Sweet Gourmet Gift Box, French delicacies for sweet-toothed gourmands

La Gourmet Box invites you to discover the world of confectionery as you have never tried it before. Dig into a generous sweet gourmet hamper packed with the premium sweet delicacies created by the best French confectioners we could taste during years of tasting through the French terroir. If you are keen on sweets gourmet products, this is one gourmet box you can’t afford to miss.

Gourmet Contents:• Organic preparation kit for a melting and delicious Brownie (305 g, for 4 people),• AOP PÉRIGORD WALNUT CROUSTADE (280 g),• Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g),•Crunchy black soya beans dipped in Matcha-flavoured white chocolate (50 g),• Raspberry jam, real "fruit bomb" (250 g),• Craquantin Breton, crunchy biscuits with salted-butter caramel and hazelnut slivers (100 g),• The Gourmet handmade and organic coconut popcorn (80 g),• Organic dark chocolate bar 88% from Madagascar, criollo beans, coconut flower sugar (75 g).

Details on our sweet delicacies and artisans below.

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The Sweet Gourmet Box, the best of small French confectioners for sweet lovers only !

What is the idea behind our 100% handmade sweets basket? Pamper the gourmets by offering them in a box the BEST sweet delicacies of all the small local French artisans that we have tasted in France in several years of tasting........ So we can guarantee to lovers of sweetness that they will have a sweet time with us....

Organic preparation kit for a melting and delicious Brownie (305 g, for 4 people)

brownie-chocolate-organicArtisan: C'est moi qui l'Effet, « La Main à la Pat’ », Sandy Barouk .

Sandy prepares artisanal cooking kits made only with organic products, local when possible and always carefully selected. And for brownie lovers, this kit is a must! Just add butter and eggs, a few minutes of cooking and you get a delicious and melting brownie. A true pleasure for gourmets...

Preparation tip: to get a melting brownie, 15 minutes short in the oven will be enough.... And to add a crunchy touch, don't hesitate to add some nuts of your choice....


croustade noixArtisan: Lou Cocal.

This crisp, delicious culinary speciality is a must. Though it looks like a lovely golden sun, it's actually a walnut tart encased in puff pastry. In addition to being delicious, this tempting morsel is good for you because of the many nutritional properties of walnuts, which not only lower cholesterol but are also rich in magnesium and vitamin E.

You can't go wrong with this premium energy food!

Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

organic-cashew-nuts-vegetarian-boxArtisan: L'Attelier.

At this small shop in Guérande, a town in southwest France famed for its butter and salt, every product is made using traditional methods and all-natural local ingredients. Nuts are the common denominator in every recipe, but they add sugar, caramel, spices or condiments to create a wide range of flavours and textures.

For our box we chose organic caramelized cashew nuts seasoned with Kâmpôt pepper for their originality (a change from the more conventional cashews), surprising taste (the pepper-sweet contrast is outstanding) and super-extra-crunchy texture. These sinfully delicious morsels are too tempting to resist.

Crunchy black soya beans dipped in Matcha-flavoured white chocolate (50 g)

gourmet-veg-productsArtisan: Maison Gramm's.

No GMOs, palm oil, preservatives, additives or artificial colouring. The many virtues of these naturally sweet black soya beans have been known to the Japanese for millennia. Roasted in Kyoto, they have a crispy, crunchy, almost biscuit-like texture. And to round out the Far East experience, Maison Gramm’s has dipped them in white chocolate flavoured with Matcha green tea.

The delicate aroma of ceremonial Matcha tea combined with the crunchy taste of roasted black soya beans will introduce you to a whole new world of gourmet sensations.

Homemade Raspberry jam, real fruit bomb (250g)

craft-raspberry-jamArtisan: les confitures de Raphaël.

Fruits chosen when ripe from the best varieties, a traditional elaboration in copper basins, a very short cooking time to preserve the essence and flavours of the fruit and a certain amount of skill, these are the little secrets of our craftsman to make delicious jams.

Elaborated with a very aromatic and slightly tart variety, their raspberry jam (64% fruit...) is no exception: a real fruit bomb in your mouth....to your spoons!

Craquantin Breton, crunchy biscuits with salted-butter caramel and hazelnut slivers (100 g)

breton gourmet food productsArtisan: Biscuiterie de Bretagne.

Frédéric Adam, founder of the Biscuiterie de Bretagne, managed to come up with a delicious recipe for crisp biscuits made of flour, sugar and egg white but no yolk—an amazing fat-free delicacy in the land of butter and Kouign-amann. And so the Craquantin Breton was born. Some years later, he added salted-butter caramel to the mix, and it quickly became an icon among Breton biscuits.

With the bonus of hazelnut slivers, these little temptations are sure to delight all sweet-toothed gourmands.

The Gourmet handmade and organic coconut popcorn (80G)

handmade-coconut-popcornArtisan: Cocoripop.

Yes, there is homemade popcorn without colouring, without artificial flavours and 100% organic, crunchy as you like, slightly coated with caramel but retaining the taste and consistency of popcorn and with a very elegant coconut flavour. They are delicate, very gourmet and you will not notice that you have already finished the package... If you’ve got a sweet tooth, this treat will make you jump for joy!

Organic dark chocolate bar 88% from Madagascar, criollo beans, coconut flower sugar (75 g)

organic-dark-chocolateArtisan: La Chocolatterie.

Of course, in a sweet box for gourmands with a refined palate, dark chocolate could not be missing. But we didn't want to put just any chocolate. And we found... the rare nugget! This chocolate is a pure wonder. Because in addition to being organic and from fair trade (rare!), the work done by this craftsman is just remarkable.

You may not know it, but a chocolate maker who roasts, crushes and refines cocoa beans himself to make his own chocolate is a (very) great rarity... Here the organic Madagascar bean produced in fair trade is used as a raw material. No palm oil added of course.

The use of coconut flower sugar instead of the classic cane sugar and the know-how of our craftsman confers a finesse to this 88% pure dark chocolate which will surprise you when, among many chocolate makers, this concentration in cocoa often gives a great harshness to the chocolate... You will tell us about it!


Bon Voyage to a sweet gourmet world!