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Our forest gourmet hamper features the best artisanal game products, carefully selected from among the hundred (yes, hundreds!) of different delicacies we’ve sampled over the years: the taste of the wild in its purest form, enhanced only by the talent of exceptional artisans. If you like wild flavours, this is the gourmet box for you. Give yourself the perfect treat, or send the perfect gift to a game-loving friend!

Gourmet content of your Game Gourmet gift hamper:

• Le Clos des Fées, Côtes du Roussillon Vieilles Vignes, rotwine Grand Cru 2019 (75 cl)
• The Croc's salés, Creative appetizer with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower (70 g)
• Wild venison terrine with walnuts (180 g)
• Champi’Graines organic mushroom spread (90 g)
• Artisan Saucisson Sec with its cloth bag (320 g)
• Venison rillettes with elderberries (100 g)
• Pheasant terrine with hazelnuts Lulu Braco (180g)
• Old-fashioned venison stew with red wine and horn of plenty sauce (400 g)
• Madagascar Dark Chocolate (88%) Bar Made With Criollo Cocoa Beans And Coconut Sugar (75 g)

Details on our Game gourmet hamper products and artisans below.

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La Gourmet Box Forestière, the perfect gift for game-loving foodies

Le Clos des Fées, Côtes du Roussillon Vieilles Vignes, red wine 2019 (75 cl)

The Wine Advocate 2016 - Vintage 2013 - 93/100 points - Bettane & Desseauve 2016 -Vintage 2013 - 16/20 points

Le Clos des Fees Cotes du Roussillon Vieilles Vignes rouge 2013 Family-owned winery : Hervé Bizeul, Le Clos des Fées

The history of this winery began in 1998 when Hervé Bizeul, a wine critic and sommelier who won the Ruinart Trophy at the tender age of 21, chose a plot of land in Roussillon’s remote Algy Valley and, together with his wife Claudine, decided to take the plunge and set out on a new adventure: winemaking. And so Clos des Fées was born, with the idea of making wine for their friends, for the sheer pleasure of it. They started out with no financial resources and built the domaine from scratch, but Hervé and Claudine's unique blend of expertise and passion soon brought them to the critics' attention. Their wines, initially made in a home garage, come from vines rooted in chalky soil in the heart of the most mountainous part of Roussillon. The first harvest was nothing short of miraculous, and the resulting bottles have met with brilliant success.

Today, a bottle of their best wine, "La Petite Sibérie", with the Côtes du Roussillon Villages label, goes for over 200€.

Clos des Fées wines have a strong personality, and every year the adventure begins anew with the utmost respect for the vine, the grape and the terroir. 

French wine country is not limited to Burgundy and Bordeaux: thanks to talented viticulturists like Hervé Bizeul, Roussillon and other terroirs are beginning to make a name for themselves in international wine circles.

The Côtes-du-Roussillon Vieilles Vignes Rouge 2018 included in this gift box is the perfect introduction to this impressive winery.

A marriage of grapes from the oldest vines on the property (between 50 and 100+ years old), this coupage is 50% Grenache, 40% Carignan and 10% Syrah. The slight deficit of Grenache is offset in this bottle by adding a little more Carignan, picked at the height of ripeness at the very end of the season, while the Syrah makes for a delicious texture. Aged 12 months sur lie in one or two-year seasoned barrels and finished with one part aged in traditional cement vats to preserve the grapes’ splendid fruitiness.

Aromas of red ripe fruit (cherries) on the nose, enveloped in an aura of freshness and subtle lactic hints. Full-bodied in the mouth, with a dense, creamy texture. Delicate and citric with a long fruity and floral aftertaste. A delicious—no, a splendid wine to accompany the game-tasting.

The Croc's salés, Creative appetizer with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower (70 g)

aperitif-sartheArtisan Bakery : Les Gourmandises du Maine, Emmanuel et Clarisse Fortin.

The Croc's Salés are an original creation made with high quality ingredients from a small family bakery shop located in the heart of Le Mans.

Gluten-free, the crunchy coating does not take anything away from the taste of the seeds: share it with your friends as soon as possible for an aperitif! It is terribly addictive.

Wild venison terrine with walnuts (180 g)

terrine-chevreuil-sauvageArtisan: Venandi Sauvage, Mathieu et François.

Our artisans use 100% French wild game from the sustainable hunting practised in France, which ensures the survival of hunted species while preventing the depletion of biological diversity in the long term. Their meat is 100% pure and natural, with a flavour determined only by what the animals eat in their natural habitat.

The quality of the meat, combined with their incomparable talent in the kitchen, yields outstanding products. This fine, savoury wild venison terrine with a crunchy walnut twist proves that Mathieu and François can work wonders.


Artisan saucisson sec La Gourmet Box food basket appetizerArtisan: Maison Duculty.

This dry-cured farmhouse sausage is a renowned speciality of Lyon, one of the cradles of French gastronomy. It comes in many different sizes and flavours: our box contains the original saucisson sec, but there are also nut, peppercorn, cheese, smoked and other varieties. We chose this particular sausage because it is made the traditional way from fresh pork with no dyes or preservatives. And because it is excellent of course !

Important: like all natural sausages, this product has a long shelf life and will not rot unless you keep it for several years. But it is possible and indeed common to find something called “bloom”, a white or occasionally greenish mould that grows naturally on the sausage casing. This mould is penicillium, from which we derive penicillin, and is found in a variety of food products (such as Roquefort and other blue cheeses). It is perfectly healthy and is even a sign of the sausage’s quality as long as it does not develop an unpleasant odour. The casing is 100% natural and perfectly edible, but we recommend that you remove it before eating to appreciate the full flavour and finesse of this artisanal sausage. Store in the canvas bag included in the gift box and keep it on the bottom shelf of your fridge. Serve in thin slices for a deliciously flavourful appetizer.

Champi’Graines organic mushroom spread (90 g)

tartinable-bio-champignonArtisan: Bernard Marot.

Discover this delicious forest spread made from common mushrooms and penny buns/porcini combined with pumpkin, flax and sunflower seeds to delight your taste buds.

Try it on our little savoury biscuits or with chunky goat cheese. It’s also ideal for heating and serving with fresh pasta or rice.

Pheasant terrine with hazelnuts Lulu Braco (180g)

terrine-faisan-artisanaleArtisan : La Bourriche aux appétits, Julien Quesneau Artisan conserveur.

Every year, the Domain National de Chambord organises hunts to control the population of animals. In this forest the size of old Paris, responsible humane hunting practices are used to bring down game like the pheasant our artisan has skilfully transformed into these terrine, a delectable culinary success.

Spread on a slice of fresh or toasted bread for a heavenly snack!

Venison rillettes with elderberries (100 g)

rillettes-artisanales-gibierArtisan : le comptoir du Fougeray.

In our humble opinion, Le comptoir de Fougeray is one of the top rillettes experts in France: their carefully selected meats, slowly stewed for hours and shredded by hand, with no additives or preservatives, have an incredibly tender texture and superb flavour. Whenever we want a taste of game, we turn to them—and they never disappoint.

We also enjoyed the slightly fruity hint of the elderberries. You’ll love it spread on a slice of fresh bread or a piece of toast.

Old-fashioned venison stew with red wine and horn of plenty sauce (400 g)

venison-stew-sologneArtisan: La Bourriche aux appétits, Julien Quesneau Artisan conserveur.

Sologne is renowned as a land of lakes and wild game. Just outside Chambord, the gateway to Sologne, former chef Gilles Quesneau decided to set up shop and concoct delicious recipes using the region’s exceptional products. Honestly, we found it hard to choose just one: every dish we tried was so amazing that we felt like we were dining at an upscale game restaurant. In this recipe the venison is stewed with horns of plenty—wild mushrooms with a fine, delicate texture—and a red wine sauce, a truly fabulous combination.

Let us know what you think! Just heat the contents of the jar in a saucepan (or in the microwave if you’re pressed for time) and serve with potatoes or pasta, for example.

Organic dark chocolate bar 88% from Madagascar, criollo beans, coconut flower sugar (75 g)

chocolat-noir-bio-equitableArtisan : L'Attelier.

If you’ve got a sweet tooth, no meal is complete without a sweet ending. But chocolate is also often used to make game sauces. So we’ve left the choice up to you: add a few ounces to your venison sauté while it’s cooking, or save it for dessert! But we didn't want to put just any chocolate. And we found... the rare nugget! This chocolate is a pure wonder. Because in addition to being organic and from fair trade (rare!), the work done by this craftsman is just remarkable.

You may not know it, but a chocolate maker who roasts, crushes and refines cocoa beans himself to make his own chocolate is a (very) great rarity... Here the organic Madagascar bean produced in fair trade is used as a raw material. No palm oil added of course.

The use of coconut flower sugar instead of the classic cane sugar and the know-how of our craftsman confers a finesse to this 88% pure dark chocolate which will surprise you when, among many chocolate makers, this concentration in cocoa often gives a great harshness to the chocolate... You will tell us about it!


At La Gourmet Box, we're all about thoughtful details, which is why we've tucked some surprises among these delicious game products to make your feast of French delicacies truly memorable!