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Our Alsace Christmas Basket

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For the Christmas season, we're taking you to Alsace in the Haut-Rhin to share gastronomic delights. Alsace is well known for its Christmas markets, a mecca of gourmet delights, powered by magnificent craftsmen with a long history. Don't miss this delicious Christmas gourmet basket: a favorite of La Gourmet Box!

Contents of our Alsatian Christmas gourmet box, Haut-Rhin gastronomy:

- Alsace White Wine Riesling Cuvée Prestige 2021 (75 cl)
- Traditional Alsatian pretzels, light and crispy sesame spelt aperitif cookies Bio (125 g)
- Finely seasoned artisanal terrine with Munster cheese (180 g)
- Genuine Alsatian sauerkraut with cabbage, knack, Montbéliard, loin and bacon garnish (380 g)
- Fruity Quetsches soup with Pinot Noir d'Alsace and the sweet aroma of cinnamon (200 g)
- Delicious Mini Nonnettes from our childhood filled with mirabelle plum (5 units)
- Assortment of soft "Bredele", small almond cakes with melting, gourmet textures texture (120 g)

Details of the products in our Alsatian Christmas gourmet basket from the Haut-Rhin and our small-scale artisans below.

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Christmas Alsace Gourmet gift hamper

A gourmet Christmas gift basket from Alsace, France, filled with products from small, authentic producers in the Haut-Rhin region, which will take you on a voyage of discovery of this generous Alsatian gastronomy, with some wonderful gourmet nuggets for Christmas..

Alsace white wine Riesling Cuvée Prestige 2021 (75 cl)

vin-alsace-riesling-jesselOrganic winemaker: J. Tempé - Jessel, owner & winemaker

A family vineyard located in Ammerschwihr, in the heart of the Kaysersberg valley, the Tempé Jessel winery has been committed for over 30 years to improving the quality of its soils and wines by banning the use of chemicals on the farm.

With the help of his parents, Thomas cultivates his vines organically, producing wines full of finesse.

This Riesling Prestige is a blend of several parcels located on the granite slopes of Ammerschwihr. Harvested at the start of the over-ripening process, this wine offers a delicate, complex combination of citrus and apricot-peach notes on the nose. A powerful, expressive cuvée. This aromatic palette persists on the palate, with an accomplished structure and a fine, lemony finish.

A delightful accompaniment to your Alsatian Christmas gourmet basket! Or to keep for the more patient!

Serve between 8 and 10°C

Serve chilled.

Traditional Alsatian pretzels, light and crispy organic sesame spelt aperitif cookies (125 g)

bretzels-artisanaux-alsaceBaker: Le Moulin des Moines, Famille Meckert-Diemer - Meunier et Boulanger Bio.

If you've never tasted REAL Alsatian pretzels before, you're in for a real treat, because if you like supermarket pretzels, you're in for a real treat!

Our organic spelt and sesame royal pretzels (because they're big!) combine the rustic taste of spelt with the flavor of sesame for a crunchy, light and... magnificent taste. The perfect start to your Alsatian Christmas aperitif!

Artisan pate finely spiced with Munster cheese (180 g)

terrine-alsacienne-munsterArtisan: Esprit d'Alsace - Conserverie Traiteur.

Munster is one of Alsace's most famous cheeses.

To round off your Christmas aperitif, Munster cheese is incorporated into a delicious, traditional Alsatian terrine, a delicacy full of finesse on toast!

Genuine Alsatian sauerkraut with its filling: cabbage, knack, Montbéliard, loin and bacon (380 g)

choucroute-artisanale-alsacienneArtisan : Jardin d'Alsace - Conserverie Traiteur

An Alsatian gourmet box without sauerkraut would be sacrilege! It's not always easy to find good sauerkraut in a jar, but here we've found a little gem. The cabbage is delicious, and the charcuterie is top-quality: a guaranteed success this Christmas for lovers of good artisanal sauerkraut!

Fruity Quetsches soup with Alsace Pinot Noir and the sweet aroma of cinnamon (200 g)

quetsche-alsaceArtisan-confiturier : Les Confitures du Vignoble, Famille Thevenon

Yes, there's the mirabelle plum, but the quetsche is also an absolutely delicious plum when cooked right!

Our artisan harvests the fruit only when ripe, so as to exploit its full range of aromas. After sorting, they are immediately put into jars to preserve their freshness, then plunged into the syrup made the day before. Prepared with Alsatian-style Christmas spices, they're a festive treat that melts in your mouth! For best results, place the jar in the fridge before use.

The fruit can be served on its own, as part of a fruit salad or with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. Preservative-free, the jar can be stored in a cool place for 3 days after opening, so you can enjoy the full flavor of the fruit.

Delicious Mini Nonnettes from our childhood filled with mirabelle plum (5 units)

nonettes-alsaciennesArtisan : La Maison Fortwenger, Famille Risch - Pâtisserie & Biscuiterie.

La Maison Forwenger is one of the leading names in Alsatian patisserie, particularly gingerbread. 250 years of history for a craftsman who offers many delights, starting with nonnettes.

Originating in the Middle Ages, nuns used to prepare them in monasteries, hence the name nonnettes.

Tender and moist, these little honey-coated gingerbread cakes are a delight for gourmets in Alsace and elsewhere during the Christmas season. A melt-in-your-mouth treat.

Assortment of soft "Bredele", small almond cakes with melting, gourmet textures (120 g)

bredele-alsacienArtisan : La Maison Alsacienne de Biscuiterie, Jean-Marc Muller

A bredele is a small Christmas cake made in Alsace for the festive season. Our almond delights and moelleux are exclusive creations from our artisan, offering gourmet, melt-in-your-mouth textures to delight everyone.

You'll particularly enjoy them with a hot drink like coffee or tea, as a final touch to your Alsatian Christmas gourmet basket.


Bon Voyage for Christmas to Alsace!