The Lyonnais Gourmet Box

This month LA GOURMET BOX transports you to the Lyonnais, an amazing low mountain region named for the city of Lyon and nestled between the banks of the Loire and the Rhone. With its untamed rolling hills, gentle slopes and sacred woods, the Lyonnais boasts a bucolic countryside dotted with vineyards and meadows and the unique soil that lends its wines a distinctive flavour.

Our gourmet repertoire would not be complete without a box devoted to this historical province, renowned for its fine wines and excellent food. Morgon red, quenelles lyonnaises (dumplings) in tomato sauce, dry-cured saucisson sausage, redcurrant jam, sweet coussins de Lyon, sugar-coated almonds... Surrender to the charms of these palatable delicacies and let your taste buds swoon with delight! Bon Voyage !

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The Lyonnais Gourmet Box

MORGON ROUGE AOC 2013 (75cl)

Morgon BoulandWinery: Domaine Raymond Bouland.

The Morgon vineyard, one of the 10 crus of Beaujolais, occupies 1,110 hectares on the eastern slope of the Côte du Py. This area is influenced by three different climates (Atlantic, Mediterranean and continental), but what really makes it unique is the soil of decomposed granite and crumbly schist locally known as "rotten rock" that gives the wine its characteristic fruity aroma. The Gamay Noir is the only variety of grape used in wines with the Beaujolais label. For our box we have selected a Morgon red made with grapes harvested from vineyards with an average age of 60 years. This wine reaches full maturity after three to five years of ageing. Full-bodied and complex, this Morgon will fascinate you with its smooth intensity and seductive aroma of ripe fruit.


QuenellesArtisan: Les Saveurs Lyonnaises.

A genuine classic of Lyonnaise cuisine! Don't miss the chance to savour this delicious traditional speciality made with flour, eggs and water. Served in tomato sauce, the quenelles included in this box are artisan-made products with no artificial colouring or preservatives. Their savoury succulence makes them the perfect bite to go with a glass of Morgon red! A delightful temptation that captures all the flavour of bygone days.


saucisson secArtisan: La Maison Duculty.

This dry-cured sausage is practically a family heirloom at Maison Duculty. The traditional recipe has been passed down for five generations in this clan of skilled sausage makers. The minced, seasoned meat is stuffed inside natural intestine casings to preserve the product in optimum conditions. The drying and curing times are strictly observed to enhance the sausages' full-bodied flavour. We recommend keeping it in the fridge inside its cloth bag (included), but you should take it out and let it sit at room temperature for one hour before eating. A matchless must for an evening of premium hors d'oeuvres.


Confiture groseillesArtisan: Les Saisons de Rosalie.

If the memory of grandma's homemade preserves makes you salivate, then you'll love the recipe for redcurrant jam created by Philippe Bruneton, the best confectioner in France. The "King of Flavour" has invented an original method for perfectly preserving the taste, texture and colour of natural fruit. After carefully selecting the finest berries, he macerates them in sugar and stews them in a copper pot. Berries comprise 60% of the finished product. Ideal for breakfast or afternoon tea, this redcurrant jam is so good that you won't be able to resist a second (and third) helping.


coussin lyonArtisan: La Chocolaterie Voisin.

The coussin, Lyon's signature sweet, ranks high on the list of France's most beloved culinary specialities. Made from cocoa, curaçao liqueur and delicately blanched almonds, the history behind this toothsome morsel dates all the way back to the 17th century. In 1643, when Lyon was in the throes of a terrible plague epidemic, the city magistrates climbed up Fourvière Hill to ask the Virgin Mary to help the city and present her with an offering laid on a silk cushion. The Voisin chocolatiers decided to create a delicious sweet inspired by this local legend, and today their invention has become a world-famous symbol of Lyon. With its fascinating history and inimitable flavour, the coussin undoubtedly deserves a place of honour in this month's gourmet box!


Pralines lyonArtisan: Violette & Berlingot.

Located in the heart of the city of Lyon, Violette & Berlingot captivated us with their thousand and one multi-coloured confections. Specializing in traditional sweets, these artisan confectioners have prepared a precious sachet of sugar-coated almonds designed exclusively for La Gourmet Box’s sweet-toothed foodies. These praline nuts are made by carefully enveloping each almond in a crunchy sugar coating. They can be used to dress up brioches and cakes or savoured alone in all their sweet glory. Crunchy and tasty, these sugary little morsels will leave an unforgettable taste in your mouth.


Bonheur et BohêmeBonheur & Bohème, un petit nid familial et cosy dans un cadre bucolique aux portes du Lyonnais.

One of our GOURMET BOXES will contain a fantastic gift certificate that entitles two fortunate gourmands to one night at a charming hotel, Bonheur et Bohème. Located near the Bois de Serres forest, this elegant establishment in the heart of nature offers cosy, comfortable rooms, as well as a heated pool and a kitchen that guests are welcome to use. The bucolic landscape, the beautiful interior décor and the warm hospitality of the owners, Karine and Fabien, left us speechless with delight. This surprise gift certificate is good for two people and also includes a succulent breakfast (not valid during school breaks or local holidays). Discover this little slice of paradise on our Blog.


Picture rights: Thérèse Laumaillé Photographies