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Best Vermouth Tasting Gourmet Box : Spanish gourmet style

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La Gourmet Box offers you a gourmet aperitif basket to discover Spanish premium vermouth with the best local artisanal products that traditionally accompany the tasting of Spanish vermouth. A great artisanal vermouth that we have selected after a love at first sight tasting and top-of-the-range Spanish aperitif nuggets for a great aperitif with a touch of exoticism. Offer or share this Spanish-style aperitif-vermouth moment in good company with our "Aperitifs and Vermouth in hand" gift box! For those who only know the Martini or who are already confirmed Vermouth lovers, we have a great aperitif experience in store for you with this special Vermouth gift set. It's time for vermouth!

Gourmet content of your Vermouth tasting gourmet box:

XALAR, Spanish white grenache premium artisanal Vermouth (70 cl, 16º)
• Traditional mussels in escabeche, Galicia way (boxes of 13/18 mussels)
• Homemade beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato crisps (90 g)
• Extra-Fine Natural "Fuet" Sausage (190 g)
• Toasted, Salted Natural Almonds (150 g)
• Olives, Arbequina Variety (220 g)

Details on our premium vermouth gourmet box set and artisans below.

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Best Vermouth Tasting Gourmet Box

In Spain, the vermouth aperitif is sacred! The Spanish say "¡ es la hora del Vermouth!" which would be the equivalent for us of "it's time for a bear". In the past, having a small glass of vermouth was a way to whet the appetite with a light snack. But lately, this vermouth moment has become a very popular tradition and the best excuse to have an aperitif in good company. That's why we wanted to create this vermouth aperitif set, the ideal gift for aperitif lovers who want to make new discoveries and enjoy the pleasure of tasting genuine, artisanal vermouth. Discover our Vermouth hors d'oeuvres gift box. As vermouth lovers know, vermouth is a wine, usually white, flavoured with various herbs and spices, and fortified slightly by adding quality wine alcohol.

Vermouth is a wonderful aperitif drink with endless combinations. It is ideal to whet the appetite: this is how it was originally consumed, just before lunch or dinner. Vermouth, which comes from the German "Wermut" meaning wormwood, generally contains wormwood (which has been macerated in wine) and/or cinchona, which, along with its bitterness, helps to improve the functioning of the liver and gall bladder, by increasing the secretion of bile juices.

In short, a small glass of Vermouth will activate our digestive system for later ingestion. In this Vermouth aperitif basket, we offer you the chance to taste a great artisanal vermouth that won the silver medal at the Premis Vinari, which rewards the best Catalan wines and vermouths, accompanied, of course, by the essential Spanish aperitifs for a great moment of tasting with friends. The time for vermouth has come!


XALAR, Spanish white grenache premium artisanal Vermouth (70 cl, 16º)

vermouth-xalarWineries: Vinos Algars y Coca i Fitó.

In this gourmet Vermouth gift box, we offer you the possibility of tasting a great vermouth made in the purest Mediterranean tradition. This vermouth is the result of four years of research by the oenologists Toni Coca and Silvia Pujol. It is an artisanal white vermouth with a typically Mediterranean character, made from wine and mistelle (a mixture of grape must and wine alcohol) of white Grenache macerated with a combination of more than 30 different herbs and spices that give it complexity, freshness, delicacy and a slightly bitter, persistent and pleasant character. Typical Mediterranean aromatic plants (rosemary, thyme and fennel), balsamic plants (green anise, savory, laurel...) to which is added the maceration of citrus peels (lemon, orange), roots (gentian, angelica, liquorice...), spices (cinnamon, cloves, turmeric...), and flowers (chamomile, elderberry, wormwood...)

A very pleasant vermouth to taste for sure ! The word Xalar means "to enjoy, to have fun" in the region of Reus: this is clearly the meaning of the tasting of this premium Vermouth.

Tasting Notes, Xalar Vermouth

The nose is full of nuances where spices, dried flowers, balsamic notes and citrus peel predominate. The whole gives freshness and complexity to this Vermouth. A diversity of changing aromas, each time we approach the nose in the glass transmits different memories such as cinnamon, clove, anise, citrus, savory, licorice, nutmeg, basil, sage, dill, ginger, rosemary, thyme, chamomile... On the palate, the entry of this vermouth is very fresh, full and intense with a long organoleptic journey until reaching a delicate bitterness that brings persistence and character. Food pairings - Ideal as an aperitif, you can drink this vermouth on its own, well chilled, without adding ice which would dilute it or citrus peels which are already present in the recipe for this vermouth. You can also use this vermouth as a complement in cocktails or to accompany a meal.

How to enjoy your Xalar vermouth

Xalar vermouth has a smooth entry with a sweet, elegant touch and a slightly bitter aftertaste, characteristic of a good vermouth. This bitterness, although sudden at first, leaves a fresh and pleasant sensation after a few seconds. The ideal way to drink Xalar is on its own and very cold, without ice, as it would lose some of its creamy texture. It is not necessary to add citrus fruit (orange or lemon peel) as both are already infused in the recipe in the right proportion. Recommended serving temperature: 8º C.


best-vermouth-gift-set-fuetArtisan: Casa Riera Ordeix.

Description: made from select cuts of meat and pork lard, seasoned with salt, and spices, and stuffed in an all-natural casing, this cured sausage typical of Catalonia has an aroma and flavour that makes it the perfect snack or sandwich meat. No additives in eat : a completely natural sausage and we won't complain about it !

Serving suggestions: we recommend cutting it into thin, bite-sized slices and serving at room temperature. Once cut, the sausage can be refrigerated to keep it from hardening.


almonds-vermouth-gift-setArtisan: LES GARRIGUES.

Description: these toasted, salted almonds are made from all-natural products with no preservatives: locally-grown almonds, extra virgin olive oil, salt and nothing else.

Once you try one, you won't be able to stop, especially when you've got the munchies!


vermouth-olivesDelicatessen: FRUITA BLANCH.

Description: In Spain, no gourmet snack spread is complete without a bowl of olives! We chose these Arbequina olives, one of the smallest, most exquisite varieties, because they are preserved using traditional manual techniques that maintain their intense flavour and natural properties: olives, water, salt, aromatic herbs and nothing else.

Serving suggestions: the olives are ready to eat as is and do not require refrigeration, although they should be kept in the fridge once open.

Traditional mussels in escabeche, Galician way (boxes of 13/18 mussels)

moules-escabeche-vermouthArtisan: A Conserveira.

Mussels in escabeche are an essential aperitif in Spain to accompany vermouth! A Conserveira is a craftsman specialising in the preparation of preserved sea food located in Galicia, the birthplace of the best preserved sea food in Spain, who prepares these mussels in the traditional way, with an excellent escabeche, without any additives. An essential accompaniment to the aperitif with vermouth.

Homemade beetroot, parsnip and sweet potato crisps (90 g)

homemade-chips-vermouthArtisan: Casa Torres.

Enjoy this trio of flavours that will not leave you indifferent when it comes to enjoying your vermouth chilled! Casa Torres' expertise in making crispy, artisanal quality chips allows us to enjoy the crunchiness of these chips with different flavours and textures. It's time for vermouth!






Happy VERMOUTH Tasting BOX!