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A delightful French food gift hamper from the Berry region!

This month we invite you to explore the intersection of Touraine and Berry with our Gourmet Box dedicated to Indre, an absolutely delectable region where we’ve made some amazing discoveries. Adventurous epicures won’t want to miss this delicious gourmet hamper...

Content of your Berry Gourmet Hamper:

• White Wine AOC Valençay, cuvée Symphonie 2018 (75 cl)
•Les Croquets salés, almonds and goose cheese biscuits (100 g)
Grand-Mère Zélie delicious homemade terrine (200 g)
Navarin, typical French gastronomic recipe (400 g)
•Tipical Berry's Green Lentil (500 g)
Choko Noisette, organic chocolate hazelnut spread (300 g)
•Organic Almond Paste (50 g)
•Artisanal dark chocolate bar, Le Grand Noir du Berry (100 g).

Details on our Berry gourmet hamper products and artisans below.

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Experience the succulent delights of the Berry region, as you eat your way through this fabulous gourmet hamper.

DO Valençay, cuvée Symphonie 2018, white wine (75 cl)

wine-berry-aoc-valencay-symphonieWinery: Domaine viticole Jean-François Roy.

With level 3 HVE (High Environmental Value) certification, this vineyard sits on the border of Touraine, Sologne and Berry in northern Indre, in the heart of France.

A regular winner in specialized contests, Jean-François brings us his cuvée Symphonie, a delicious, dry, fruity white wine with citrus notes, perfect as an aperitif or paired with shellfish, fish or goat cheese.

A pale sparkling gem best served chilled.

Croquets de Charost, salted biscuits with almonds and Goat Cheess (100 g)

croquets-sales-berryArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale Le Croquet de Charost.

In addition to being the oldest biscuit factory in Berry, Le Croquet de Charost is world-renowned for its croquets, little biscuits made from whole almonds. Their recipe never changes and is only passed on orally, and the ingredients are a tribute to local products: flour, eggs, butter and a homemade natural fruit extract whose secret is zealously guarded.

Today they also offer savoury versions made with goat cheese that are astoundingly tasty.

With a glass of our Valençay wine you will have a delicious pairing.

Grandma Zélie’s savoury pork and goat terrine with a dash of cognac (200 g)

french-artisan-terrine-berryArtisan: La Ferme du Caroire, Agnès et Christophe Vandooren.

In an exceptional corner of protected nature in the heart of La Brenne Regional Park, Agnès and Christophe maintain local culinary traditions to offer superb concoctions made from fresh farmhouse products. Grandma Zélie was a woman of character who devised original recipes to liven up her family’s meals.

To continue our tasting tour, we propose one of her hearty terrines, made from goat meat seasoned with garden herbs.

Navarin (typical French stew) of spring kid with greens and white wine sauce (400 g)

navarin-typical-french-stewArtisan : La Ferme du Caroire, Agnès et Christophe Vandooren.

And for the main course, a French culinary classic: traditional navarin with farmhouse kid and spring vegetables (peas, carrots, potatoes), stewed in bone broth to give the sauce a delicate meaty flavour: magnifique!

The famous green Berry lentils (500 g paper bag)

lentille-bio-berryArtisan: Ferme biologique Maison Chauveau, Hervé et Delphine.

Lentils are a staple of Berry cuisine, and our artisan’s crops, grown without chemical fertilizers, really are the best!

A classic ingredient in traditional French dishes, green lentils have an intense flavour and are often served with sausage or stewed pork, but they’re also a great salad option in the hot summer months.

Choko Noisette, delicious organic hazelnut spread made without palm oil (300 g)

organic-hazelnut-spreadArtisan: Noiseraie Productions, spécialiste de la pâte à tartiner artisanale bio depuis 1996.

Choko Noisette is THE house speciality: a delicious, creamy organic spread packed with hazelnuts that, unlike many similar products, contains no palm oil.

Our artisan uses traditional processes that give the spread a smooth, creamy texture, harmoniously enhancing the original flavour and aroma of the roasted nuts.

But tasting is believing, so give it a try... You won't be sorry!

Organic artisanal almond paste with brown cane sugar and agave syrup (50 g)

organic-almond-pasteArtisan: Jean Hervé Bio, transformateur de fruits secs depuis 1976.

The traditional manufacturing processes at the Jean Hervé company haven’t changed for over thirty years: the nuts are still dried over a wood-burning fire and ground with a stone mill at low temperature, and they only use organic products. A sweet temptation few can resist!

Le Grand Noir du Berry, crunch artisanal dark chocolate bar (100 g)

chocolat-artisanal-berryArtisan: Chocolaterie de La Vallée Noire.

The Grand Noir du Berry is a large, strong, docile donkey typical of the Indre and Cher regions, where it symbolizes local pride in tradition as it was once used to work the fields and vineyards.

This artisanal blend of Grand Cru cocoa beans brings together the intensity of Central Africa and the subtleties of Latin America to create a dark chocolate with lingering fruity hints and no artificial colouring, flavouring or preservatives.

Like its mascot, this chocolate is sweet yet headstrong: a delicious combination of delicacy and strength from the meadows of Berry.


Bon Voyage Gourmand to the Berry region!