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Our Christmas Gourmet box from the Pyrenees, Ariège

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This holiday season we invite you to savour Ariège, a département in the French Pyrenees famed for its breathtaking verdant scenery and its equally stunning cuisine. A magnificent land of exceptional local products and surprising artisans who work wonders with them. Don't miss out on this one-of-a-kind Christmas feast you will fin in our Christmas gourmet box!

Contents of our gourmet Christmas box from the Pyrenees, gastronomy of Ariège:

- Red Wine, L'Aurore IGP Ariège 2020 (75 cl)
- Salty and crunchy aperitif cookies with Grana Panado and small fried onions (125 g)
- Tasty forest terrine of wild roe deer with porcini mushrooms (180 g)
- Typical south-western dish, duck breasts with forest mushroom sauce and white wine (700 g)
- Unusual and tasty jam with 3 red fruits and mountain pepper - Strawberry, blackcurrant, raspberry (200 g)
- Les Galets de l'Arize, small crunchy meringue with roasted hazelnuts delicately coated with a delicious dark chocolate 70% (50 g)
- La Garrigue Ariégeoise bio, warm and comforting herbal tea with the soft flavors of rosemary, thyme and lemon (30 g)

Details on the products of our gourmet Christmas basket from Ariège and our small craftsmen below.

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THE gourmet Christmas box of the gastronomy of the Ariège, gourmet basket of the Pyrenees

A Pyrenean Christmas gourmet basket filled with authentic products from small producers of the Ariège region that will take you on a journey of discovery of this incomparable Pyrenean gastronomy, with some very nice gourmet discoveries..

Cuvée L'Aurore 2020, IGP Ariège, Red Wine (75 cl)

vin-igp-ariege-domaine-bellevueWinegrower: Le Domaine de Longpré, Famille Cantos

Our Ariège gourmet holiday hamper is an opportunity to discover the riches of a recently reborn wine country. Nestled in the foothills of the Pyrenees, Domaine de Longpré is one of several wineries that are putting Ariège wines back on the map after they nearly disappeared in the 20th century. The vineyards are managed with the utmost respect for the environment, harvesting the grapes by hand, and you can taste the difference in every sip. A Merlot-Syrah blend, L’Aurore is a deliciously fruity red that goes perfectly with the contents of your Christmas gourmet box. Your taste buds are in for a very pleasant surprise!

Crisp savoury biscuits with Grana Padano cheese and fried onion bits (125 g)

biscuits-apero-ariegeArtisan: Les Croqués du Biscuit, artisanal cookie maker, Christel Alileche.

We love a good artisan's story, and this is one of our favourites! After 20 years in the restaurant industry, working with local markets, Christel decided to start her own business, and she’s done very well indeed. She bakes all sorts of delicious gluten- and lactose-free biscuits with organic flour in the kitchen at the back of her shop. These crisp savoury biscuits flavoured with fried onion bits and tasty Grana Padano cheese from northern Italy are the perfect way to begin your Ariège holiday repast.

Savoury wild venison and porcini terrine (180 g)

terrine-chevreuil-artisanaleArtisan: Salaisons des Pyrénées, butchery-catering.

The next stop on our culinary tour of Ariège is this venison terrine delicately seasoned with forest mushrooms. The surprisingly generous flavour of the finest Pyrenean game is enhanced by the sweet, creamy woodland porcini. An all-natural treat with no preservatives that tastes divine on toast!

Duck Drumsticks in a mushroom and white wine sauce, a South-West specialty (700 g)

manchons-de-canard-artisanauxArtisan: Les Terroirs du Plantaurel - Esat du Plantaurel, Social & Solidarity, Local Products from Ariege

Good food and social responsibility are the two main concerns of Les terroirs du Plantaurel, where the majority of the staff have some disability. These artisans are all about farm-to-table, using locally raised or grown products to delight our senses. Heat the contents very slowly, serve with a side of rice, pasta or potatoes, pour yourself a glass of Ariège red from your hamper, and prepare to be amazed!

Unusual savoury preserves with mountain pepper and three berries: strawberry, blackcurrant and raspberry (200 g)

jam-world-championArtisan: Les Gourmandises de Marie, Marie-Christine Fauché.

To make a good old-fashioned jam, the basic requirements are seasonal fruit and a copper pot for stewing it in small batches. But our artisan, Marie-Christine, decided to go to the next level. For the Confituriades—the world jam-making championships, no less—she decided to add some Taiwanese pepper to her Montferrier berries and won the prize for most unusual jam. And in our humble opinion, she deserves the people’s choice award, too! These home-made preserves are a genuine pleasure.

Galets de l’Arize, crunchy meringue with bits of roasted hazelnut dipped in 70% cacao dark chocolate (50 g)

meringues-chocolat-artisanalesOrganic artisanal cookie and chocolate factory : Mes Petites douceurs, Fanny Parenti.

Our Ariège gourmet hamper is a testament to the skill of women artisans. Fanny and her husband are passionate about the culinary arts and create delectable gluten-free treats. Her little meringues with hazelnut bits covered in dark chocolate almost look like macarons. Try these heavenly morsels with a cup of herbal tea for an unforgettable experience!

La Garrigue Ariégeosie, soothing herbal tea with the sweet aromas of rosemary, thyme and lemon (30 g)

tisane-bio-artisanaleCraftsman: Les Sœurs Théière Bio, creators of organic teas and infusions, Noémie et Natacha Le Meur.

Artisan : Les Sœurs Théière Bio, creators of organic teas and infusions, Noémie and Natacha Le Meur.

Les Sœurs Théière is based in Pays d’Olmes, a region of Ariège. These two sisters have made it their mission to provide original, authentic products derived from organic agriculture. And what better way to conclude your gourmet holiday feast and warm up this winter than with a steaming cup of organic herbal tea from the wilds of Ariège?


Have a good trip in Ariège !