch on its leaves to purge their digestive tracts after hibernation. Bronze moulds were used to give these pasta shells their playful cockscomb shape—which of course reminded us of the cock on the La Gourmet Box logo! Wild garlic, a plant with many medicinal properties, enhances the flavour of this artisanal pasta, made using only organic, locally-grown products. The secret to enhancing the wild garlic flavour is the drying process: the pasta is dried at low temperature, the traditional way, for nearly 10 hours, preserving all the natural aromas and properties of this delicious plant. Taste the difference!

“Fruit delight” with Mirabelle plums (300g)

french-gourmet-mermelade-Artisan: Artisan-Confiturière, Les Délices de Chris.

Chris harvests the fruit from his orchard when it’s fully ripened to create peerless preserves that he calls délices fruitiers or “fruit delights”, because when you add very little sugar to let the fruit’s true flavour shine through, you can’t “legally” label it a jam. Mirabelle plums, one of the region’s most emblematic fruits, are stewed in an old-fashioned copper pot, always in small quantities to preserve their taste and texture. Grab a spoon and see for yourselves...

Bags of sweet herbal tea chips (loose in box)

gourmet-herbal-tea-vosgesArtisan: La Confiserie des Hautes Vosges.

We fell in love with this fun herbal tea, which comes in individual bags containing tiny chipped sweets flavoured with essential oils of eucalyptus, fir-tip, liquorice and poppy. Our artisan makes the herbal sweets and then crushes and grinds them in a granite mill to obtain fine chips. Put a bag in a mug of hot water, let the chips melt and sip the surprisingly unique flavours of the Vosges.

Typical Vosges fir-tip sweets (70g tin)

organic-sweet-gourmet-gift basketArtisan: La Confiserie Géromoise, bonbons des Vosges Bio.

The Vosges mountains are home to vast fir forests... and what better way to experience them than in these all-natural sweets! Made by our artisan confectioner at his shop in Gérardmer using old-fashioned recipes prepared in a copper pot, we know you’ll enjoy these sweet morsels flavoured with essential oils of fir (Abies alba, the European silver fir) and eucalyptus, with all the intense freshness of the mighty Vosges evergreen forests. Respect for tradition and organic ingredients: a match made in gourmet heaven!


Bon Voyage to Lorraine in the Vosges region !