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A delightful French food gift box from the Sarthe region!

La Gourmet Box takes you this month to the Sarthe department, at the gates of Brittany, to discover a magnificent gastronomy, starting with the famous rillettes of Le Mans, of course, but which has brought us very, very pleasant surprises. A gourmet box that you cannot afford to miss under any circumstances!

Content of your French Gourmet Box :

• AOC Jasnières, cuvée Origine 2019, White Wine (75cl)
• Les Croc's salés, Creative appetizer with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower (70 g)
• The famous Rillettes de Le Mans - Label Rouge (180 g)
• The famous Marmite Sarthoise (Sarthe’s region stew) (400 g)
• Authentic natural Petits Sablés with pure fresh butter (125 g)
• Les pavés du vieux Mans, small chocolate cubes with pure cocoa butter and hazelnut flavour (90 g)
• Apple jam from the Sarthe orchards (230 g)

Details on our Sarthe region gourmet box products and artisans below.

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Experience the succulent delights of the Loire region, as you eat your way through this fabulous gourmet box.

AOC Jasnières, cuvée Origine 2019, White Wine (75cl)

vin-sarthe-jasnieres-olivier-championVigneron : Olivier Champion.

Olivier Champion, sommelier and maître d'hôtel, decided in 2014 to take over a 10-hectare vineyard in the Jasnières AOC. Since then, he has been making delicious white wines with great talent and regularity. Chenin is the king grape variety of this small appellation north of Tour in the Loire Valley, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of wine and you will soon understand why...

This vintage of our winegrower has a bright pale golden color. Mineral and floral, this wine is very gourmand in the palate: if you do not know the wines of the Jasnières appellation you will be more than pleasantly surprised...

The Croc's salés, Creative appetizer with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower (70 g)

aperitif-sartheArtisan Bakery : Les Gourmandises du Maine, Emmanuel et Clarisse Fortin.

The Croc's Salés are an original creation made with high quality ingredients from a small family bakery shop located in the heart of Le Mans. Gluten-free, the crunchy coating does not take anything away from the taste of the seeds: share it with your friends as soon as possible for an aperitif! It is terribly addictive.

The famous Rillettes de Le Mans from Cenomans pigs certified with Label Rouge quality (180 g)

terrine-artisanale-mansArtisan: La Ferme Chauvet, Marylise et Jean-Noël Vovard.

Yes of course! It is impossible to miss the rillettes du Mans when exploring the Sarthe region. The recipe is simple: pork, salt and pepper. But, of course, the cooking and the quality of the meat used are essential. The Chauvet family farm is very demanding in this respect and this is reflected in the taste of their delicious rillettes.

They make their rillettes with the meat of pigs from their Label Rouge certified farm, which they raise on their own farm on straw with permanent outdoor access, feeding them mainly on wheat and barley. The animals go out whenever they want, day and night. That's the way it is.

Animal welfare, quality meat and traditional know-how to enjoy some genuine rillettes de Le Mans, a delight for the appetizer!

The famous Marmite Sarthoise (Sarthe region's stew) with free-range chicken, rabbit, smoked ham and vegetables (400 g)

marmite-sarthoiseArtisan: Boucherie-Charcuterie artisanale, Le Boeuf Fermier, Dominique Nicolas.

Former butcher of the village, Dominique became head chef in his small restaurant located in Solesmes, at the foot of the Abbey. There, he shares his natural taste for the Sarthe region and for the good farm meats of the local producers, which he cooks with exclusively fresh products.

We had no doubt when we tasted his fantastic recipe that this was the dish we wanted to share with you. Heat it gently in a saucepan over a low heat and... Let's eat!

Authentic natural Petits Sablés with pure fresh butter (125 g)

sables-sartheArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale et familiale La Sablésienne.

Well, no! These small biscuits called "sablés" do not take their name from a consistency reminiscent of sand ("sable" in French), but from Madeleine de Souvré, better known as the Marquise de Sablé in the Sarthe region, who made the small round cake known in July 1670 at the court of Condé the Great, who immediately fell in love with this biscuit.

The Petit Sablé was born. It is this story that our craftsman has made us rediscover with the authentic flavour of the real Petit Sablé, still craftmade and picked by hand - a true delight!

Les pavés du vieux Mans, small chocolate cubes with pure cocoa butter and hazelnut flavour (90 g)

paves-vieux-mansArtisan: Chocolaterie Pâtisserie L'Art de la Cabosse, Vincent Besnard.

"Ohlala", how good are the old Pavés de Le Mans, we couldn't believe it! Created by Vincent Besnard, this small cube of chocolate reminiscent of the paving stones ("pavés" in French) of ancient Le Mans town with pure cocoa butter and a hazelnut flavour is tender and incredibly tasty.

To be tasted with no delay: you will most probably say "Ohlala"!

Apple jam from the Sarthe orchards (230 g)

confiture-pomme-calvadosArtisan: Les petits pots de Christine, Christine Jardin.

Christine transforms the fruit produced mainly from her orchard planted by her parents over 20 years ago. Without treatment, without fertilizer, nature is left to set its own pace. The fruit is not always beautiful to look at but is deliciously fragrant and is picked at its optimum ripeness. The apples are cooked with cider and sugar and seasoned at the end with a slip of apple brandy, the famous Calvados. It is an explosion of flavours around the apple.

It can be enjoyed on a pancake accompanied by a bowl of cider, with a ball of vanilla ice cream, in a brioche, on a slice of bread with butter or even with a fresh cheese.


Bon Voyage to the Sarthe Region!