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A delightful French food gift Hamper from the East of France!

This gourmet box offers you a chance to explore the Ardennes, a region bordered by the chalk plains of Champagne to the south and steep forested hills to the north, with a uniquely diverse climate and geography and a gastronomic tradition to match. Wild boar, the emblem of the Ardennes, is prepared in every imaginable way, but there are also rare birds like the famous, firm-fleshed red turkey, tasty craft beers, all sorts of grains, and delicious honeys. In the course of our travels, we met many creative, talented artisans who love their homeland and generously gave us a taste of its essence. The amazing flavours of the Ardennes are just begging to be sampled—don't keep them waiting!

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Blonde des Ardennes, artisanal lager (33 cl)

craft-french-beer-ardennesArtisan-Brewery: Vincent Devie, AB Brasserie - La Margoulette.

Our tour of this region begins with a very friendly artisan who started out as an amateur brewer making 100% local beers and, after gaining experience and finding that his brews were quite successful in the community, decided to go professional. All of his products (beers and lemonades) are conceived, processed, prepared, bottled and labelled in his Bergnicourt brewery with traditional local methods and savoir-faire, something increasingly hard to find in these modern times.

But it’s well worth the effort, as you’ll discover when you sip this excellent, perfectly balanced lager. Best served very cold!

Ambrée des Ardennes, artisanal amber ale (33 cl)

craft-french-beer-ardennesArtisan-Brewery: Vincent Devie, AB Brasserie - La Margoulette.

The tasting experience continues with a spectacular amber ale prepared by Fabrice. With slightly more body than the lager, this genuine gourmet ale is surprisingly smooth and perfect for enjoying with the savoury food products in your box.

Creamy Ardennes red turkey rillettes (180 g)

ardennes-gastronomyArtisan: Conserverie artisanale, Aux Saveurs d'Ardennes.

With its tawny red plumage, powerful thighs and substantial weight of between 4.5 and 9 kilos, it's hard to miss an Ardennes red turkey! It was brought to the region in the late 16th century, when the Spanish ruled this part of Europe. The breed is believed to be a cross between a wild turkey and a Norfolk Black.

Enjoy this rare poultry meat combined with pork (distinguished by the “Ardennes de France” label) in the form of delicious rillettes with a drizzle of champagne ratafia. The perfect pre-prandial treat!

Ardennes wild boar stewed in Grand Veneur sauce with red wine and mushrooms (350 g)

wild-boar-gourmet-productsArtisan: Ferme familiale, Les Délices de l'Arnes.

The wild boar, symbol of the Ardennes, is famed for its strength and unpredictable ferocity, so if you stumble upon one, it’s safer if it’s already cooked... Our artisan slowly stews the meat of locally hunted boars, with no artificial colouring or preservatives, in a homemade Grand Veneur sauce with tiny wild mushrooms.

Warm and serve with baby potatoes or our nettle-flavoured pasta for a hearty, heavenly meal!

Les pâtes à Mat, nettle-flavoured pasta made from organic wheat (250 g)

french-artisan-pastaArtisan: Le Safran des Ardennes, exploitation familiale Aurélie et Mathieu Hazard.

Based in Aiglemont, Aurélie and Mathieu create all-natural foods from their own crops. The few ingredients they don't grow are purchased from local producers, except the organic mustard and fleur-de-sel, which they get from a small artisanal producer on the Île de Ré. Their farming operation is proudly old-fashioned: from sowing to harvesting, everything is done by hand. The results speak for themselves.

Let us know what you think!

Artisanal, all-natural “farmhouse” sweets with Ardennes apple, pear and cherry flavours (180 g)

artisanal-french-sweetsArtisan: Confiserie des Ardennes et fabrication artisanale A les Champs, Sophie Loriette.

This package contains little “pearls of joy” in three different flavours: apple, pear and cherry. Our artisan has cleverly figured out a way to combine two local products obtained from his own farm crops, beet sugar and wheat glucose syrup. These artisanal candies are made in his workshop on the farm and flavoured with a variety of natural products. Have fun indulging your sweet tooth!

Sweet, fruity Ardennes alfalfa honey (250 g)

alfafa-honeyBeekeeper: Les Ruchers de Thiérache, exploitation familiale Ardennaise, Emma et Cyril Rouy.

Bees are dying and beekeepers suffer, but Cyril does everything in his power to care for his “flock” and give them the best possible living conditions. He practises migratory beekeeping, which means he moves his hives repeatedly throughout the year, placing them near flowering plants that will allow his bees to produce the best honey. His alfalfa honey is light, very sweet and slightly fruity. It’s famed as a high-energy food, recommended for athletes and people who suffer from fatigue or are convalescing. If this doesn't put you in fine fettle, nothing will!

Le Baron des Ardennes, the incomparable boar-shaped shortbread biscuit made with butter and brown sugar (280 g)

baron-des-ardennes-biscuitArtisan: Benoit Michels, Boulanger - Pâtissier.

The emblem of the Ardennes knows no borders, so we made a brief foray into the Belgian Ardennes to meet an artisan who bakes tasty biscuits in wild boar-shaped moulds. The perfect after-dinner or teatime treat, these crunchy, delicious morsels are sure to impress your foodie friends.


Bon Voyage Gourmand To Ardennes !