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A True Gourmet Gift Box for Vegetarian

This special veg box is packed with the finest vegetarian products we could find during our travels through the French countryside. Made by France's finest artisans, these exquisite, original and largely organic creations are sure to delight fruit and vegetable lovers everywhere. And, of course, we've included a bottle of fine white wine and the thoughtful details that make every La Gourmet Box a unique, elegant package. The perfect gift for vegetarian gourmands, packed with all-natural flavours to enjoy an authentic, wholesome feast!

Gourmet Contents of our Veg gift box:

• White wine AOC Jasnières, cuvée Origine 2019 (75cl)
• Savoury organic black tapenade (110 g),
• Light and crunchy apple crisps (40g)
• Sea tartare with seaweed, lemon and shallots (90 g)
• Organic Mediterranean Poichichade with AOC Haute-Provence extra virgin olive oil (100 g)
• Tarti' Aubergine, Mediterranean aubergine caviar (110 g)
• Tarti' Artichaut, tasty and healthy artichoke spread (110 g)
• Creamy caramel tart with Guérande flower of salt (90g),
• Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

Details on our veg gourmet hamper and artisans below.

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LA GOURMET BOX Nature, a 100% vegetarian gift box by true Terroir artisans

White wine AOC Jasnières, cuvée Origine 2019 (75cl)

vegetarian-gift-box-jasnieres-wineWinery: Olivier Champion.

Olivier Champion, sommelier and maître d'hôtel, decided in 2014 to take over a 10-hectare vineyard in the Jasnières AOC. Since then, he has been making delicious white wines with great talent and regularity.

Chenin is the king grape variety of this small appellation north of Tour in the Loire Valley, which is becoming increasingly popular in the world of wine and you will soon understand why...

This vintage of our winegrower has a bright pale golden color. Mineral and floral, this wine is very gourmand in the palate: if you do not know the wines of the Jasnières appellation you will be more than pleasantly surprised...

Savoury organic black tapenade (110 g)

organic-tapenade-veg-boxArtisan: Conserverie artisanale Notre Terre.

In this recipe, our artisan brings out the authentic taste of black olives by using traditional methods to turn them into a delicious tapenade made with all-organic products (capers, garlic, lemon juice, hot pepper and, of course, olives).

Enjoy this unique flavour spread on toast, use it to dress up a savoury pastry or prepare stuffed rabbit... the possibilities are endless!

Light and crunchy apple crisps (40g)

apple-chipsArtisan : Catrice gourmet – Brin de terroir

To start our vegetarian aperitif, you'll discover our artisan's light and crunchy apple crisps, with that touch of acidity that whets your appetite. To be enjoyed at any time, starting with the aperitif of course!

Sea tartare with seaweed, lemon and shallots (90 g)

sea-tartare-veg-boxArtisan: Christine Le Tennier.

With this innovative concoction, you'll discover a surprising, savoury, all-natural blend of three types of seaweed. It's not pâté, it's not mousse... it's a gourmet delicacy with character, a new concept of creative cuisine based on unusual combinations of natural products. A bold creation with flair and flavour to spare!

For the perfect snack, just spread it on toast or serve as a dip with raw veggie sticks.

Organic Mediterranean Poichichade with AOC Haute-Provence extra virgin olive oil (100 g)

Houmous-bio-coffret-gourmand-provencceArtisan and farmer: Ferme familiale Vire Vent de Provence.

Raphaëlle grows organic chickpeas on her farm and prepares them in her own kitchen, following a traditional Provençal recipe. And she’s certainly got chickpeas down to art!

This poichichade, the Provençal version of Lebanese hummus, is a smoothly blended paste made from AOC Haute-Provence olive oil, crushed sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic and spices ... and, of course, lovely tender chickpeas!

Enjoy Raphaëlle’s poichichade as a spread on toast or as a dip with veggie sticks. Savour the authentic taste of Provence!

Tarti' Aubergine, Mediterranean aubergine caviar (110 g)

veg-food-box-mediterranean-aubergine-caviarArtisan: La Goulettoise.

Continuing our jaunt across southern France, we bring you a savoury, subtly seasoned concoction. This Mediterranean recipe is a delicious, natural, healthy way to enjoy nature's bounty: aubergines, green olives and some condiments whose combination is kept secret, working in perfect harmony.

We recommend eating it as a dip with pieces of pita bread.

Tarti' Artichaut, tasty and healthy artichoke spread (110 g)

veg-food-box-artichoke-spreadArtisan: La Goulettoise.

One taste of this delicious artichoke spread and we were hooked. The incredibly delicate flavour and texture of this splendid concoction brings out the best in the already magnificent artichokes. For maximum enjoyment, spread it on toast or use it in a vinaigrette drizzled over vegetables or a savoury panna cotta. If you're not an artichoke fan, you soon will be!

Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

organic-cashew-nuts-vegetarian-boxArtisan: L'Attelier de Clisson.

At this small shop in Guérande, a town in southwest France famed for its butter and salt, every product is made using traditional methods and all-natural local ingredients. Nuts are the common denominator in every recipe, but they add sugar, caramel, spices or condiments to create a wide range of flavours and textures. For our box we chose organic caramelized cashew nuts seasoned with Kâmpôt pepper for their originality (a change from the more conventional cashews), surprising taste (the pepper-sweet contrast is outstanding) and super-extra-crunchy texture. These sinfully delicious morsels are too tempting to resist.

Creamy caramel tart with Guérande fleur de sel (90g)

caramel-pieArtisan-pastry maker : La Jolie Tarte, Nicolas et Clélia

To make a successful caramel tart, you obviously need a good tart and a caramel prepared according to the rules of the art. First of all, Nicolas and Clélia prepare a good sweet tart, obviously pure butter, without margarine, palm oil, preservatives, colouring or even natural flavouring. And to obtain the creamy caramel for the filling of this little marvel, Nicolas mixes by hand and supervises the reduction of the caramel at low temperature, made with good cream from local breeders, for many hours in their workshop located in Guérande. He adds a little touch of Guérande fleur de sel, harvested locally by the salt workers of the Guérande peninsula, to spice things up.

You'll see, it's a masterpiece of deliciousness!


At La Gourmet Box, we're all about thoughtful details, which is why we've tucked some surprises among these delicious products to make your feast of French veg delicacies truly memorable.

Go green and feast on France’s all-natural goodness!