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This month, La Gourmet Box has prepared an assortment of delectable treats to transport you to the Nièvre region of Burgundy. This is wine country, of course, but it's also the stomping grounds of the famous Charolais cattle breed. Nièvre, home to the beautiful Morvan Nature Park, is a pristine, well-preserved part of France that yields a wide variety of premium products such as goat's cheese, honey, blackcurrants, snails and much more: endless possibilities used by Burgundian artisans to create delicious gourmet products. A paradise of French cuisine awaits you!

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“Les Charmes” AOC Côteaux du Giennois 2015, white wine (75 cl)

French gift basket BURGUNDY wineWinery: Domaine Catherine et Michel Langlois.

For this box we've selected a little-known designation of origin that is sure to surprise wine lovers. This vintage, with the AOC Côteaux du Giennois label, has been distinguished several times in prestigious wine magazines. In the mouth it offers a fruity burst of apples, peaches and grapefruits, and in the nose, notes of white flowers. Fresh, full-bodied and bursting with aromas, this Sauvignon Blanc, a typical grape variety of this region, makes the perfect aperitif.

Boeuf Bourguignon or Beef Burgundy with potatoes (500 g)

French gift basket BURGUNDY speciality boeuf bouguigonArtisan: Terrines du Morvan.

Deep in the heart of the Morvan, a mountainous region of Burgundy, this artisan has earned a reputation for excellence thanks to carefully selected ingredients, savoir-faire and respect for traditional Burgundian recipes. Boeuf Bourguignon, a beef stew with wine sauce, is one of the region's most famous dishes. A typical Sunday dinner, this tender beef stewed in Burgundy red wine with mushrooms, onions and bacon is a truly succulent dish, especially when you consider that Burgundy is world-renowned for its wines and premium beef. With a side of potatoes stewed in the meaty sauce, you have everything you need for a delicious meal—except perhaps a good Burgundy Pinot Noir to wash it down!

Fowl liver mousse with Burgundy snails (80 g)

French gift basket BURGUNDY snails mousseArtisan: Terrines du Morvan.

No trip to Burgundy would be complete without sampling its famous escargots. This savoury mousse combines the creativity of the culinary team of Bernard Loiseau, the three-time Michelin Star-winning chef whose untimely death sent the culinary world into mourning, with the savoir-faire of our excellent Burgundian artisan: the mixture of the fowl liver's creamy texture with the hearty consistency and stronger flavour of snails is simply heavenly. This exquisite, savoury mousse can be served on mini-toasts for a delightful appetizer or make a main course combined with salad. A gourmet product guaranteed to give your guests a delicious welcome.

Les Craquants du Val de Loire (100 g)

French gift basket BURGUNDY pastryArtisan: Les Craquants du Val de Loire.

Our wonderful artisan also excels at making sweets... lucky for us! In 1998, Céline's father, Christian Leise, stumbled upon a forgotten cookbook. Being curious and wise in the ways of pastry-making, he tried an old recipe for almond and hazelnut biscuits and liked them so much that he decided to sell them at his bakery under the name "Craquants du Val de Loire". His creation was so successful that in 2002 it was named the "Best Biscuit in France" at a Paris contest. Fourteen years later, they're just as crunchy and delicious as the day the first batch came out of the oven.

Artisanal blackcurrant jam (250 g)

French gift basket BURGUNDY jam mermeladeArtisan: Les Confituriers du Morvan.

In the heart of the Morvan, artisans still make jam the old-fashioned way: hand-picked fruit and traditional methods, like stewing in copper pots, preserve the full flavour of nature and make for a truly exquisite taste. For this box we chose a jam made of blackcurrants, an iconic Burgundian fruit often used to make liqueurs like the famous crème de cassis, but even more delightful in spreadable format! This jam won a Gold Medal at the 2015 General Agricultural Competition in Paris. Non-contractual picture.