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Our French Seafood Gift Box with a delicious wine


With over 4,000 kilometres of coastline along the Mediterranean Sea, the English Channel and the Atlantic Ocean, France boasts a fascinating variety of seafood products. The bounty of the sea, combined with our rich culinary history, has yielded a treasure trove of recipes so delicious that it would be a crime not to taste them. And since we know that for foodies the hardest thing is choosing, we've put together an assortment of traditional and novel products from both the Mediterranean and Atlantic shores so you can try a bit of everything. This gourmet gift box will let you sample the best of what France's coasts have to offer, inviting you to cast off on a delicious nautical adventure with friends. And to make the experience a complete success, serve these tempting morsels with the surprising white wine we've selected, a delicious Muscadet old vines. Dive in!

Gourmet content of our seafood gift box:

• Comte Leloup de Chasseloir, Vieilles Vignes 2016, white wine, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie (75 cl)
• Scallops rillettes with Sea Fennel (90 g)
• Original Spread, Tuna and Grapefruit Delight (80 g)
Savoury crab terrine with a dash of cognac (90 g)
• Creamy crumbled salmon with ginger and lemon (90 g)
• The authentic Homemade tarama (the "clear one"!) from the Isle of Oléron (90 g)
• The Croc's salés, Creative appetizer with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower (70 g)
• “Tradition” seaweed tartare (80 g)
• Sardinade, savoury sardine and black olive paste (80 g)
• Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

Details on our seafood gourmet products and artisans below.

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Availability: 0 In stock



A gift box packed with the flavours of the sea for a grand evening of French hors d'oeuvres.

Comte Leloup de Chasseloir, Vieilles Vignes 2016, white wine, Muscadet Sèvre et Maine sur Lie (75 cl)

muscadet-comte-leloup-de-chasseloir-wineWinery: Château de Chasseloir, Maison Chéreau Carré.

Muscadet wine is often considered the "poor cousin” of the more prestigious French appellations, but it certainly doesn't deserve to be.

Château de Chasseloir produces this delicious Muscadet, made only with the finest vintages of grapes harvested from the oldest vines on the property (over 100 years old!), one of the most fascinating wineries in the Muscadet region.

The wine is aged on the property for several years. It has a lovely golden colour and notes of citrus and pear on the palate, with a delicate mineral hint. A real treat for fans of a good white! Ideal for pairing with shellfish, cheese and, of course, the seafood spreads you’ll find in your seafood gourmet box.

Serving temperature: 10–12º C.

Scallops rillettes with Sea Fennel (90 g)

scallops-seafood-french-gourmet-box Artisan: Chikolodenn.

Our artisan only uses fish and shellfish from local Breton auctions. Made the good old-fashioned way, these rillettes of Saint-Jacques (scallops) are prepared according to an authentic recipe from a Breton family cannery with all-natural products with a hint of sea fennel, a 100% Breton delicacy you can fully taste in mouth: the rillettes manage to preserve all the finesse and freshness of scallops, a true delicacy!

Spread on a slice of good bread, our organic scallops’ rillettes will bring ocean freshness to your table, no doubt!

Original Spread, Tuna and Grapefruit Delight (80 g)

seafood spread Maritime gourmet gift boxArtisan: Les Oréliades.

A marriage of great finesse of tuna and citrus fruit for this delicious spread! Grapefruit brings a surprising freshness that will delight your taste buds. A genuine treat for any seafood lover in search of new gourmet experiences! Tasting: on toasts, with avocados, hard-boiled eggs, in a puff pastry, in a vinaigrette...

Savoury crab terrine with a dash of cognac (90 g)

Crab terrine French hors d'oeuvres gift box by la Gourmet BoxArtisan: Conserverie artisanale Les Mets d’Aimé.

Les Mets d’Aimé, a pair of passionate artisan canners, delight foodies with their tried and true family recipes made from meat and seafood with no preservatives, artificial colouring or added sugar. They are firmly committed to the Clean Label movement, guaranteeing the use of natural, healthy, unadulterated ingredients. We absolutely loved the texture and flavour of this crab terrine with a delicate hint of cognac, a signature liqueur in this part of France.

Washed down with a glass of Sauvignon Blanc from your gourmet box, it’s a little taste of heaven.

Creamy crumbled salmon with ginger and lemon (90 g)

salmon-cevicheArtisan: La Rétaise

Our Sea feast continues with a delicious ceviche-style marinated salmon, with a festive gourmet hint of ginger, made from carefully selected ingredients without any artificial colouring or preservatives.

We look forward to hearing your rave reviews!

The authentic Homemade tarama (the "clear one"!) from the Isle of Oléron (90 g)

organic scallops rillettes seafood French gourmet box Craftsman: La Lumineuse.

We wanted to present you a family business on the island of Olerón that directly uses the resources of the sea brought to the port by the fishermen to produce magnificent products.

You will taste here a homemade tarama and no doubt that you will enjoy the difference: not the striking pink of the supermarkets.... but the pale one, without colourings or preservatives where the flavour of the smoked cod eggs is enhanced by this authentic recipe. On toast or small blinis, this tarama is a true feast!

The Croc's salés, Creative appetizer with almonds, pumpkin seeds and sunflower (70 g)

aperitif-sartheArtisan Bakery : Les Gourmandises du Maine, Emmanuel et Clarisse Fortin.

The Croc's Salés are an original creation made with high quality ingredients from a small family bakery shop located in the heart of Le Mans. Gluten-free, the crunchy coating does not take anything away from the taste of the seeds: share it with your friends as soon as possible for an aperitif!

It is terribly addictive.

“Tradition” seaweed tartare (80 g)

seaweed-tartareArtisan: Alg’Emeraude, Nath Hamon et Nath Ameline.

Near Saint-Lunaire, we met these amazingly talented artisans who take their work very seriously and helped us to discover the culinary delights of seaweed with respect for Mother Nature.

During the spring tide, they comb the wild shores of Saint-Lunaire to harvest the finest produce of the marine gardens, using shears and following a strict harvest calendar to maintain the ecosystem’s biomass. Everything is done by hand, from meticulously cleaning the seaweed to drying it at low temperature to preserve its full flavour.

These herculean efforts are apparent in the absolutely stellar quality of all their products: everything we sampled left us speechless! Try this special tartare on toast or with smoked salmon, on pasta with shrimp or scallops, on a biscuit.

Sardinade, savoury sardine and black olive paste (80 g)

Savoury sardine spread seafood gourmet boxArtisan: Les Oréliades.

A unique fusion of ocean spray and Mediterranean sunshine! This sardinade is a savoury paste made from natural organic products: sardines, black olives, capers, and not much else.

Perfect for spreading on toast or dipping with raw veggies (cucumber and carrot sticks, for instance), it’s a classic tapenade with a fresh, salty twist.

Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

organic-cashew-nuts-vegetarian-boxArtisan: L'Attelier de Clisson.

At this small shop in Guérande, a town in southwest France famed for its butter and salt, every product is made using traditional methods and all-natural local ingredients. Nuts are the common denominator in every recipe, but they add sugar, caramel, spices or condiments to create a wide range of flavours and textures. For our box we chose organic caramelized cashew nuts seasoned with Kâmpôt pepper for their originality (a change from the more conventional cashews), surprising taste (the pepper-sweet contrast is outstanding) and super-extra-crunchy texture. These sinfully delicious morsels are too tempting to resist.



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Bon voyage!



  1. Jean Le bihan11/26/2021

    D'abord vos coffrets sont beaux. Ensuite tous les produits m'ont plu ou beacoup plu et en effet très surpris par la qualité du muscadet...excellent coffret.

  2. Gladys Ligavan5/14/2018

    Je suis fan de vos box mais la Marine est je crois ma préférée, sûrement parce que je suis bretonne... La présentation est magnifique avec tous les petits détails qui sont un vrai plus au niveau visuel (la carte postale est superbe, les serviettes assorties avec le papier de soie, les rince-doigts etc....) et les produits sont un vrai délice, et très variés. Je recommande sans hésitation.

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