This Gourmet Box whisks you away to Normandy, a corner of northwest France known for its green fields, majestic scenery and, of course, exceptional food. When they hear Normandy, most gourmands think of cheeses, cider and eau-de-vie, as well as butter, fresh cream and apples. In this gourmet box full of colours and novel French products, you'll find it's all of that and more: Normandy is a gastronomic El Dorado, a culinary promised land. Welcome to foodie paradise!

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Rouge Bruyère, Cuvée Prestige cider (75 cl, 5% vol.)

Cidre Normandie La Gourmet BoxProducer: Domaine Duclos Fougeray.

This premium natural cider is made with up to 24 different varieties of sour, tart and sweet apples, carefully selected by Denise and Hervé from their organic orchards. After the harvest, the fruit is ground into pulp and the resulting juices are allowed to ferment naturally, slowly transforming the sugar into alcohol and carbonic acid. French ciders are generally less bitter and bubblier than most. With its golden yellow colour and fine bubbles, this nicely balanced cider has a subtle aftertaste of candied fruit and honey that's truly special. Enjoy as an aperitif or with a piece of Normandy’s famous Camembert cheese. Serve chilled at 8-10º C.

Artisanal Norman country-style rillettes (90 g)

rillettes normandes Les Terrines d'AugustineProducteur : Les Terrines d'Augustine.

This meaty spread is prepared using only pork from pigs fed a steady diet of Norman barley flour, which gives the flesh a creamy texture and delicate aroma. Serve raw spread on a piece of toast and refrigerate after opening.

Pork foie-gras with Pommeau de Normandie (90 g)

Terrine de foie au Pommeau La Gourmet Box NormandieArtisan: Les Terrines d'Augustine.

Discover this savoury natural blend of pork liver and Pommeau de Normandie, an aperitif made by combining fresh apple juice with a typical Norman apple brandy called Calvados. Prepared according to a traditional recipe with no added colourings or preservatives, this little jar is the perfect introduction to Norman gastronomy. The quality of its ingredients and artisanal production earned it the "Gourmandie" quality label.

Pork terrine with Norman Camembert (90g)

Terrine camembert les terrines d'augustines La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Les Terrines d'Augustine.

With its own protected designation of origin (AOP), Camembert has a distinctive personality and delicious taste that makes it one of Normandy's most iconic cheeses. This jar contains a perfectly balanced blend of tender pork and intensely flavourful cheese. As an appetizer or on a salad, it's ideal when paired with a pleasant Normandy cider...

Country-style terrine with a hint of Calvados (90g)

Terrine calvados La Gourmet Box NormandieArtisan: Les Terrines d'Augustine.

This pâté is an all-natural gourmet product bursting with flavour and character. The artisanal recipe calls for a subtly balanced blend of tender pork and Calvados, an apple brandy typical of Normandy (made by distilling the cider obtained once the apple juice starts to ferment) that infuses the mixture with aromas of fruit and vanilla. Spread on mini toasts, it makes an exquisite and très typical French hors d'oeuvre.

Salted butter-roasted prawn rillettes (100 g)

Rillettes crevettes normandie La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Sté DV - La Passion des Terroirs.

These rillettes made from prawns roasted with a dollop of salted butter will give you a tantalizing taste of Normandy's famous seafood. Spread on Melba toast, this gourmet product is sure to give your guests a delicious welcome.

4 sticks of traditional Rouen apple & cherry sugar

Baton sucre de Rouen La Gourmet Box NormandieArtisan: Le Pré de la Bataille.

Apple sugar was invented in Rouen in the mid-16th century. In those days, Rouen was a major port city that received many ships loaded with cane sugar from tropical lands, but it was also surrounded by apple orchards. Somehow, the two products came together and Rouen's famous apple sugar was born. It is made by adding apple extract (from Reinette apples) to the sugar during the cooking process. If you can resist the temptation to gobble them up, these sweets are best savoured slowly, like a lollipop, giving your taste buds time to relish the perfume of Normandy's apple orchards...The new twist on traditional apple sugar is a latecomer, but it's sure to delight every gourmand with a sweet tooth. To truly enjoy this translucent cherry-flavoured sugar stick, let it dissolve slowly in your mouth. A fun way to share the box with little ones and introduce them to the pleasures of French cuisine.

Salted butter caramels in an old-fashioned Norman dairy pail (75 g)

Pot lait caramels La Gourmet Box NormandieArtisan: La Conserverie des Saveurs.

Instead of milk, this sweet dairy pail contains Normandy's famous salted butter caramels. The succulent burst of sweet and salty flavours when they melt in your mouth is a heavenly gourmet experience.

Chocolate praline "seagull eggs" in a tube (130 g)

Pralinés Oeufs de Mouette La Gourmet Box NormandieArtisan: La Conserverie des Saveurs.

The seagulls of Normandy have a unique gift: sometimes they lay eggs that are actually scrumptious sweets. But don't sit on them too long: the crunchy shells conceal delicious chocolate pralines that will melt in your mouth. Gourmands of all ages will surrender to the charms of this regional sweet!