La Gourmet Gift Box for Little Gourmands

Because we believe that children also have the right to be budding foodies and savour difference, we've created this delicious gourmet box just for them, packed with tasty morsels found in our culinary travels through France. Deliciously old-fashioned but always gourmet, and organic to boot, most of these products are made by superb small-scale artisans. In this box kids will find everything they need to prepare a genuine gourmet meal for their friends, from appetizers to sweet desserts. Our only fear is that the adults won't be able to resist the delicacies in this gourmet box—it's a real challenge, trust us!

A scrumptiously fun way to introduce children to the art of French cuisine. And of course to make this gourmet children's gift set even more fun, Chef's Toque and Apron are included!

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LA GOURMET BOX for Little Gourmands, because children also have the right to be budding foodies

Artisanal 100% natural fruit syrup (50 cl)

Cesta gourmet ninos la gourmet Box sirope artesanal de fresaCraftman: Philippe Bruneton, Les Saisons de Rosalie.

We had already tasted the jams of Philippe, best confectioner of France 2004, for La Gourmet Box in the province of Lyon, and we visited him again. Because his work with fruit is as surprising for the jams as it is for the syrups. In France, for example, it is very common to mix syrup with water as a drink for children at snack time. Have you ever tasted a fruit syrup? Well, you will see that there is a gap between the industrial syrup found in supermarkets and Philippe's artisanal syrups.

It is 100% natural: selected berries, sugar and lemon juice with no artificial colours or preservatives. The problem after trying a syrup like this is that it is almost impossible to enjoy a conventional one.

Serve it with fresh water of your choice, or to add colour and flavour to yoghurt, cottage cheese or whatever you can think of. It is a pure delight.

Organic preparation kit for savoury snack biscuits (130g)

organic-biscuit-preparation-kit-kidsArtisan: Sandy, C'est Moi Qui l'Effet.

Sandy prepares artisanal cooking kits made only with organic products, local when possible and always carefully selected. When your little gourmets have put on their apron, wearing their chef's hat which they will find in their gourmet box, you will be able to share a little moment of simple cooking but whose result really convinced us: an egg, a little butter and a little cheese (Parmesan for example) to add to the preparation and you will have after having put your biscuit dough in the oven a super home-made aperitif, just like the parents’ ones.

A crisp gourmet treat and a sweet moment of sharing!

Homemade farmhouse ketchup (250ml)

homemade-farmhouse-ketchupCraftman: Les Vergers de Touticaut.

Yes, children (and sometimes adults...) love ketchup, especially with pasta... so you'd better give them a GOOD ketchup, a homemade ketchup made with ripe tomatoes grown very naturally on our artisan's farm.

The tomatoes are picked by hand, when they are perfectly ripe. It will even be a pleasure for you to offer ketchup to your children!

The traditional handmade dry pasta with organic eggs (250 g)

organic-traditional-pastaArtisan: Pasta Piemonte, Luisa et Riccardo Inversi, Créateurs des Raviolis au Citron de Menton.

The kids will need some premium pasta to go with our lovely Bolognese sauce, and thankfully Luisa is there to provide it. Everyone knows Louise the owner in Menton (I saw it with my own eyes!) and more and more gourmets have become fans of the artisan pasta made by her family, which has never denied its Italian origins in the traditional, artisan approach to making its pasta using very high quality products from the Côte d'Azur - a work of art!

Organic preparation kit for a melting and delicious Brownie (305 g, for 4 people)

brownie-chocolate-organicArtisan: C'est moi qui l'Effet, « La Main à la Pat’ », Sandy Barouk .

And for brownie lovers, this kit is a must and a good opportunity to share a cooking moment with your children! Just add butter and eggs, a few minutes of cooking and you get a delicious and melting brownie. A true pleasure for gourmets...

Preparation tip: to get a melting brownie, 15 minutes short in the oven will be enough.... And to add a crunchy touch, don't hesitate to add some nuts of your choice....

Famous organic salted caramel popcorn (80 g)

organic-caramel-popcornArtisan: Cocoripop.

Yes, it is possible to find homemade popcorn with no colouring, no artificial flavours and 100% organic, crunchy as you like, covered with caramel but retaining the flavour of the popcorn. Cinema popcorn will lose its appeal (sorry parents!). Just remember to leave a few handfuls for your children so they can taste the difference.

Bubbly artisanal milk chocolate and hazelnut spread (250 g)

chocolate-artisanal-spreadArtisan: Roland Charles, L'Artisan Tartineur.

Foodies, take note: you won't find any palm oil, chemical additives, artificial flavouring or colouring in this delicious artisanal spread, just 100% natural ingredients. Sunflower seed oil and cocoa butter replace the notorious palm oil, a veritable plague on the ecosystem.

Roland Charles, our master chocolatier, has added bits of caramel made from sugar and cocoa butter that trap CO2 bubbles in the spread, creating a uniquely frothy texture and magical flavour.

Little Gourmands, prepare to melt with pleasure!

Niniches de Quiberon, fruit and salted caramel lollipops (4 sticks)

Niniche La gourmet gift boxArtisanal confectionery: La Maison d’Armorine.

Who doesn't remember the taste of childhood sweets? These iconic lollipops from Brittany (western France) will delight little ones with their fun shapes and fruit and caramel flavours. The Niniche de Quiberon, which won the title of Best Sweet in France, is a type of lollipop made with fruit or caramel. It's long been a favourite with French children. Once your kids try it, they'll understand why!

Breton Creamy Salted butter caramel (250 g)

breton-salted-butter-caramelArtisan: les Confitures de Raphaël, Cédric et Raphaël Guillo-Lohan.

It took three years of trial-and-error to discover the recipe for this delectable treat! An iconic Breton creation, this salted butter caramel spread combines the sweet intensity of caramel with the smoothness of butter and cream. A dash of salt magnifies the flavour and tickles the taste buds.

Obviously, the key is finding the perfect balance of all these elements, and we think Raphaël and his brother have done just that: their caramel is pure gold in your mouth!


And since we're all about thoughtful details at La Gourmet Box, and we think that a gift box for children should be a fun gourmet experience, we've included some original and entertaining surprises to delight your young foodies. Let the treasure hunt begin...


Gourmands of all ages, welcome to the feast!

This gift box is not recommended for children under the age of 3.