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Paris Gourmet Box from Seine-et-Marne

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This month, La Gourmet Box invites you to discover Seine-et-Marne, a beautiful region on the outskirts of Paris. The famous Provins rose, Nemours poppy, Brie de Melun cheese and many more gourmet morsels have been reinterpreted by local artisans in creations that are sure to delight our discriminating foodies. Seine-et-Marne, which once supplied the tables of French kings and queens, is still full of tasty surprises...

Contents of our Parisian gourmet box, Seine-et-Marne gastronomy:

- Fruity, semi-dry, 100% organic, naturally carbonated farmhouse cider
- Organic watercress pesto snack spread with sunflower seeds (150 g)
- Crisp savoury biscuits with Brie de Melun cheese (100 g)
- Farmhouse chicken fricassee with baby vegetables (500 g)
- "Les Briardines", 100% plain dried pasta in the shape of farm animals, made with durum wheat flour (300 g)
- Croqu’licot, thin white chocolate bar with the sweet flavour of Nemours poppies (100 g)
- Delicious honey bonbons with Provins rose (100 g)

Details of products in our Seine-et-Marne Parisian gourmet basket and from our small-scale artisans below.

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LA BOX Gourmande de la gastronomie parisienne, gourmet box from Seine-et-Marne

A Parisian gourmet basket filled with products from small, authentic producers in Seine-et-Marne that will take you on a voyage of discovery of the generous gastronomy of the greater Paris area, with some very fine gourmet discoveries..

Fruity, semi-dry, 100% organic, naturally carbonated farmhouse cider

organic-cider-seine-et-marneArtisan: La Ferme de l'Abondance AB, family farm, Arnaud and Charlotte Grinfier.

We found an amazing organic farm operation in this corner of France that combines several complementary activities. Charlotte and Arnaud have brought sheep and hens into their orchards, where they grow all types of apples, to keep weeds and insects at bay. They also have their own press on the premises, where they turn their apples into juice, cider and vinegar. Cider connoisseurs will appreciate their all-natural, semi-dry concoction. Serve chilled.

Organic watercress pesto snack spread with sunflower seeds (150 g)

apero-parisArtisan: La Conserverie de la Forêt, local organic fruit and vegetables can maker, Camille, Guillaume and Amélie.

At a small workshop in Samois-sur-Seine in the French region of Seine-et-Marne, our artisan turns the excess produce of local farmers into delicious soups, sauces and creamy spreads. This French-style winter pesto, with no artificial colouring or additives, is an original take on the classic Italian sauce made with watercress and sunflower seeds. Serve this 100% vegetarian, organic pesto over pasta for a delicious meal!

Crisp savoury biscuits with Brie de Melun cheese (100 g)

apero-fromage-brie-melunArtisan: Biscuiterie artisanale Flore Cocardon, Denis Jullemier.

Artisan Denis Jullemier inherited a passion for premium baked goods and local flavours from his great-grandmother, and her love of cooking and recipes is reflected in his creations. Prepared the old-fashioned way but conceived with a contemporary flair, these crisp biscuits integrate the taste of Brie de Melun in an amazingly tasty way.

Farmhouse chicken fricassee with baby vegetables (500 g)

poule-au-pot-parisArtisan: La Ferme des Galaches, farm poultry, Chardon family.

Five generations of Chardons have worked on their family farm in the Gâtinais Regional Nature Park, raising magnificent fowl the traditional way and feeding them grain harvested from their own fields. You're in for a treat with this delectable fricassee, made from the finest local ingredients.

"Les Briardines", 100% organic, artisanal “farm animals” pasta made with durum wheat (300 g)

pates-artisanales-seine-et-marneArtisan : La Ferme de Gloise - Les Briardines, artisanal farmhouse pasta from France, Charles Pigot.

This artisan-farmer also believes in growing, raising and processing on the farm, which is why he makes a range of pastas from durum wheat which he grows and mills himself, using eco-friendly agricultural methods and no artificial pesticides. The secret to premium pasta is durum wheat, which gives it the perfect texture when cooked, firm enough to retain its shape but amazingly soft in the mouth. “Les Briardines” are made by mixing water and flour with a truly artisanal touch: once shaped, the pasta is slowly dried at low temperature for 19 years, locking in all the nutrients and flavour. These fun “farm animal” shapes go perfectly with the chicken fricassee in your gourmet box.

Croqu’licot, thin white chocolate bar with the sweet flavour of Nemours poppies (100 g)

coquelicot-nemoursArtisan : Chocolate maker Flore Cocardon, Denis Jullemier.

In 1850, a Nemours confectioner named François-Etienne Desserey became the first to make sweets from the calming petals of poppy flowers, a delicacy that soon spread his shop’s fame far and wide. The delicately flavoured candies also turned out to be effective cough drops. Eager to preserve the region's traditional savoir-faire, our artisan has developed a new culinary experience using the petals of wild poppy flowers, which are hand-picked in the fields of Nemours every June. When boiled with sugar in a copper cauldron, the petals produce a concentrate that is used to add a delicate poppy flavour to a variety of sweet inventions, like this white chocolate bar.

Honey bonbons with Provins rose (100 g)

bonbon-rose-provinsArtisan: La Ronde des Abeilles, beekeepers and confectioners, Carla and Reynald Renault.

Carla and Reynald, beekeepers and bakers since 1994, cultivate and cook the Rosa gallica officinalis—also known as the Provins rose, a flower supposedly brought back to France by crusaders—with the utmost respect for time-honoured traditions and absolutely no pesticides, so that we can rediscover authentic medieval flavours. After picking the petals in Provins, still beaded with the morning dew, their son and fellow baker Sylvain combines them with honey, also harvested in Provins, to produce these sweet morsels with the delicate aroma of the one and only Rose de Provins. A truly unforgettable flavour...


Bon Voyage Gourmand en région parisienne en Seine-et-Marne!