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The Charente Gourmet Box

Inland or seaside, Charente is a region of richly varied landscapes: beaches of fine white sand, virgin shores, rolling valleys and picturesque villages... And its food is a faithful reflection of that geographical diversity. GOURMET BOX invites you to discover some of the culinary delights of this corner of France in a gift box packed with a cognac-flavoured terrine, mojette-bean hummus, fagot Charentais, crunchy caramel croquants, red nougat with sugar-coated almonds, and Pineau-flavoured quince jelly. This land of vineyards is best known for its eaux-de-vie, cognac. This GOURMET BOX includes a bottle of Raisignac, an aperitif made from this liquor, that will give you a splendid introduction to the fascinating world of cognac. And for those already familiar with its delights, it will give you a chance to sample atypical flavours.

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Raisignac BIO, organic sparkling cognac-based aperitif (75 cl)

Raisignac Producer: Cognac Jean-Luc Pasquet.

Pasquet is a family winery going back several generations and certified organic since 1998. Jean-Luc and Marie-Françoise tend their 7 hectares of vineyards without using any chemical products, just organic fungicides and pesticides. The wine-making process is also completely eco-friendly, using native yeasts and no added sulfites. These creative, adventurous viticulturists also produce a number of excellent aperitifs, one of which is Raisignac, a delicious beverage based on cognac. Made each year at harvest time, Raisignac has a lovely amber colour, pleasantly intense aromas and small, delicate bubbles. Mixed or on its own, this original drink will be the uncontested star of your hors d'oeuvres parties. And it even goes great with dessert!

Organic lentils and chestnuts à la charentaise (410 g)

Lentilles chataignes Cocotte GourmandeProducer: La Cocotte Gourmande.

In the south of Charente, this artisan cannery produces a variety of typical dishes made with local organic products. This concoction of lentils and chestnuts, an unbeatable combination in terms of nutritional value, is a tasty marriage of two typical regional ingredients. Try it alone or as a garnish for meat dishes.

Charente hummus with a hint of spices (90 g)

HoumousProducer: Aux Délices de Landrais.

Innovation is important in the kitchen, and this unusual hummus of mojettes (white beans native to the region) and chickpeas will make your job a lot easier. The savoury, refreshing, original recipe is sure to surprise and delight your guests. Wonderful with crisp mini toasts, breadsticks or raw veggies.

Artisan Charente terrine with cognac (90 g)

Terrine CharentaiseProducter: Aux Délices de Landrais.

The terrine Charentaise is one of the region's top culinary delicacies. This all-natural chunky spread contains pork meat, onions and cognac. Slather some on a generous piece of bread and revel in the rich flavour!

Traditional fagot Charentais (120 g)

Fagot CharentaisProducer: Aux Délices de Landrais.

A delicious variation on the terrine Charentaise, fagot also contains pork meat and liver, plus a dash of cognac and a hint of sage that gives the concoction a pleasant smoothness. The pork meat is traditionally cooked tied up in a bundle or "faggot", from which this artisan speciality gets its name.

Quince jelly with Pineau des Charentes (90 g)

Glacis Pineau des CharentesProducer: Atelier de Conserverie Fleuriet.

This quince jelly, made with fruit from the family orchard, is cooked in small quantities in a copper pot to preserve the freshness and flavour of its ingredients. Pineau des Charentes, a local fortified wine, adds a surprising twist to its fantastic sweetness. The smooth texture and unmistakable taste make this quince jelly perfect for serving with plain yoghurt, foie-gras or fresh strawberries. The culinary possibilities are endless—just use your imagination and enjoy!

Crunchy caramel croquants from Charente (140 g)

Croquant estuaire caramelProducer: Les Délices de l'Estuaire.

In the heart of Talmont, artisans at Les Délices de l'Estuaire prepare delicious new takes on regional specialities right before the customers' eyes. This traditional recipe from the Gabaye region is an elegant combination of almonds, fleur de sel and sweet caramel. Take a bite to discover the liquid caramel heart concealed in this crunchy biscuit. Surprising and delectable, it’s the perfect teatime morsel. A hit with sweets-lovers of all ages!

Red nougat with sugar-coated almonds (100 g)

Nougats rouges Fête ForraineProducer: La Chocolaterie d'Antan.

At the foot of the Château de Rochefoucauld, a wealth of delicious surprises await at the Chocolaterie d'Antan. This chocolate shop’s artisanal sweets are made the old-fashioned way using only the finest ingredients. Travel back in time and rediscover the sweet flavours of childhood. These nougat chunks bring back memories of summer funfairs and stalls selling roasted, sugar-coated almonds and other treats. Any time of day is good for giving in to this crunchy temptation.


Chambre hôtes La Petite MaisonLa Petite Maison, a charming family-owned hotel in Cognac country.

One of our GOURMET BOXES will contain a fantastic gift certificate that entitles two fortunate gourmands to a night at La Petite Maison in the heart of Charente. With the tasteful beauty of its rustic décor, it's love at first sight. The proprietors, Françoise and Philippe Fleuriet, will give you a warm welcome and happily advise you on places to explore in the area. They'll also introduce you to the pleasures of the excellent local cuisine. It just so happens that they also run a small canning factory, where you'll find delicious homemade products made with ingredients from their own garden. While you wait for your box to arrive, we invite you to discover this lovely corner of France on our Blog. Good luck, gourmands!