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The Finistère-Brittany Gourmet Box

The western French region of Finistère is, as its name indicates, the "end of the world", the prow of Europe jutting proudly into the waves of the Atlantic. A land of myths, rugged cliffs and picturesque villages, this place is filled with alluring mysteries and treasures waiting to be discovered. Though best known for its crêpes and sweet ciders, Finistère boasts many other culinary gems. With this GOURMET BOX, you'll set out on a thrilling voyage of maritime flavours with inky black tagliatellines, a persillade of limpets and razor clams, scallop rillettes in rock samphire, algae-flavoured mini toasts, surprisingly aromatic marine herbs, and vintage sardines in organic olive oil. You'll also be able to savour some of the region's sweetest delicacies, such as Breton galettes and palets made with premium barrel-churned butter, caramel cream and Crozon cider.

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The Finistère-Brittany Gourmet Box

Finisterrae semi-sec artisanal cider, 2015 (75 cl)

Cidre FinisterraeProducer: Cidrerie artisanale de Rozavern.

Located in Telgruc-sur-Mer, in the heart of the Crozon peninsula, the Rozavern cider house is a family business that cultivates organic apple orchards with passion and expertise. The apples grown by these Breton producers have the fresh perfume of a bracing sea breeze, and Rozavern uses a time-honoured method to turn them into cider. The natural pressing process creates a small yeast deposit, so it's best not to shake the bottles too much and keep them upright. Finisterrae cider is characterized by its sweet bitterness, a subtle blend of the wild coast and placid hills. Brilliant and elegant, this cider goes with any meal and is ideal paired with cheese.

Natural black tagliatellines (200 g)

Tagliattelines encre seiche Le TennierProducer: Christine Le Tennier.

For once, no one will look askance at you for making a simple pasta salad, because it'll be anything but simple... Made with semolina flour and squid ink, the black colour and ocean-fresh flavour of this handmade pasta is a wonderful surprise. With no artificial colouring or preservatives, these tagliatellines go great with both fish and meat. The perfect excuse to let your imagination run wild in the kitchen!

Jar of limpet and razor clam persillade (90 g)

Persillade berniques couteaux Producer: Conserverie Artisanale La Chikolodenn.

These artisan canners of traditional Breton recipes are named after the bonnet once worn by the women of Saint Pol de Léon in northern Finistère. The persillade we've selected is a creamy, mousse-like spread made of parsley, garlic, oil, limpets and razor clams that’s guaranteed to impress. Perfect as an appetizer spread on toast with a lemon wedge on top. Or, if you want the full Breton experience, serve it hot over a baked potato.

Jar of scallop rillettes with rock samphire (90 g)

Rillettes Saint Jacques ChikolodennProducer: Conserverie Artisanale La Chikolodenn.

Inspired by the fresh products sold at the nearby Roscoff fish market, the artisan canners at La Chikolodenn prepare these succulent, original rillettes (a type of soft pâté) using exquisite king scallops and the wild samphire that grows on rocks by the sea. A match made in heaven for a superb snack! Spread on toasted bread and serve with a good dry white wine or Brittany cider.

Crisp mini toasts with dried algae (58 g)

Algoplus toast aux alguesProducer: Algoplus, Conserverie artisanale de Roscoff.

An old fishing trap factory near the port of Roscoff-Bloscon is now home to Algoplus. There, a small team of creative, passionate artisans is constantly coming up with new recipes based on local products. Try these crunchy, aromatic artisanal mini toasts with the rillettes in your GOURMET BOX for a truly nautical nosh. The last word in originality!

Dried aromatic marine herbs: sea lettuce (30 g)

Aromates de la mer AlgoplusProducer: Algoplus, Conserverie artisanale de Roscoff.

Seaweed is the star product at this cannery. Algae are collected by hand in Roscoff at high tide, washed in sea water, painstakingly selected and naturally dried and cut. This green sea lettuce, finely minced to sprinkle over food, has a fresh, full-bodied flavour reminiscent of sorrel. Add it to mayonnaise, sauces or vinaigrettes or use it to season grilled fish and meat.

Vintage sardines in organic olive oil (115 g)

Sardines millésimées CourtinProducer: Conserverie Courtin.

Founded over a century ago in 1893, Courtin is the oldest cannery in Concarneau. This family-run business owes its longevity to excellent recipes inspired by tradition and the bounty of the sea. These artisanal sardines are delightfully succulent seafood morsels packed in extra virgin olive oil. Bretons usually eat these sardines cold in the oil from the tin, but if you accompany them with a piece of toast and a sprinkle of lemon juice, they'll leave you speechless! Gourmands say that this tinned oily fish, like great wine, only gets better with age.

Caramel and dark chocolate chip Breton palets (40 g)

Palets bretons caramel chocolatProducer: Biscuiterie de La Pointe du Raz.

Since 1936, the artisans at La Pointe du Raz have been baking exquisite Breton biscuits according to traditional recipes. In fact, some of their machines have been in use since the bakery first opened its doors. Palets are a regional speciality and a staple of any proper Breton pantry. Made from Beurre de Baratte (a premium salted butter churned from cream left to mature over 24 hours), they have no artificial colouring or preservatives. The flavour will bring back sweet childhood memories.

Breton galettes made with Beurre de Baratte (40 g)

galettes bretonnes biscuiterie Pont AvenProducer: Biscuiterie de Pont Aven.

This biscuiterie's headquarters are located in a 19th-century house in Pont-Aven. They are famous throughout Brittany for the old-time flavour of their simple yet excellent concoctions. Golden and round like the sun, these galettes (a type of pancake) will brighten up your breakfast or afternoon snack. They are made with fresh eggs, extra fine Beurre de Baratte butter and wheat flour. Sure to delight young and old alike!

"Carabon", jar of salted butter caramel cream (110 g)

Caramel liquide CarabonProducer: Biscuiterie de Concarneau.

Pure, concentrated gourmet pleasure! Made the traditional way, this salted butter caramel cream is impossible not to love. Rich and creamy, it can be savoured in countless ways: spread on toast, dribbled over ice cream or baked into a cake... One taste and all your cares will be forgotten in a moment of sweet relaxation.


Chambre hôtes Le TrymenLe Trymen, a cosy getaway in the heart of Brittany's Finistère.

One of our GOURMET BOXES will contain a fantastic gift certificate that entitles two fortunate gourmands to a night at Le Trymen. In this house in the Pays Bigouden, with sweeping ocean views, you'll discover a whole new level of R&R. Nathalie and Franck will make you comfortable and do everything they can to ensure you feel right at home in this seaside enclave. Feel free to ask them for advice on what to see in the area, and be sure to try the delicious crêpes at the ground-floor crêperie, also run by them. While you wait for your box to arrive, we invite you to discover this lovely corner of France on our Blog. Good luck, gourmands!