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The Deluxe Spanish Tapas Box

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This is much more than a Spanish Tapas gift box: it's an invitation to travel through Spain and discover the best of its gastronomy with a selection of typical farmhouse tapas products made by the finest artisans.Everything you need for a grand feast of premium Spanish tapas in a single gourmet gift box, accompanied by an excepcional organic Gran Reserva Cava!For those who love Spain and its gastronomy, who are nostalgic about their holidays or who want to share a grand tapas' feast, this is a gourmet and elegant box that will not disappoint you. Delivered in 1 to 3 days in most European countries.

Gourmet content of your deluxe Tapas gift box:

Organic Cava Rimarts Brut Nature Gran Reserva 40 Months, 2017 (75 cl)
• Package Of Iberian Paleta De Bellota (Acorn-Fed Cured Foreleg Ham), Sliced (100 g)
• Manchego Cheese Matured For 6 Months (250 g)
• Dulce De Membrillo Or Craft Smoothy Quince Paste (150 g)
• Red Pepper Cured Pork Loin (200-250 g Piece)
• Catalan Country-Style Cured Sausage, Chorizo Style (300 g)
• Extra-Fine Natural "Fuet" Sausage (190 g)
• Toasted, Salted Natural Almonds (150 g)
• Olives, Arbequina Variety (220 g)
• Kit For Pan Con Tomate (Catalan bread with tomato) : Premium organic virgin extra olive oil (175ml) + nature tomatoe sauce (500g)
• Artisan Hard Turrón with almonds, the classic (150 g)
• Tender almond turrón, the second essential (150 g)

Details on our tapas deluxe selection and artisans below.

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But what are tapas? In a traditional Spanish bar, if you order a drink, they usually bring you a tapas: a little something to eat, more or less good and generous depending on the bar. Obviously the tapas offered with the drink makes a difference from one establishment to another. Originally, the waiter brought the drink which was covered by the "little something to eat", the tapas, which would explain the name "tapas" because "to cover" in Spanish is said "tapar"...

This is much more than a tapas gift box: it's an invitation to travel through Spain and discover the best of its gastronomy with a selection of typical farmhouse products made by the finest artisans. Join us on a culinary adventure and explore the colourful Mediterranean flavours of Catalonia, the capital of 100% Iberian pork raised on the open woodlands of southwest Spain, the kaleidoscopic landscapes of Cava famous vineyards and the ancient olive groves of Extremadura.

A Spanish tapas box packed with the best traditional flavours to experience the finest gourmet tapas of Spain. Everything you need for a grand evening of premium tapas in a single food and cava gift box!


Organic Cava Rimarts Brut Nature Gran Reserva 40 Months, 2017 (75 cl)

Rated 94/100 in the Peñin Guide, the reference guide to Spanish wines

cava-gift-hamper-gran reserva-nature-rimarts-40Winery: Rimarts

The name of our small producer (Rimarts) comes from a contraction of that of the founder of the winery, Mr. Ricard Martinez Simón, who decided in 1987 to create totally artisanal Cavas, where the production processes would be traditional, very precise, using only ecological grapes and where mechanical handling would be reduced to a strict minimum. And it is this philosophy that still guides the winery today. To check it, all you have to do is having a look at the bottle label: you will be able to read for instance the disgorgement date of your bottle! Precision.

To accompagny the tasting of your tapas box, we propose you to have one of their premium cava. In addition to being an organic cava, their Gran Reserva is a true reference for lovers of Catalan bubbles. A majestic and very versatile cava. It impressed us with its harmony, amplitude and elegance. Its creaminess, roundness and beautiful structure make it unique.

A blend of the 3 typical grape varieties of the region (Xarel-lo, Macabeo, Parellada) and Chardonnay (one of the 3 most emblematic grape varieties of French champagne) with a long ageing period of 40 months, it is a little wonder. Its ripe white fruit aromas are complemented by tertiary nuances of toast, yeast and dried fruit. Its perfectly integrated bubbles bring out all its aromas and carry us to a long and very pleasant finish. It leaves behind sensations of great precision and sincerity, with notes of citrus, flowers and fine pastry.

It is a cava that can accompanied to any moment, but it is particularly well suited to elaborate dishes, accompanying a tapas tasting for instance from beginning to end.

A great gastronomic cava that will surprise bubble lovers!

Serve between 5ºC and 6ºC.

PACKAGE OF IBERIAN PALETA DE BELLOTA (acorn-fed cured foreleg ham), SLICED (100 g)

Iberian paleta de bellota Spanish gourmet box

Master ham maker: Orobeio.

Description: pork product obtained from Iberian free-range pigs, raised on the vast open woodlands of the Iberian Peninsula and fed on acorns during the final fattening stage. Highly pleasurable combination of aromas and flavours in nose and mouth. The best quality of Pata Negra de Bellota (black label) existing in Spain. The premium tapas of Spanish gastronomy!

Serving suggestions: to appreciate the full texture, aroma and flavour of this ham, it should be eaten at room temperature, never cold (between 18°C and 23°C). We recommend opening the package 20 minutes beforehand, giving the ham time to recover all of its gustatory and olfactory properties. Refrigerate once opened. DO NOT freeze.

Artisan Manchego cheese, matured for 6 months (250 g)


Cheese maker: Lacto-Ganadera Río Mayor S.L.

Manchego cheese is an essential part of Spanish gastronomy. It is a pressed cheese made with milk from Manchego sheep and matured for at least 60 days. Here, with more than 6 months of maturing, we already have a Manchego cheese that offers very interesting flavours. Cut into triangles and presented on a plate, it is one of the great classics of Spanish aperitif tapas.

A cheese with flavour with character and a firm texture that will delight all cheese lovers!

Dulce de Membrillo or craft smoothy quince paste (150 g)


Artisan: Artisan sweets Linares.

To accompany this delicious cheese, a classic of Spanish gastronomy: quince paste could not be missing. In addition to the health benefits of quince, this combination is simply delicious.

The mature cheese ("curado"), known for its characterful flavour and firm texture, goes very well with the quince because it offers the perfect contrast between sweet and salty. For this reason, neither of them overwhelms the other, guaranteeing a great Spanish tapas moment.

Cut a few slices of manchego on which you place dices of quince paste and let the magic work!

Red pepper cured pork loin (200-250 g piece)

Spanish Lomo iiberic food gourmet boxArtisan: Fussimanya.

This dry cured delicacy is made from select pork loin (lomo) with the prestigious Teruel Designation of Origin, seasoned with salt and spices (and red pepper, of course) and stuffed in an all-natural casing. Its distinctive fragrance, mottled maroon colour and uniquely smooth red pepper flavour with a hint of smokiness offers the ideal combination of aromatic and savoury pleasures.

Serving suggestions: to appreciate the full texture, aroma and flavour of this product, it should be eaten at room temperature, never cold (between 18°C and 23°C). We recommend opening the package 20 minutes beforehand, giving the cured pork loin time to recover all of its gustatory and olfactory properties. Refrigerate once opened.


spanish-artisan-chorizoDelicatessen: CASA RIERA ORDEIX, whose Vic salchichón and fuet sausages each received a Coq d'Or Award from the prestigious French culinary guidebook Le Guide des Gourmands as the best European food products of 2015.

Description: a sausage noted for its texture and flavour. The long natural drying process gives it an inimitable bouquet. Bright red in colour, this all-natural product is made with shoulder and belly pork, sea salt, black pepper and intestine casing with a hint of paprika.

Serving suggestions: we recommend serving it in thin slices as an appetizer or snack. As it is vacuum-packed, we also recommend letting it breathe for 24 hours before serving to achieve the right colour, consistency and appearance. Once the vacuum seal is broken, remove the product from the bag. Store between 2°C and 7°C.


Best spanish fuet Fussimanya in a gourmet gift boxDelicatessen: Casa Riera Ordeix.

Description: made from select cuts of meat and pork lard, seasoned with salt, and spices, and stuffed in an all-natural casing, this cured sausage typical of Catalonia has an aroma and flavour that makes it the perfect snack or sandwich meat. No additives in eat : a completely natural sausage and we won't complain about it !

Serving suggestions: we recommend cutting it into thin, bite-sized slices and serving at room temperature. Once cut, the sausage can be refrigerated to keep it from hardening.


ALMONDS Les Garrigues food and wine gift boxDelicatessen: LES GARRIGUES.

Description: these toasted, salted almonds are made from all-natural products with no preservatives: locally-grown almonds, extra virgin olive oil, salt and nothing else.

Once you try one, you won't be able to stop, especially when you've got the munchies!



Description: In Spain, no gourmet snack spread is complete without a bowl of olives! We chose these Arbequina olives, one of the smallest, most exquisite varieties, because they are preserved using traditional manual techniques that maintain their intense flavour and natural properties: olives, water, salt, aromatic herbs and nothing else.

Serving suggestions: the olives are ready to eat as is and do not require refrigeration, although they should be kept in the fridge once open.

KIT FOR PAN CON TOMATE (Catalan bread with tomato)

Premium Olive oil gourmet food box La Chinata

This box contains everything you need to enjoy a first-rate snack in true Spanish style. And no Spanish snack spread would be complete without pa amb tomàquet, one of the simplest yet most popular and delectable morsels served in Catalonia.

To prepare it, just cut some slices off a country loaf, toast them and spread the Rosara brand natural tomato purée on top. Add a generous drizzle of organic extra virgin olive oil by Baeturia Organic and a dash of pepper and salt. It's that easy!

This simple, savoury snack tastes even more delicious if you top it with a slice of the best Iberian cured ham.

Artisan Hard Turrón with almonds, the classic (150 g)

hard-turronArtisan: Turrón Virginias.

Spanish turrón is a confection made from honey, sugar, egg white and whole or crushed almonds. Its basic ingredients are reminiscent of nougat, but its original production process gives it a very different sweetness.

It is THE Christmas sweet par excellence for Spaniards, which both young and old love. It comes in the form of a rectangular or circular bar of various sizes and consistencies that is eaten at the end of a meal.

Here we propose you the tasting of the traditional turrón, the Alicante turrón or hard turrón where the almonds are dipped in a mass of sugar, honey and egg white, with that unmistakable taste and crunch that makes it a real delicacy and a must-have for all Spanish families at Christmas.

Located in Reus, Catalonia, with a workshop in Agramunt, the birthplace of turrón, Casa Virginias has been making turrón since 1932: if they are still making it, it's not without reason!

Tender almond turrón, the second essential (150 g)

tender-almond-turronArtisan: Turrón Virginias.

To continue the tasting, the soft almond turrón that is often called "Turrón de Jijona" could not be missed. Unlike the hard turrón, the almonds are not visible. It is the result of cooking honey with peeled and roasted almonds mixed with egg white and honey which is ground in special mills and then cooked in cauldrons called "boixets".

It is hard to resist this delicious, melt-in-your-mouth and terribly addictive delicacy: you eat one piece, then another...



Spanish ham Pata negra de bellota
Spanish bread and tomatoe
Spanish premium sausages in a gourmet food box


Excellent Tapas Feast!