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The French gourmet hamper from the Gers

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With this Gascony gourmet basket, La Gourmet Box takes you to the Gers, a magnificent region as much for the excellence of its products and artisans as for its generous, southwestern-tinged gastronomy. Duck and fine wines, of course, but also a host of delights to be discovered as a matter of urgency in this exceptional Gers gourmet box!

Contents of our Gascony gourmet box, Gers´gastronomy:

- Côtes de Gascogne Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc Sec Bio 2022 white wine (75 cl)
- Organic "Crackers Froma'Gers", savory artisan cookies made with cow's tomme and small hemp seeds (150 g)
- Fine duck rillettes married with a delicious block of foie-gras de canard 20% IGP Gers (100 g)
- Magret de canard (duck breast) with a creamy Porto-spiked sauce forestière (550 g)
- Surprising watermelon jam from the South-West, finely flavored with organic Armagnac (350 g)
- Milk chocolate bar with organic nougatine and hazelnut chips, Cacao 42% Pérou (100 g)
- The traditional Baba à l'Armagnac, small soft savarins soaked in a delicious Armagnac syrup (260g, 6 mini babas)

Details of the products in our gourmet basket from the south-west of the Gers and from our small artisans below.

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The Gers gourmet basket of Gascon gastronomy

A south-western gourmet basket direct from the Gers, filled with products from small, authentic producers from this region, which will take you on a voyage of discovery of this generous Gascony gastronomy, with some very fine gourmet discoveries..

White wine Côtes de Gascogne Gros Manseng Sauvignon Blanc Sec Bio 2022 (75 cl)

vin-cotes-de-gascogne-domaine-mastricWinemakers : Domaine de Mastric Bio, Laurence & Jérôme Guichanné, Family vineyard

Domaine de Mastric is located in Le Houga, a small village in the western part of the Gers department, in the Bas-Armagnac region, and in the Côtes de Gascogne appellation. The estate dates back to 1753, and has been handed down from father to son. Today, it is run by Jérôme and Laurence under organic farming methods since 2010, with the added bonus of High Environmental Value certification since 2014.

Several emblematic grape varieties of the South-West are planted in this vineyard (Merlot, Tannat, Syrah, Cabernet franc, Gros manseng, Petit manseng, Sauvignon, Colombard) which reveal their typicality thanks to the temperate oceanic climate of the region, the "boulbène" soils and the virtuous practices of our winemaker in the vineyard and in the cellar.

Here, the "Gros-manseng" and "Sauvignon" grape varieties harmonize in a complexity of fruity aromas, lemon, grapefruit, nuanced by notes of peach and apricot, enhanced by a pale gold color with green highlights. As soon as you smell this dry white wine, you understand its originality and richness. The aromatic power of this wine extends its thirst-quenching freshness with a long, delicious finish.

As an aperitif to accompany the tasting of your Gers gourmet box, or with shellfish and fish, poultry and cheese, you're sure to enjoy this wonderful discovery.

Tasting temperature: 10 to 12°C.

"Crackers Froma'Gers" Organic, savory artisan cookies made with cow's tomme and small hemp seeds (150 g)

biscuits-artisanaux-gersArtisan : Les Petites Manies, Julien Blavy, Biscuiterie artisanale Bio.

To start your tasting of your Gers Gourmet basket, here's a little savory cookie ideal for your aperitifs. It's handcrafted by our artisan according to a traditional recipe using local organic Gers flours and cheeses.

Crunchy and full of flavor, it's the perfect appetizer from the Gers!

Fine duck rillettes married with a delicious block of 20% IGP Gers duck foie-gras (100 g)

foie-gras-artisanal-gersÉleveur-Artisan: Maison Ramajo, Miraine, Pierre-Marie & Sébastien Soubiran, Conserverie artisanale.

While part of the family raises geese and ducks in accordance with the IGP Gers specifications (they all have access to open-air runs with grassy areas during the rearing period), the rest of the family concocts foie-gras and other delicacies in their workshop directly on the farm.

Enjoy their delicious duck rillettes with a good piece of foie-gras for an aperitif.

Spread your duck rillettes generously on fresh bread or toast for your aperitifs or snacks, and enjoy them chilled to bring out the full flavours of the foie-gras: a real treat!

Duck breast with a creamy Cognac-spiked forestry sauce (550 g)

magret-canard-artisanal-gersÉleveur-Artisan: Maison Ramajo, Miraine, Pierre-Marie & Sébastien Soubiran, Conserverie artisanale.

Duck breast is often eaten on its own or dried in salads, but for us, this artisanal recipe was a real favorite.

The Forestière sauce, made with 20% forest mushrooms concocted by our artisan, is perfect for developing complementary flavors that enhance the taste of the duck breast raised by our artisan while preserving its creaminess: a real treat!

Traditional Baba à l'Armagnac, soft little savarins soaked in a delicious Armagnac syrup (260g, 6 mini babas)

baba-armagnac-artisanalArtisan : Glosek, Michel Glosek, Conserverie familiale.

This verrine, with its evocative name, will delight even the most demanding gourmets with its six little babas poached in Armagnac syrup. A must-have specialty from the South-West, created by a fantastic craftsman to be enjoyed fresh from the jar with a teaspoon, or happily accompanied by vanilla cream.

Soft and fragrant, generously filled with syrup and meltingly soft ... in short, a moment of pure pleasure, a little masterpiece of good taste.

Surprising watermelon jam from the Southwest of France, finely flavored with organic Armagnac (350 g)

confiture-pasteque-artisanaleArtisan : La Ferme du Rigoulet Bio, Sarah Loudet and Arnaud Chabirand, Miellerie et confiturerie.

Watermelon jam has always graced Gascon breakfasts. Our craftsman grows his watermelons organically in the heart of the Gers.

Harvested when ripe, the watermelons are then painstakingly deseeded by hand. Cooking is carried out over an open fire, following a family tradition that they are the 3rd generation of jam-makers to perpetuate.

Sarah and Arnaud produce a jam with delicately candied pieces bathed in a creamy pulp, accompanied by fruit and spices: you'll be telling us all about it!

Tablette de Chocolat au lait à la nougatine et aux éclats de noisette Bio, Cacao 42% Pérou (100 g)

chocolat-equitable-gersArtisan: Chocolaterie Bio de la Scop Ethiquable Fleurance Gers, a cooperative, socially responsible enterprise.

Good practices for good chocolate... Our Gers artisan combines fair-trade and organic milk from France with chocolate made from rare fair-trade Peruvian cocoa. The result is a delicious chocolate where the crunchiness of nougatine and hazelnut chips (chocolate's quintessential dried fruit, whose flavors enhance the fragrance of cocoa) surprise the creaminess of milk chocolate.

A touch of chocolate at the end of your Gers box can never hurt!


Enjoy a French gourmet trip to Gascony in the Gers!