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Our Champagne gourmet box from the Haute-Marne

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This gourmet hamper will take you to the Haute-Marne, a territory bordering both Lorraine and Burgundy. Although it may not be as famous as its neighbours, this land is bursting with epicurean surprises: champagne and sparkling wine, of course, but also an endless variety of delicious, artisanal creations—so many, in fact, that we found it almost impossible to choose only a few. Don't miss the tantalizing gourmet delights of the region of Champagne!

Contents of our gourmet box of Champagne, gastronomy of Haute-Marne:

- Prestige Cofféen, rosé sparkling wine brut - Traditional method (75 cl)
- The Apé'teaser!, the crunchy organic aperitif biscuit with French Emmental (100 g bag)
- Genuine artisanal Champagne liver pâté (100 g)
- The genuine artisanal sauerkraut generously garnished (800 g)
- The Québé'Quoi! organic biscuits with the smooth taste of maple syrup and pecans (100 g box)
- Orange flavored chocolate bar (100 g)
- The famous Caissette Langoise, crisp-and-soft meringue with bits of almond and nougatine (85 g)

Details on the products of our gourmet basket of Champagne - Haute-Marne and our small craftsmen below.

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THE gourmet box of the gastronomy of Champagne, gourmet basket of the Haute-Marne

A Champagne gourmet basket filled with products from small authentic producers from the Haute-Marne region that will take you on a journey of discovery of this unequalled Champagne gastronomy, with some very nice gourmet discoveries..

Prestige Cofféen, sparkling rosé - traditional method (75 cl)

vin-de-champagne-prestige-cofféen-renautWinegrowers : Domaine CAMUS RENAUT, Véronique and Laurent Renaut.

Several hectares of the AOC Champagne are located in the Haute-Marne. None of them are owned by our viticulturists, but that hasn’t stopped them creating a lovely sparkling wine using the traditional Champagne method that’s sure to delight wine lovers.

The phylloxera plague wiped out every vineyard around Coiffy-le-Haut, but a handful of determined winegrowers—among them Laurent and his daughter Camille—have brought grapes back to this ancient and fascinating wine country tucked between Champagne and Burgundy, reviving the traditions of their ancestors.

We highly recommend their sparkling rosé Prestige Cofféen, a coupage of Gamay and Pinot Noir grapes. We fell in love with its pale pink colour, fine bubbles, sweet and fruity bouquet, and crisp, elegant mouthfeel.

Best served chilled with any of the treats in your Champagne gourmet box.

L’Apé’teaser, crunchy organic biscuits with French Emmental (100 g bag)

biscuits-apero-bioArtisanal cookie factory : Biscuit Addict Bio, Julie Richard.

The little team at Biscuit Addict makes tasty biscuits with premium organic ingredients and proven artisanal savoir-faire.

Kick off your tasting tour of the Haute-Marne with a deliciously crunchy, savoury biscuit flavoured with France’s famous Emmental cheese. Let us know what you think!

Genuine Champagne liver pâté (100 g)

pate-de-foie-artisanalArtisan butcher : Huguier Frères, family butchery.

Next up is an excellent pâté, with all the creamy smoothness of authentic liver paté and none of the off-putting “livery” taste you sometimes find in such products.

You’ll love it spread on a slice of toast.

The real traditional sauerkraut generously garnished with an assortment of meats and cold cuts (800 g)

choucroute-artisanale-champagneArtisan : La Choucrouterie Laurent, specialist in sauerkraut and cooked vegetables, André Laurent.

In Haute-Marne, we are already in the east of France, land of sauerkraut par excellence, this dish based on macerated cabbage emblematic of the gastronomy of Alsace-Lorraine but not only!

Since 1906, Choucrouterie Laurent has been growing cabbage in the heart of the Champagne region, in a preserved environment. This unique soil and their know-how allow our craftsman to elaborate an exceptional sauerkraut particularly soft and light based on cabbage coming from farms qualified as High Environmental Value.

Add to that the fact that the father, Michel Laurent, was a trained pork butcher and you get a delicious sauerkraut. Why not accompany his tasting with a small glass of a great sparkling wine?

Le Québé’Quoi, organic biscuits with the smooth taste of maple syrup and pecans (100 g box)

biscuit-bio-artisanal-champagneArtisanal cookie factory : Biscuit Addict Bio, Julie Richard.

To continue our Champagne gourmet experience, these melt-in-your-mouth butter biscuits boast a perfect blend of sweet and nutty.

Smooth maple syrup and crunchy pecans… oh là là!

Smooth, orange-flavoured chocolate bar (100 g)

tablette-chocolat-orangeArtisan chocolate maker: Chocolats Chocogil.

Our artisan chocolatier in the heart of Champagne processes cacao in the finest French tradition.

Cocoa butter is enriched with fragrant orange and vanilla extracts to create a delectably creamy chocolate bar guaranteed to give you sweet gourmet dreams.

The famous Caissette Langoise, crisp-and-soft meringue with bits of almond and nougatine (85 g)

caissette langoiseArtisan pastry chef : Maison Henry, Family Pastry and Chocolate Factory

This culinary institution in the city of Langres has been home to several generations of bakers since 1956, each passing on the traditional secrets that have made their reputation to their children. And this is one of their greatest claims to fame: the Caissette Langoise, a delicious meringue, pillowy on the inside yet crisp on the outside, sprinkled with almonds and nougatine...

The perfect way to cap off a scrumptious culinary tour of the Haute-Marne.


Have a nice gourmet trip in Haute-Marne !