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A delightful French food and wine gift hamper from the east region!

This month La Gourmet Box transports you to Doubs, a département with Burgundian and mountain influences that boasts an abundance of tasty delicacies and talented artisans. Don't wait another day to discover its rich and varied cuisine!

Content of your French Doubs Gourmet hamper:

• Le Moutherot Vieille Vigne, white Chardonnay, 2018 vintage (75 cl)
• Artisanal Elderflower syrup (25 cl)
• L’Apéro’Canco of the Franche-Comté, or the famous La Sèche à la Cancoillotte biscuit with garlic and poppyseed (150 g)
• Traditional Petit Salé with lentils, Montbéliard IGP sausages and smoked streaky bacon (920 g)
• Artisanal gingerbread mix (300 g)
• The essential “Doubs frisson”, subtle sweet chocolate morsels
• Forest honey from the Franche-Comté (250 g)

Details on our Doubs region gourmet box products and artisans below.

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Experience the succulent delights of France east gastronomy, as you eat your way through this fabulous gourmet box.

Le Moutherot Vieille Vigne, white Chardonnay, 2018 vintage (75 cl)

wine-doubs-moutherot-chardonnayWineyard: Mathieu Colin, Domaine Viticole du Moutherot.

Doubs has been a wine county for centuries, but in the 1900s viticulture came close to disappearing. However, in 1987 Henri Colin saved the day and reintroduced the Chardonnay grapes for which the region’s wines were once famed on this beautiful hill in Moutherot. His son Mathieu has happily carried the torch for the last twenty years.

The estate now has 7.5 hectares of sustainably cultivated land—no chemical fertilizers, herbicides or pesticides and a minimum of added sulfites in the wine—where the Chardonnay grape still reigns supreme. This 2018 vieille vigne or “old vine” cuvée has a lovely bright colour with a subtle aroma of white flowers. It is clean yet complex in the mouth, with a slight hint of aniseed and a long, persistent finish, making it the ideal choice to accompany a beef stew, for instance.

Enjoy the finest Burgundian style in Doubs!

Artisanal Elderflower syrup (25 cl)

sirop-sureau-doubsArtisan: Maison Rième.

The elder, a plant with many health benefits, grows widely in Doubs.

We decided to offer it in liquid form: this elegant, subtle syrup will add a hint of spring to your drinks and make for some very interesting cocktails.

L’Apéro’Canco of the Franche-Comté, or the famous La Sèche à la Cancoillotte biscuit with garlic and poppyseed (150 g)

seche-cancoillote-doubsArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale comtoise Billiotte, Franck Billiotte.

Cancoillotte cheese is a speciality of the Franche-Comté made from cow’s milk.

Drawing on decades of tradition (the first biscuits were made by Paul Émile Billiotte in 1897), our artisan has added Cancoillotte to these delicious pure butter biscuits, made with local ingredients to promote the Km0 philosophy and enhanced with a hint of garlic and poppyseed. Happy snacking!

Traditional Petit Salé with lentils, Montbéliard IGP sausages and smoked streaky bacon (920 g)

petit-sale-saucisses-montbeliardArtisan: Ferme franc-comtoise Le Tuyé De Mesandans.

No visit to Doubs would be complete without a taste of the famous Montbéliard sausages... Here you’ll find them in a traditional hearty Petit Salé (pork stew) with lentils made by our artisan using only the finest ingredients: a truly memorable foodie experience that we just know you're going to love!

Place in a saucepan, add half a cup of water, cover and heat on low for approximately 15 minutes. Stir occasionally and serve.

Artisanal gingerbread mix (300 g)

preparation-pain-d-epice-artisanale-c¡vercelArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale Delicassie.

A small local team decided to revive the historic Vercel gingerbread recipe, characterised by the fact that it only contains one spice: green anise powder, a genuine rarity.

With no artificial colouring or preservatives, this gingerbread mix can be easily prepared at home by simply adding honey (you’ll find a jar of tasty forest honey in your hamper) and milk and even a pinch of something else if you want to get creative. Tested and approved!

The essential “Doubs frisson”, subtle sweet morsels with intense dark chocolate (73% cocoa) and crunchy spiced praline presented in a typical Le Mont d’Or cheese box

doubs-frisson-criolloArtisan: Artisan Chocolatier Le Criollo, Isabelle Blateyron.

Oh là là! This sweet “frisson” from Doubs will undoubtedly give chocolate lovers a delectable thrill.

Our artisan has made quite a name for himself with these uncommon chocolate morsels: 73% pure dark chocolate, homemade praline, bits of roasted cocoa beans and spices make a sophisticated, delicate, scrumptious treat you won’t want to miss!

Forest honey from the Franche-Comté (250 g)

miel-foret-doubsArtisan: Le Rucher des Deux Lacs, J.B Girard apiculteur.

Truly good honey requires bees and a favourable environment in which they can collect nectar, and Jean-Baptiste and his two children have made it their mission to provide this. Their operation is set up in the Haut-Doubs in the Jura Mountains, very close to Lake Saint-Point in Labergement-Sainte-Marie, a privileged location for harvesting dandelion, mountain and fir honey.

After sampling their products, we chose their amazing forest honey. It’s delicious on toast, of course, but why not use it to make your own Vercel gingerbread at home?


Bon Voyage to the Doubs region!