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A Cava gift hamper for Champagne and sparkling wines lovers

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Sparkling wines’ lovers obviously know Champagne, and sometimes Prosecco, which is currently very popular because of its price and the success of the Spritz, a cocktail of which it is one of the main ingredients. But who really knows Cava, this "Spanish champagne" which is for most specialists the best quality-for-money sparkling wines you can find? And that's a shame.

Made in the traditional method or “method champenoise” but in a different terroir (mainly Peñedes in Catalonia, Spain) and with other grape varieties (mainly Macabeu, Parellada and Xarel.lo), Cava is not just another sparkling wine. After a small tasting, we are more than convinced that you will agree with our assessment: it has all the characteristics of a great sparkling wine. Elegant on the palate, tiny bubbles, good acidity, we just love it! And that's why we wanted to offer you a beautiful special Cava box tasting with 3 very interesting Cava bottles.

Champagne and cava lovers will be more than pleasantly surprised!

Contents of our gift box of great Spanish Cava:

• Organic Cava Rimarts Brut Nature Reserva 24 Months, 2018 (75 cl)
• Raventos i Blanc, “rosé sparkling wine” De Nit, 2016 (75 cl)
• Organic Cava Rimarts Brut Nature Gran Reserva 40 Months, 2017 (75 cl)

Details of the Cavas in our Spanish cava gift set and our winemakers below.

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A fantastic and elegant Cava gift box to surprise Champagne lovers!

Organic Cava Rimarts Brut Nature Reserva 24 Months, 2018 (75 cl)

Rated 93/100 in the Peñin Guide, the reference guide to Spanish wines

cava-gift-hamper-reserva-nature-rimarts-24Winery: Rimarts

The name of our small producer (Rimarts) comes from a contraction of that of the founder of the winery, Mr. Ricard Martinez Simón, who decided in 1987 to create totally artisanal Cavas, where the production processes would be traditional, very precise, using only ecological grapes and where mechanical handling would be reduced to a strict minimum. And it is this philosophy that still guides the winery today. To check it, all you have to do is having a look at the bottle label: you will be able to read for instance the disgorgement date of your bottle! Precision.

In this cava from the Penedès region, the most renowned terroir for the production of the best cavas, we find the traditional coupage of the region: Macabeu, Xarel.lo and Parellada. Unlike many champagnes, cavas are vintage which gives each cava its specificity. Another particularity of this cava compared to champagne: it is a "natural" cava, which means no expedition liqueur (no sugar) is add after disgorging what gives an additional finesse to this brilliant sparkling wine.

Golden yellow colour, the bubbles are small, persistent and very well integrated. Complex, with a nice intensity and enjoyable aromas of aging, ripe fruits, and toasted herbaceous notes, it offers a beautiful length in mouth with a very pleasant finish.

A signature organic cava of the Penedès very nice to taste alone for the aperitif, but which can also accompany perfectly a meal from beginning to end.

Ideal serving temperature: 5-6ºC.




Raventos i Blanc, “rosé sparkling wine” De Nit, 2016 (75 cl)

photo-cava-champagne-espagnol-raventos-i-blanc-de-nitWinery: Raventos i Blanc

Following a conflict with French champagne producers over the use of the name "Champagne" by Cava producers, the name Cava was created in 1972. This national label covers extremely different terroirs throughout Spain, which, for some winery, quickly raised a question of negative brand image that can be reflected in the appellation as a whole due to the disparity in the quality of cavas produced from one terroir to another.

Raventos i Blanc, this historical estate in the making of cava since Mr. Raventos was the pioneer of sparkling wine making in the region at the end of the 19th century, decided recently to leave the Cava appellation to highlight the unique characteristics of its terroir and the excellence of its sparkling wines produced according to the Champagne method.

The estate boasts the unique qualities of its terroir and practices: unique soil of marine origin, use of 100% indigenous vine varieties, biodynamic cultivation of the vines, own vinification process and elaboration, vintage wines only, to reflect the particularities of the year and all the wines are matured on lees for a minimum period of 18 months. In short, everything is done to obtain unique sparkling wines and gives these exceptional Cavas a touch of salinity, minerality and creaminess.

We have chosen for our cava box set this cava Rosé with the poetic name "De nit" ("By Night" in English) with a beautiful pale pink colour and fine bubble. It is a coupage of the 3 emblematic grape varieties of the Cava appellation, to which is added a hint of Monastrell which gives it its colour. It offers great complexity and elegance on the nose with citric and fresh white fruit aromas. In the mouth, a beautiful harmonious acidity coupled with a fine bubble blends with aromas of fresh red fruits with a long return in the mouth.

A very elegant Cava, or sparkling wine as the owners would rather say, to be enjoyed as an aperitif or with fish and seafood... It is guaranteed to wow you…

Ideal serving temperature: between 4 and 8ºC

Organic Cava Rimarts Brut Nature Gran Reserva 40 Months, 2017 (75 cl)

Rated 94/100 in the Peñin Guide, the reference guide to Spanish wines

cava-gift-hamper-gran reserva-nature-rimarts-40Winery: Rimarts

We have decided to offer you a second cava tasting from the Rimarts Bodega because we believe that, in addition to being an organic cava, their Gran Reserva is a true reference for lovers of Catalan bubbles. A majestic and very versatile cava. It impressed us with its harmony, amplitude and elegance. Its creaminess, roundness and beautiful structure make it unique.

A blend of the 3 typical grape varieties of the region (Xarel-lo, Macabeo, Parellada) and Chardonnay (one of the 3 most emblematic grape varieties of French champagne) with a long ageing period of 40 months, it is a little wonder. Its ripe white fruit aromas are complemented by tertiary nuances of toast, yeast and dried fruit. Its perfectly integrated bubbles bring out all its aromas and carry us to a long and very pleasant finish. It leaves behind sensations of great precision and sincerity, with notes of citrus, flowers and fine pastry.

It is a cava that can accompanied to any moment, but it is particularly well suited to elaborate dishes, accompanying a meal from beginning to end, from starters to main course to dessert, provided that the latter is very restrained in its sweetness.

A great gastronomic cava that will surprise bubble lovers!

Serve between 5ºC and 6ºC.


Champagne lovers, just taste those cava : guaranteed to wow!