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The Gard/Languedoc Gourmet Box

With over 300 days of sunshine a year, the Gard boasts a truly enviable climate. But that's not all: this eastern corner of Languedoc is also home to the natural wonders of the Camargue, the stunning landscapes of Cévennes, and several fascinating monuments. With this GOURMET BOX, we invite you to discover the treasures of this sun-drenched land nestled between the mountains and the sea. You'll enjoy an elegant, fruity red wine with the AOP Languedoc label and a selection of tasty, colourful artisanal products: chestnut pastes with Pélardon cheese and cod brandade, delicious aromatic rice, crunchy rice cakes, fleur de sel, sweet Camargue honey, and much more.

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The Gard/Languedoc Gourmet Box

À l'Improviste 2015AOP Languedoc, red wine (75 cl)

Vin Languedoc Mas de la Barben ImprovisteProducer: Mas de la Barben.

Located northwest of Nîmes on a plateau 200 metres above sea level, the Mas de la Barben vineyards are proud representatives of the Languedoc designation of origin (AOP). The vines grow on rocky slopes where the mistral wind blows, in a sunny yet perpetually mild climate that's ideal for viticulture. The first rootstocks were planted in 1964. Pleasantly intense, À l'Improviste is characterized by its light maroon colour and appetizing mouthfeel, with hints of slightly tart black berries and fresh raspberries. Discerning noses will also detect a subtle aroma of sweet spices and caramel.

Home-style châtaignade with Pélardon cheese (110 g)

Chataignade CévenoleProducer: Le berger Cueilleur.

In the mood for an original snack? When you try this creamy chestnut spread with Pélardon (a cheese made from fresh goats' milk), onion, chives, salt and pepper, it'll be love at first bite. The paste is made from organic chestnuts. Lidia, a former Parisian teacher turned farmer, runs this small business with a surprising history. She hand-picks the chestnuts herself in a forest situated approximately 600 metres above sea level in the heart of Cévennes National Park.

Artisanal châtaignade with cod brandade (110 g)

Chataignade GardoiseProducer: Le berger Cueilleur.

This chestnut paste flavoured with cod brandade is another original appetizer. The perfect way to "summerize" any hors d'oeuvres spread! You can spread it on mini toasts, eat it as a dip with raw veggies (carrot or cucumber sticks, for example), and even use it in sauces, quiches or purées. This recipe uses 100% hand-picked chestnuts, and the selection includes varieties typical of the Cévennes region (Figarette, Pellégrine, etc.).

Organic Canavère aromatic rice from the Camargue (500 g)

Riz bio Camargue Producer: Benoit Riz de Canavere.

This long-grain, naturally aromatic rice will introduce you to the authentic flavour of a truly wild product. It grows in the rice fields of the Camargue, whose unique conditions infuse each grain with the subtle, exotic aroma of jasmine flowers. This rice goes perfectly with fish and seafood. It comes from non-GMO seeds and receives no artificial preservative treatment. Each crop is grown and harvested with a healthy respect for tradition by a family who has been in the rice-farming business for three generations. For best flavour, boil the rice 12-15 minutes (according to taste) with a splash of olive oil and a pinch of salt.

Package of 12 C'Bio crunchy rice cakes (130 g)

Galette de riz bio de CamargueProducteur : Benoit Riz de Canavere.

These crunchy golden cakes are perfect at any time of day—breakfast, lunch or in between—and taste great on their own or with the topping of your choice. Discover a new way to savour rice! Light and healthy, they're sure to please young and old taste buds alike. Toast them in the oven a few minutes for an even crispier treat.

Camargue fleur de sel in a pot with wooden salt spoon (75 g)

Fleur de sel de CamargueProducer: Amour de Camargue.

This lovely little pot is packed with flavour. Camargue fleur de sel is intensely aromatic and adds a surprising texture to any dish. The tiny crystals dissolve easily, delicately enhancing a variety of foods. A little pinch is enough to enliven your recipes! The pot comes with a small wooden spoon for convenient measuring.

Sweet crispy almond biscuits, organic (120 g)

Kocolo croquants amandeProducer: Kocolo&Zaza, Le bon biscuit d'Uzès.

These sweet crispy morsels, inspired by the famous regional speciality called Croquignole d’Uzès, are made the old-fashioned way by Kocolo and Zaza, who won the award for Best Artisans of Languedoc-Roussillon in 2014. These golden delicacies with an intense almond flavour are made using only organic ingredients. They're also vegan-friendly, as they don't contain eggs or butter. A healthy yet irresistible temptation for anyone with a sweet tooth!

Miel liquide de Camargue (250 g)

Miel liquide de CamargueProducer: Le Miel d'Uzès.

Les abeilles, le miel et la famille Boileau, propriétaires des Miels d’Uzès, c’est une longue histoire d’amour. Depuis trois générations, ces apiculteurs passionnés réalisent un miel parfumé et 100 % biologique. Liquide, ce miel mille-fleurs a été récolté dans le Delta du Rhône. Il est un subtil condensé des saveurs enivrantes et sauvages de la Camargue.


Chambre hôtes Le Clos de la PousterleLe Clos de la Pousterle, a charmingly cosy family-run guesthouse just outside Nîmes and Uzès, in the picturesque Languedoc-Roussillon countryside.

Two of our Gard/Languedoc GOURMET BOXES contain a gift certificate for one night at a charming country lodge near Uzès, Le Clos de la Pousterle: the perfect retreat for fans of nature, serenity and history. Each gift certificate includes one night's accommodation and breakfast for two people. Good luck, gourmands! While you wait for your box to arrive, we invite you to read more about this lovely corner of France on our Blog. Good luck, gourmands!