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A wine gift hamper for Spanish wine lovers

Wine Gift Box The Spanish Sommelier hamper

La Gourmet Box brings you a trilogy of exceptional Spanish wines in an elegant package, the perfect gift hamper for a wine-loving friend or anyone who likes thinking—and sipping—outside the box.
Each of these bottles is crafted with exquisite care, and two of them come from tiny wineries. The experience begins with a very fine Priorat that will delight Grenache fans. Next, it's time to uncork a 2014 Rioja Reserva that was chosen as the "institutional wine" of the Rioja D.O.Ca. (Qualified Designation of Origin). Finally, savour a gem from one of Spain's smallest wineries that still has us raving.
And of course, since it's a gift hamper, we've included a few little surprises to round out the experience.

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A gourmet gift box for Spanish wine lovers

La Guinardera, Gratallops Vi de Vila, Crianza del Priorato red wine 2013 (75 CL)

Coffret cadeau vin priorat La Guinardera 2012 Winery: Celler Balaguer i Cabré.

Spain has many designations of origin, but only two are considered Qualified Designations of Origin (abbreviated D.O.Ca.): Rioja and Priorat. This label has stricter regulations and more exhaustive quality control, affording producers a greater degree of protection. So what makes Priorat wines so special? As the French would say, it's all about the terroir... In a region forged by volcanic eruptions, Priorat vineyards grow in a slate-rich soil called Llicorella that gives the wines a strong mineral taste and force the vines to dig deep below the surface in search of water.

The terrain is mountainous with steep slopes, so the vines are cultivated on terraces. A stroll through these vineyards makes you wonder how any plant can thrive amid all that slate... in some places it seems like there's nothing but rock!

The Priorat region has a continental climate with long, hot, dry summers and significant temperature differences between day and night, occasionally dropping below zero in winter. This truly unique designation of origin produces some of the most coveted wines in Spain and the world.

For this box we've chosen a magnificent wine from Gratallops, home of the famous Ermita de Álvaro Palacios wine which earned 100 Parker Points in 2013 It is one of just 2090 bottles made in 2012 from Grenache grapes grown on the family estate of La Guinardera, a small two-hectare vineyard at an altitude of 250 metres with excellent exposure to sunlight. The wine was aged for 12 months in 500-litre French oak barrels, followed by another 3 years of bottle ageing before it hit the shelves.

Tasting note: strong varietal aromas, unmistakable mineral and spice flavours with sweet notes of brandied cherry and blackcurrant and a slight hint of dry grass. Rich, heavy, full-bodied tannins, firm and fresh-structured with a finish dominated by spicy fruit flavours. Even if you're already a Grenache fan, this delectable wine is guaranteed to wow you.

A signature "Priorat red", perfect with meat or game.

Serving temperature: 16–18ºC.

vin priorat Gratallops coffret cadeau vin espagnol
vignes du priorat Coffret vin espagnol
Priorat gratallops et licorellas coffret vin espagnol


Oscar Tobía Reserva, 2014 Rioja Reserva, red wine (75 cl)

Institutional wine of the D.O.Ca. Rioja, chosen by the Regulatory Board. Grand Gold Medal and Best Rioja at Mundus Vini (Germany).

Bodegas Tobia Reserva 2012 coffret meilleurs vins espagnolsWinery: Bodegas Tobía.

Our wine tour of Spain's exclusive Qualified Designation of Origin continues with a visit to La Rioja and the splendid wines of Bodegas Tobía.

The 2014 vintage was a complicated year with weather in the Rioja. However, the quality of the grapes was excellent, and the Tobía Reserva rose to the occasion.

The best Tempranillo grapes from three vineyards in the Upper Rioja were used in this wine, and the unique characteristics of each vineyard give this splendid red a richly nuanced flavour. To bring out the best in this 100% Rioja wine, a small percentage of Graciano from younger stock was added. This 2014 Rioja Reserva is aged for 24 months in barrels made of French and Hungarian oak. After being allowed to stabilise naturally, the wine is bottled unfiltered and left to complete the ageing process on the winery shelves.

The bouquet is a symphony of aromas, beginning with dark ripe fruit like raisins, cherries and cranberries. These are followed by spicy notes of black pepper, clove and cinnamon, which yield to hints of aromatic herbs such as mint and finish with delicate notes of oak, cedar, unsweetened chocolate and tobacco leaves.

The mouthfeel is pleasingly velvety, unctuous and very voluminous with well-polished tannins. Very structured and full-bodied but with a nice hint of freshness, it delivers a long, lingering finish bursting with sensations and complex nuances. A truly superb specimen of Rioja red! No wonder it was named the region's official "institutional wine"...

Pairing suggestion: ideal with Iberian cold cuts and grilled meats, especially lamb and beef.

Serving temperature: 16–18ºC.

vin rioja Oscar Tobias Reserva coffret cadeau
Vin Rioja Oscar tobias reserva 2012
Do Rioja vin Tempranillo


TRAMP 2015. Crianza red wine, DO Catalunya (75 cl)

vin Tramp 2014 Can Grau Vell coffret cadeau vin espagnolWinemaker: Jordi Castellví, CAN GRAU VELL.

To conclude our tempting trio, we've selected a bottle from one of the smallest wine-making enterprises in Catalonia.

Nestled in a vale at the foot of Mount Montserrat, in the village of Hostalets de Piérola, Jordi Castellví (whose surname means "wine castle" in Catalan—coincidence or fate?) has cultivated three hectares of land the old-fashioned way since the year 2000. The property, with farm buildings that include an on-site winery, is surrounded by forest and stands at an altitude of 350-400 metres above sea level. The 3-hectare vineyards have a planting density of 6,500 vines per hectare and are divided into three zones: the terraced upper vineyards grow in two types of soil, one predominantly slate and the other reddish clay; the middle zone has stony soil; and the lower part boasts a finer, less rocky soil.

Initially, the estate’s technical management was handled by the Pérez Ovejero family, which also owns Mas Martinet in the Priorat region.

Tramp 2015 is a coupage of 5 different varieties (Syrah, Grenache, Cabernet, Marselan and Mourvèdre), barrel-aged for 10 months to achieve savoury perfection. With a beautiful bright cherry-red colour, this wine has an exuberant bouquet dominated by notes of fresh red berries (raspberries, blackberries and blueberries) combined with a range of more toasted aromas like nuts (roasted almonds and hazelnuts) and raisins. Good tannin structure in the mouth and delicious hints of luscious, flavourful red fruits with a persistent finish.

Pairing: perfect with white meat dishes, grilled chicken or roast rabbit.

Serve at 14–15º C.

Montserrat et Can Grau Vell
vin Tramp 2014 can Grau Vell par Jordi Castellvi dans sa cave
Can Grau Vell coffret cadeau vin espagnol de la Gourmet Box

BON VOYAGE in the vineyards of Spain!


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  1. Carlos Rovira12/7/2018

    Una caja de regalo muy cuidada, los vinos excelentes y la atención al cliente fantástica. Nunca visto en la web de mi experiencia...

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Independent Advice on our Box

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