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Gourmet basket of local Lyonnais products

With this gourmet gift set, we invite you to discover the gastronomy of Lyon, a jewel in the crown of French fine dining. Exceptional raw materials and an extremely varied artisanal production make Lyon and its region a bottomless pit of gourmet nuggets to be discovered as a matter of urgency. Don't delay in discovering our Lyon gourmet basket: you're in for a treat!

Contents of our Lyon gourmet box, Rhône gastronomy:

- Organic red wine AOC Beaujolais, les Pierres Dorées - Cuvée "Claudius" 2022 (75 cl)
- Artisanal dry sausage in its canvas bag (200 g).
- Small crunchy aperitif crackers Apéro'gnons (120 g).
- Artisanal pheasant meat terrine 40% and pork with Morello cherries (180 g).
- The famous quenelle de Lyon with its creamy tomato and shellfish sauce (380 g).
- Original and tasty artisanal pink praline jam (140 g).
- Delicious crunchy almond cookies with pink praline chips (80 g).

Details of the products in our Rhône gourmet basket and from our small-scale artisans below.

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The Lyon gourmet basket of Rhône gastronomy

A gourmet basket of Lyon and the Rhône department, filled with products from small, authentic producers from this region, which will take you on a voyage of discovery of the generous gastronomy of Lyon, with some very fine gourmet discoveries..

Vin Rouge bio AOC Beaujolais, les Pierres Dorées - Cuvée "Claudius" 2022 (75 cl)

vin-bio-beaujolais-domaine-bourbonWinegrower : Domaine Bourbon, Exploitation Viticole Familiale Bio, Jean-Luc, Dorian and Delphine Bourbon.
2stars in the Guide Hachette des Vins 2023.

North of Lyon, the Beaujolais AOC is home to a number of nuggets wines... On their family-run organic estate since 2022, where the golden-yellow limestone known locally as "pierres dorées" outcrops, Jean-Luc, Dorian and Delphine work their grape varieties with the utmost respect for the environment and their vines, limiting yields and producing delicious wines from Gamay, the king of red Beaujolais grapes.

To accompany your Lyonnais gourmet basket tasting, we've chosen their Cuvée Claudius, made from the estate's best Gamay plots. Long vatting and ageing in oak barrels give this wine roundness and silky tannins, while retaining the fruity, gourmet touch of Gamay. A far cry from Beaujolais nouveau!

Enjoy it with the sausage or quenelles in your gourmet box.

ARTISANAL DRY SAUCISSON in canvas bag (200 g)

saucisson-artisanal-lyonArtisanal producer: Maison Duculty.

To get your gourmet basket of Lyon off to a good start, here's a classic local aperitif: sausage, but not just any sausage: from Maison Duculty, charcutiers for 5 generations! This family perpetuates the traditional production of dry sausage in the heart of Pilat in the Rhône-Alpes region. The one we've chosen is natural and handcrafted in the old-fashioned way, using only the finest cuts of fresh pork and no coloring agents. This local delicacy is best enjoyed in very thin slices (2 mm) at room temperature.

Important: this sausage, like all natural sausages, does not go mouldy, or it will need to be stored for a number of years! However, it is possible and common to find a bloom (white, even greenish) forming on the natural casing of the sausage. This is penicillium, a derivative of penicillin, the same as that found in Roquefort cheese, for example. It's very healthy, and a sign of good quality sausage as long as it doesn't develop a bad smell! As for the skin, yes, it can be eaten (like that of chorizo, sausages and black pudding), but we advise you to remove it to appreciate the full flavor and finesse of this artisanal sausage. Store in its canvas bag (included in this gift box!) at the bottom of your fridge.

Crunchy Aperitif Crackers Apéro'gnons (120 g)

biscuit-artisanal-lyonnaisArtisan : Y a que de belles gourmandises, Hervé Rolland Confiturier - Biscuitier.

Tasty and crunchy, these crunchy crackers made by Hervé subtly incorporate perfectly the sweetness of onion.

Addictive as an aperitif spread, for example with our artisanal pheasant terrine!

Artisanal pheasant meat terrine 40% and pork with Morello cherries (180 g)

terrine-artisanale-lyonnaisArtisan : Les Saveurs du Lyonnais, Artisan - Charcutier Christophe Granjon.

Based in Brindas, a small village near Lyon, our craftsman uses carefully selected regional meats to create delicious terrines without the addition of coloring agents, preservatives or additives.

In this unctuous terrine, the pheasant is enhanced by a fruity touch that will delight you on toast.

The essential Lyonnaise pike quenelle with its creamy tomato and shellfish sauce (380 g)

quenelles-lyonnaises-artisanalesArtisan caterer: Daniel et Denise, Traiteur & Bouchon Lyonnais. Chef Joseph Viola, Meilleur Ouvrier de France.

What would a gastronomic trip to the Lyonnais region be without a pike quenelle?

Spoon-formed, gourmet and airy, with a well-balanced taste of pike, the quenelle is an emblematic dish from Joseph Viola, Meilleur Ouvrier de France, who has jarred his cuisine and served it in their Lyonnais bouchons to our delight. It's fine and richly flavored, with the master stroke of preserving a beautiful texture despite the jarring: a real gourmet success!

Reheat over a low heat in a pan or in the oven, and you're ready to go.

Original and tasty artisanal pink praline jam (140 g)

confiture-artisanale-praline-roseArtisan : Y a que de belles gourmandises, Hervé Rolland Confiturier - Biscuitier...

Pink pralines, those almonds surrounded by delicious bright-red sugar, are obviously a staple of Lyon's gastronomy. But we wanted you to discover them with that touch of originality that makes all the difference.

In homage to the most Lyonnais of sweets, our artisan has concocted this praline jam, a delight on toast or simply... with a spoon!

Delicious crunchy almond cookies with pink praline chips (80 g)

cookies-praline-rose-lyonArtisans: Biscuits et Gourmandises, Artisan - Biscuitier, Samantha Bellencontre and Frédéric Biard.

Here's another way to discover pink pralines. Samantha and Frédéric have opted for an eco-responsible approach, choosing for their recipes ingredients largely sourced from Lyonnais producers or manufacturers located less than 100 kms from their workshop, and refusing to include chemical additives, preservatives or artificial flavoring in their creations. The result is cookies that are reminiscent of childhood, but with a touch of originality that makes all the difference.

Here, a delicious cookie with chips of pink Lyon pralines that add a crunchy note to the softness of the cookie: we love it!


Bon Voyage gourmand in the region of Lyon!