A delightful French food and wine gift box from the Drôme region !

This month, La Gourmet Box invites you to explore Drôme, part of a region formerly known as Dauphiné or Dauphiny . This part of France boasts a rich variety of landscapes and gourmet delicacies, from the orchards of the Rhone Valley and the spelt fields of Vercors to the Diois and its famous Clairette de Die sparkling wine, the olives of Nyons and the renowned Nougat of Montélimar... As if that weren’t enough, Drôme is also the capital of French organic agriculture, with more organic crop growers and cultivated surface area than any other département. An exceptional land full of passionate, environmentally responsible producers, we fell in love with this region all over again and are eager to share it with you in a delicious new gourmet box.

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The Drôme GOURMET BOX, an exquisite combination of delicious treats from a splendid Terroir!

“Tradition” Clairette de Die, biodynamic sparkling wine (75 cl)

Clairette de Die Drome gourmet gift box by La Gourmet Box Winery: Domaine Côté Cairn.

At the foot of the Vercors Massif, before Drôme takes on a Provençal air, the Domaine de Cairn winery grows Muscat and Clairette grapes in biodynamic conditions, giving their Clairette de Die its characteristic freshness, aromatic intensity and singular charm. The soil is enriched using the bare minimum of strictly organic supplements. What makes the “Tradition” Clairette de Die wine-making method unique is the fact that no yeast or sugar is added during the fermentation process, unlike the traditional or champenoise method. The first fermentation is done at a low temperature and deliberately stopped before it finishes (leaving the wine with some sugar not yet transformed into alcohol). The second fermentation takes place in the bottle, where endogenous yeast cultures turn part of the remaining sugar into alcohol. The CO2 produced during this process is trapped inside the bottle, creating the “sparkle” or bubbles. This fermentation is also incomplete, giving the Clairette de Die its uniquely fruity flavour and low alcohol content (7.5º). Serve chilled as an aperitif, with dessert or during an evening with friends—however you sip it, enjoyment is guaranteed!

Crunchy, organic savoury curry and spelt biscuits (150 g)

French Spelt biscuits Drome gourmet gift box by La Gourmet BoxArtisan: Bernard, Biscuiterie Esprit Bio.

The Diois region of Drôme is known for its passionate dedication to organic farming, and our artisan is no exception. Organic, 100% French ingredients (aside from the curry, of course!) and skilled handiwork in the kitchen (and what hands!) have created crunchy, savoury morsels that go perfectly with any of the spreads we’ve chosen for our Drôme gourmet box.

“Apériti’Noix”, roasted and salted Drôme walnut halves (85 g)

Organic Walnut French Gourmet gift Box Artisan: Noix et Compagnie.

This organic walnut farmer offers you a simple yet delectable way to get your daily dose of Omega-3, a fatty acid that’s essential to keeping our bodies healthy and strong. Lightly roasted with a smidgen of salt, these “Apériti’Noix” are ideal with a glass of chilled Clairette de Die or sprinkled over salads. Discover the delightful taste of all-natural simplicity!

Drôme Provençal snack spread: AOP Nyons black olive pâté with goat cheese (100 g)

French olive spread Drome Gourmet gift Box Artisan: Maison Vignolis.

The unique climate and distinctive soil of the Baronnies region have produced a very special olive variety, the Tanche, which only grows here. Harvested when fully ripe, slightly wrinkled by the early winter frosts and dry air, the black olive of Nyons—the first in France to have its own designation of origin—is fleshy, fruity and sweet. Add a bit of goat cheese, and you’ve got the Drôme Provençal on your table! A delicious hors d’oeuvres spread.

Savoury Mediterranean snack spread with AOP Nyons black olives (130 g)

French olives Snack Spread by la gourmet boxArtisan: La Maison du Pâté.

A pâté with no additives or artificial colouring, just the incomparable flavour of Nyons olives, this tasty traditional spread will transport you to the south of France. Served with a crisp salad, the smooth olive paste is sure to brighten your day with sunny southern dreams. It’s also delicious on mini-toast or a slice of country bread: gourmands, prepare to be conquered by the finest flavour of Nyons.

Dauphinois filled shortbread biscuits: Provençal apricot and walnut & honey flavour (2 x 60 g)

French Pastries drome gourmet gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale Pitot.

The Drôme region is renowned for its Rhone Valley fruits and nuts, which the Biscuiterie Pitot has used to reinvent the original Dauphinois biscuit. Famous for their artisanal savoir-faire, these bakers make all their dough and fillings in their own factory, with no artificial colouring or preservatives. The walnut and honey-filled shortbread cookies brought the factory fame when it first opened in 1973, so we had to give you a taste, but we couldn't resist adding another filled with apricot, a typical fruit in these parts. Foodies will be delighted: these biscuits melt in your mouth and set off an explosion of flavour!

Traditional Nougat morsels with almonds and honey (200 g)

Nougat french gourmet boxArtisan: Chabert & Guillot, master nougat confectioners.

It’s impossible to visit Drôme without sampling the famous Nougat. Almonds (in abundance!), honey, sugar and a dash of vanilla make for a genuine delicacy, especially in the hands of this experienced artisan. If Chabert & Guillot have been making nougat for over 160 years, you know they’re doing something right!


BON VOYAGE GOURMAND in the Drôme region!