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French Artisanal Gourmet Box from Lorraine

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Welcome to the departement of Meuse with the discovery of the gastronomy of Lorraine, a region to visit urgently. The mirabelle plum is in the spotlight of course, but our gourmet box of Lorraine has some very nice culinary surprises in store for you. Don't miss it: you will be surprised by the richness of this region!

Contents of our gourmet box of the Meuse, gastronomy of Lorraine :

- Pinot Blanc 2021 wine, IGP Côte de Meuse (75 cl)
- Tasty gastronomic pork rillettes with crayfish tails (80 g)
- Sautéed pork with Brie de Meaux, the traditional dish of Lorraine (400 g)
- Soft and light Madeleinettes with fruity notes of mirabelle plum (here and there, par-là)
- Wild flower honey from Lorraine (250 g)
- Original organic jam of mirabelles from Lorraine with basil (180 g)
- Pavé Gianduja, the irresistible chocolate bite (100 g)
- Delicious dried and soft mirabelles from Lorraine (250 g)

Details on the products of our gourmet basket from the Meuse and our small craftsmen below.

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THE gourmet box of the gastronomy of Lorraine, gourmet box of the Meuse region

A gourmet basket from Lorraine filled with products from small authentic producers from the Meuse region that will take you on a journey of discovery of this generous gastronomy of Lorraine, with some very nice gourmet discoveries..

White wine Pinot Blanc 2021, IGP Côte de Meuse (75 cl)

pinot-blanc-lorraineWinemaker : Domaine de Meussaumont, Lydie Blanpied & Ishai Doitch

The IGP Côtes de Meuse has been experiencing a revival for a few years now, symbolized by winemakers like Lydie and Ishai who, after having gone to see what was being done all over the world, came to create the Domaine de Meussaumont in the Meuse, confident in the potential of this terroir.

First bottling in 2020 and the first vintages are promising! You know the pinot noir but perhaps not its cousin the pinot blanc which expresses itself magnificently in Lorraine.

The Domaine de Meussaumont white pinot is finely structured with an appreciable aromatic purity and a nice length in the mouth. There are aromas of pear, honeysuckle, red apple and white flowers. It is well balanced with a fine, supple texture and a persistent minerality. A little treat of a Côtes de Meuse white wine.

This pinot blanc will happily accompany your Lorraine gourmet box from the aperitif to the main course, you'll see.

Tasty gastronomic pork rillettes with crayfish tails (80 g)

apero-lorraineArtisan : Les Terrines du Barrois, Charcutier-traiteur, Jérôme Hatoy.

Let yourself be tempted for the aperitif by these artisanal rillettes with crayfish tails. For a little gastronomic pleasure, you've come to the right place! Les Terrines du Barrois offer us here a daring mix that will surprise you with its clever marriage of tastes from different horizons.

In these rillettes you will find both the traditional know-how with pork from Lorraine worked with mastery by our butcher-caterer and the freshness of the delicate flesh of crayfish tails. This unique combination of flavors enhanced with an assortment of spices will surprise your taste buds with greed.

You can serve them as a hot or cold appetizer, with a little paprika or on toast as an aperitif, they will be accompanied divinely by a small glass of white pinot.

Sauté of pork with Brie de Meaux, the traditional dish from Lorraine (400 g)

plat-traditionnel-lorraineArtisan : Les Terrines du Barrois, Charcutier-traiteur, Jérôme Hatoy.

Specialized in good Lorraine cuisine, Les Terrines du Barrois offer you here a hearty Lorraine dish combining a good Lorraine meat and potatoes mixed with a Brie de Meaux sauce cooked in the tradition of the Lorraine region.

All you have to do is warm up and enjoy this unmissable Lorraine recipe to immerse yourself in this magnificent region!

Soft and light Madeleinettes with fruity notes of mirabelle plum (here and there)

madeleine-lorraine-commercyArtisan-Pastry Chef: À la Cloche Lorraine - Madeleine de Commercy, Pastry House, Grosjean Family.

The pastry house has been home to master "madeleiniers" since 1888, and has been run by the Grosjean family since 1928. They make the famous 100% pure butter madeleine from Commercy, as is the tradition, which has made the reputation of this house.

We were seduced by its little sister, the madeleinette mirabelle, and its little Lorraine touch with its fruity notes of mirabelle. To accompany a snack or simply a small hollow..

Wild flower honey from Lorraine (250 g)

miel-artisanal-lorraineBeekeeper : Terroir de Familles, Farm and Bed and Breakfast, Sylvia and Michel Boller.

Terroir de familles is a micro-farm, located between Montmedy, Stenay and Verdun, where Silvia and Michel have developed different activities, including beekeeping, in a preserved environment.

You will have the chance to taste their honey that they produce in very small quantities: you will give us news of it!

Original Organic Mirabelle Plum Jam from Lorraine with basil (180 g)

confiture-artisanale-mirabelles-lorraineArtisan : Mirabio, organic fruit farm, Martin Jachum.

Lorraine is obviously THE country of the mirabelle plum, and the Côtes de Meuse even more so. After phylloxera destroyed almost all the vines that covered the hillsides, local farmers realized the importance of diversifying their crops and thus their income.

Vineyards, orchards, market gardening and livestock are now happily mixed together on the hillsides. If you are lucky enough, like me, to pass by in April, the flowering of the orchards is just a magnificent sight!

Our craftsman, endowed with a strong environmental conscience, works his orchards organically and transforms his production, starting with the inevitable mirabelle plum, with talent. Here, with a little touch of originality, the mirabelle plum is combined with a touch of basil: a delight on a slice of bread for example..

Pavé Gianduja, the irresistible bite with milk chocolate, hazelnuts and crunchy roasted almonds (100 g)

pave-gianduja-lorraineArtisan : La Petit Vidusienne, Chocolaterie-pâtisserie, Jordan Adam and Damien Barrois.

Because there is not only the mirabelle plum in Lorraine for the sweet touch, we propose you to taste an absolutely delicious creation of these 2 young craftsmen who associated their know-how to propose us delicious creations.

Here these Gianduja pavés, small cubes of milk chocolate and crunchy roasted hazelnuts and almonds, like a praline but where the fruits are more finely ground. Crunchy when it comes out of the fridge, melting and creamy at room temperature, it's up to you to choose how you want to enjoy your gianduja cobblestones but what is sure is that it is a delight..

Delicious dried and soft mirabelle plums from Lorraine (250 g)

confiture-de-lait-normandieArtisan : Jardin de Lorraine, fruit cooperative of Côtes de Meuse.

So we couldn't offer them to you fresh but you will see that dried mirabelles in the rules of the art are not bad at all..

You can taste them as they are or follow the little recipes suggested by our craftsman for a Lorraine treat.


Have a good gourmet trip to Lorraine in the Meuse region !