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Our Christmas Gourmet Veggie Gift Box with Champagne

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For Christmas, we present you our gourmet vegetarian basket filled with gourmet nuggets from small local French artisans accompanied by a delicious and very fine Champagne that goes perfectly with the vegetarian products in your gift box. An elegant 100% vegetarian Christmas gift basket, often filled with organic products with a touch of sweetness that will please all veggies for the holidays! A gourmet vegetarian gift not to be missed for Christmas!

Content of our Veggie gourmet hamper with Champagne :

• Pinot Chevauchet, Champagne Brut Nature Cuvée "La Généreuse" (75 cl)
• Christmas Salted Peanuts with Black Truffle (60 g)
• Light and crunchy apple crisps (40g)
• Organic Mediterranean Poichichade with AOC Haute-Provence extra virgin olive oil (100 g)
• Artichoke Delight with Summer White Truffle (110 g)
• Champi’Graines organic Veggie mushroom spread (90 g)
• Veggie spread with Butternut and Lemon Verbena (110 g)
• The Chocisson, looks like a sausage but a Veggie one with chocolate only!
• Creamy caramel tart with Guérande flower of salt (90g),
• Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)
• Christmas Surprise Envelope Filled With An Assortment Of Delicious Dark, Milk And Blond Praline Chocolates.

Details on our champagne and Veggie Christmas gourmet box's products and artisans below.

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Christmas VEG Gift Box with Champagne

For Christmas, a 100% vegetarian gourmet box filled with products, often organic, from small local artisans and accompanied by a fine Grand Cru Champagne.

Pinot Chevauchet, Champagne Brut Nature Cuvée "La Généreuse" (75 cl)

Champagne hamper La Généreuse Pinot ChevauchetWinery: Champagne Pinot Chevauchet. Decanter World Wine Awards 2015 - Bronze Medal.             

For Christmas, champagne could not be missing in our vegetarian festive box! And not just any champagne. Vineyard in the heart of Champagne country, fruit harvested by hand to ensure the highest standard of quality, wine aged at least five years in its cellars. Take a break from the classic brands and dive into "La Généreuse", a genuine artisanal champagne that critics are raving about (Revue du Vin de France, the Bettane & Desseauve Guide, etc.). This Brut Nature champagne lives up to its name: what it lacks in sugar, it makes up for in finesse. Once you try this exceptional elixir, you'll never look at champagne the same way again! Three different vintages (2008/2007/2006) were combined in this coupage, where the Chardonnay plays a supporting role (10%) to the dominant Pinot Meunier (90%).

The absence of dosage (a reserve wine mixed with pure cane sugar, usually added just before corking) allows the wine's intrinsic qualities to shine through: the nose is a burst of floral aromas and hawthorn with the Burgundy notes contributed by the Chardonnay. The mouthfeel is a perfect balance of mineral and fruity flavours. Surprise your guests by serving it with the delicious products of your Christmas Veg gift hamper.

Christmas Salted Peanuts with Black Truffle (60 g)

peanuts-black-truffleCraftsman: Truffe&Co.

For a Christmas appetizer, the black truffle could not be missing in our Christmas gourmet hamper... Simple but deliciously fragrant, these peanuts are obviously crunchy and terribly addictive: don't forget to share with your guests...


artichoke-summer-white-truffle-spreadArtisan: Le Temps des Mets.

Here's a gourmet spread that will quickly become a must for your aperitifs! The cream of artichoke with white summer truffle is delicious to spread on toast or lightly toasted brioches.

You will find in this melting texture the elegant taste of the artichoke, enhanced by the white summer truffle that subtly diffuses its flavors. A real treat for foodies for Christmas!

Light and crunchy apple crisps (40g)

apple-chipsArtisan : Catrice gourmet – Brin de terroir

To start our vegetarian aperitif, you'll discover our artisan's light and crunchy apple crisps, with that touch of acidity that whets your appetite. To be enjoyed at any time, starting with the aperitif of course!

Veggie spread with Butternut and Lemon Verbena(110 g)

veggie-spread-franceArtisan: La Bocalerie des Gourmets, Aurèle Joannard.

This artisan decided to create unique snack food in jars by combining fresh, local, seasonal produce with unexpected flavours. And although we fell in love with this particular recipe, we can tell you that every creation has a truly surprising taste!

Here the sweetness of the butternut squash is enhanced by the flavour of lemon verbena (an aromatic plant) whose fresh and delicate taste is reminiscent of citrus tea. An amazingly savoury vegetarian snack you’ll love to spread on toast!

Organic Mediterranean Poichichade with AOC Haute-Provence extra virgin olive oil (100 g)

Houmous-bio-coffret-gourmand-provencceArtisan and farmer: Ferme familiale Vire Vent de Provence.

Raphaëlle grows organic chickpeas on her farm and prepares them in her own kitchen, following a traditional Provençal recipe. And she’s certainly got chickpeas down to art!

This poichichade, the Provençal version of Lebanese hummus, is a smoothly blended paste made from AOC Haute-Provence olive oil, crushed sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic and spices ... and, of course, lovely tender chickpeas!

Enjoy Raphaëlle’s poichichade as a spread on toast or as a dip with veggie sticks. Savour the authentic taste of Provence for Christmas!

Champi’Graines organic mushroom spread (90 g)

tartinable-bio-champignonArtisan: Bernard Marot.

Discover this delicious forest spread made from common mushrooms and penny buns/porcini combined with pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds to delight your taste buds.

Try it on a little savoury slice of bread or with chunky goat cheese. It’s also ideal for heating and serving with fresh pasta or rice.

Creamy caramel tart with Guérande flower of salt (90g)

caramel-pieArtisan-pastry maker : La Jolie Tarte, Nicolas et Clélia

To make a successful caramel tart, you obviously need a good tart and a caramel prepared according to the rules of the art. First of all, Nicolas and Clélia prepare a good sweet tart, obviously pure butter, without margarine, palm oil, preservatives, colouring or even natural flavouring. And to obtain the creamy caramel for the filling of this little marvel, Nicolas mixes by hand and supervises the reduction of the caramel at low temperature, made with good cream from local breeders, for many hours in their workshop located in Guérande. He adds a little touch of Guérande fleur de sel, harvested locally by the salt workers of the Guérande peninsula, to spice things up.

You'll see, it's a masterpiece of deliciousness!

Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

organic-cashew-nuts-vegetarian-boxArtisan: L'Attelier.

At this small shop in Guérande, a town in southwest France famed for its butter and salt, every product is made using traditional methods and all-natural local ingredients. Nuts are the common denominator in every recipe, but they add sugar, caramel, spices or condiments to create a wide range of flavours and textures.

For our box we chose organic caramelized cashew nuts seasoned with Kâmpôt pepper for their originality (a change from the more conventional cashews), surprising taste (the pepper-sweet contrast is outstanding) and super-extra-crunchy texture. These sinfully delicious morsels are too tempting to resist.

The Chocisson, looks like a sausage but a Veg one with chocolate only!

chocolate-sausageCraftman: Maison Guinguet.

Underneath this sausage-like appearance lies a delicious almond and hazelnut praline, with nougat, pistachio and almond pieces, coated in milk chocolate.

To be cut in thin slices that young and old alike can let melt under the tongue ... or just bite into it!

Christmas Surprise Envelope Filled With An Assortment Of Delicious Dark, Milk And Blond Praline Chocolates.

chocolat-artisanal-noelArtisan-chocolate maker : Maison Guinguet.

A fun format for the Christmas season with this letter from Father Christmas containing delicious pralines coated in all colours of chocolate.

A real treat for Christmas lovers!



At La Gourmet Box, we're all about thoughtful details, which is why we've tucked some surprises among these delicious veggie products to make your feast of French delicacies truly memorablefor Christmas!