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Provençal Artisanal gift set from Vaucluse

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With this Provencal gourmet gift set, we take you on a voyage of discovery or rediscovery of the gastronomy of the Vaucluse. This magnificent terroir provides our artisans with exceptional raw materials, enabling them, with a good dose of know-how, to offer us absolutely delicious products. Don't delay in discovering our gourmet basket from the Vaucluse - there's something for everyone!

Contents of our Provencal gourmet box, Vaucluse gastronomy:

- Organic rosé wine AOP Côtes du Rhône 2022 (75 cl)
- Delicious Provençal aperitif cookies with thyme and Camargue salt (100 g bag)
- Delicious organic aperitif spread with red bell pepper and hazelnut slivers (90 g glass)
- Delicious organic aperitif spread with Artichoke (90 g)
- Crunchy, fragrant tabbouleh with Pays de Sault spelt (120 g jar)
- Crunchy, tasty shortbread with a southern flavour, finely scented with lavender and lemon zest (bag of 6 cookies)
- Traditional white nougat papillotes with lavender honey and Provencal almonds (bag of 100 g)
- Homemade fine lavender flower confit, 100% natural, vegan and original (140 g)
- Genuine and inimitable Berlingots de Carpentras with the sweet flavors of Provence (box of 100 g)

Details of the products in our Provencal gourmet basket from Vaucluse and our small-scale artisans below.

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Provence Gourmet Gift set of Vaucluse gastronomy

A gourmet Provencal box from Vaucluse, filled with products from small, authentic producers in the region, to take you on a voyage of discovery of this sun-drenched Provencal gastronomy, with some wonderful gourmet discoveries..

Rosé wine AOP Côtes du Rhône Bio 2022 (75 cl)

vin-provence-xavier-vignonWinemaker: Domaine Xavier Vignon, Xavier Vignon, Viticulteur-œnologue

Xavier Vignon is a key player in the world of wine in the terroirs of the southern Rhône Valley. This mineral territory, bordered by the Dentelles de Montmirail, is his favorite playground, offering every exposure and soil type. An outstanding winemaker and blender, he creates fresh, vibrant wines by blending the region's best parcels.

Adorned with a beautiful salmon hue, this rosé is bursting on the palate with wild berries and spices (strawberries, raspberries, thyme). The wine is fruity and well-balanced on the palate, combining intensity and freshness with a lingering finish. An ideal accompaniment to your Vaucluse gourmet box set.

Serve chilled.

Delicious Provençal aperitif cookies with thyme and Camargue salt (100 g bag)

biscuits-artisanaux-provencauxLes Secrets de Lola, Laurence and Marc Boccassini, Maîtres Artisans Biscuitiers.

Located 3 km from Vaison-la-Romaine in the pretty Provencal village of Entrechaux, at the foot of Mont Ventoux, Laurence and Marc concoct delicious artisanal cookies that are reminiscent of childhood. Good natural ingredients and unique know-how come together to give us delicious cookies with, of course, the Provencal touch in the flavors.

We suggest their thyme and Camargue salt cookie to get your aperitif off to a good start - a little Provencal treat!

A tasty organic aperitif spread combining the sweetness of red bell pepper with small hazelnut chips (90 g)

tartinable-artisanal-vaucluseArtisan: Le Mas d'Alice, artisanal cannery from Provence.

Based in L'Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, Vaucluse, our artisan has been committed to Corporate Social Responsibility since 1979. He offers us authentic spreads of exceptional taste quality, organic, 100% natural, with no additives or flavoring (natural or synthetic).

For this typical Provencal recipe, ripe red peppers lend their sweetness to hazelnuts, whose round, woody flavor is a perfect match for the peppers' hint of acidity. The hazelnut also makes the bell pepper easier to digest.

An explosion of flavor in the mouth!

Organic spreadable aperitif cream with organic artichoke (90 g glass)

tartinable-artichaut-provenceArtisan: Le Mas d'Alice, artisanal cannery from Provence.

We continue our Provençal aperitif with this authentic recipe from our Vaucluse artisan, whose short list of ingredients highlights the heart of the artichoke.

It's a superb success in which the taste of the artichoke is successfully restored with a magnificent texture

Crunchy, fragrant tabbouleh with Pays de Sault spelt (120 g jar)

taboule-petit-epeautreArtisanal, family-run cannery from Vaucluse: Pilou Nature, Marion et Florestan.

Local produce in a jar... Our artisan recipes are all made with rigorously selected local produce. Their jars are preservative- and coloring-free.

Our tabbouleh is made with Petit Épeautre, an ancient cereal typical of Provence. Unlike conventional cereals, which are hybrid varieties derived from cross-breeding, these grains retain their ancestral quality and authentic rustic taste, with a very low gluten content that's much easier to digest.

You're in for a treat!

Crunchy, savory shortbread with southern accents, finely scented with lavender and lemon zest (bag of 6 cookies)

sables-artisanaux-vaucluseArtisanal Provencal cookie factory: Les Douceurs Sucrées de Christelle, Christelle Signorini

Christelle is Provence and pure craftsmanship. When I picked up our shortbread at Christelle's, she ushered me into her salon, where delicious pastry aromas titillated my nostrils: I salivated immediately.

As you may have gathered, Christelle makes her own delicious creations, starting with these deliciously flavored Provençal shortbread. Texture and taste to die for!

Traditional white nougat  with lavender honey and almonds from Provence (100 g bag)

nougat-artisanal-vaucluseMaîtres Artisans Nougatiers: Confiserie Laurmar, Mireille and Bruno Delade.

Nougat is obviously an essential part of Provencal gastronomy, but when it's made by a genuinely talented craftsman, it becomes an essential in its own right. Our artisan nougats are made to a secret recipe using almonds from Provence and IGP Provence lavender honey from local producers.

Free from colorants, preservatives and gluten, it's perhaps the best nougat we've ever tasted, and we've tasted a few!

Confit maison de fleurs de lavande fine, 100% natural, vegan and original (140 g)

confit-lavandeArtisan confectioner: Confit & Do, Dorinne Haution.

Combining the flavors of Mauritius, Dorinne's native island, with those of Provence, her home region, is the gourmet idea behind Confit & Do. In her workshop, our craftswoman concocts original aromatic confits made from plants, spices and 100% natural, vegan ingredients. Here, lavender is finely incorporated to add an unforgettable touch without being overpowering.

Lavender confit accompanies dairy products, grilled lamb and foie gras. Let your taste buds guide you!

Genuine, inimitable Berlingots de Carpentras with the sweet flavors of Provence (100 g)

Berlingot-CarpentrasProvencal family confectionery: Confiserie 1844, Caroline and Michael Pomies.

Berlingot de Carpentras is a small tetrahedron-shaped candy born in the Vaucluse region of Provence. According to several legends, the Berlingot de Carpentras comes from Pope Clement V's cook, Sylvestre, who one day, having a surplus of caramel after making a dessert, decided to recook it by adding a little mint and lemon. The Berlingot de Carpentras was born. Thanks to the region's wealth of fruit, it was later adapted to a wide range of flavors.

Our artisan continues to produce the famous berlingot in the traditional way, offering it in several flavors. Enjoy your discovery!


Bon Voyage Gourmand et Provençal dans le Vaucluse!