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Pork and Alcohol Free Gourmet hamper

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A pork-free, alcohol-free gourmet aperitif basket, elegantly garnished with local nuggets, often organic, produced by small (real!) French artisans, and accompanied by delicious 100% organic fruit juices. And as always, you can schedule your gourmet gift to be sent on the date of your choice, and personalize your gourmet pork and alcohol-free gift box with a note for the lucky recipient.

Contents of our pork and alcohol-free gift basket:

- L'Etonnant d'abricot, 100% pure apricot organic fruit juice (25 cl)
- 100% pure apple organic fruit juice (25 cl)
- 100% pure Muscovy duck rillettes with orange (100 g)
- Duo of salmon, crème fraîche and lime, 100% organic (100 g)
- Crunchy aperitif shortbread with goat cheese and rosemary (120 g)
- Organic Mediterranean Poichichade, houmous with AOC Haute-Provence olive oil (100 g)
- Artisanal mini breadsticks with Guérande salt (70 g)
- Genuine home-made Tarama from the Ile d'Oléron (120 g)
- Chocolate Cabécous with praliné (95 g)
- Le Chocisson, the sausage but with chocolate only!

Details of the products in our pork-free, alcohol-free aperitif set and our small-scale artisans below.

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Pork and alcohol-free aperitif gourmet basket

L'Etonnant d'Abricot, 100% organic Apricot fruit juice (25cl)

jus-fruit-bioArtisan-producer : Ferme Bio de Margerie

On the Valence plain, Ferme Bio de Margerie covers several hectares growing organic fruit to create their renowned fruit juices. With no production ambitions, they are one of the pioneers (over 30 years) to produce 100% organic juice with no additives, simply pressing the fruit to preserve the nutritional qualities of these sun-drenched southern fruits. L'étonnant d'abricot is a blend of pure apple juice with a hint of apricot: personally, I've never tasted such good apricot juice. But it's up to you to find out..

100% organic artisanal apple juice (25cl)

jus-pomme-bio-margerieArtisan-producer : la ferme Bio de Margerie

And because their juices are so good, and there's something for every taste, you'll be left thirsty for a delicious organic apple juice with no additives whatsoever: pure bliss!

Duo of salmon, crème fraîche and lime, 100% organic (100 g) (100 g)

tartinable-duo-saumonsArtisan: L'Atelier Bernard Marot, an artisanal canner from Brittany.

A fishmonger turned canner? It's a typical Breton artisan story. With know-how handed down from generation to generation, Maison Marot offers us a tasty spread: fresh salmon is combined with smoked salmon for a contrast of flavors, fresh cream adds roundness and a hint of lime spices things up. Delicious on toast!

Organic Mediterranean Poichichade, houmous with AOC Haute-Provence olive oil (100 g)

Houmous-bio-coffret-gourmand-provencceArtisan-grower: Vire Vent de Provence family farm.

Raphaëlle grows her chickpeas organically on her farm and cooks them in her workshop according to a Provencal recipe. Chickpeas are her specialty, and her "Poichichade" recipe is a secret blend of AOC Haute Provence olive oil, crushed sesame, lemon juice, garlic and spices... and beautiful chickpeas, of course! Rich in vegetable proteins, this spread is naturally gluten-free and lactose-free, making it suitable for vegetarians and gourmets alike.

This "poichichade", inspired by Lebanese hummus, can be enjoyed as an aperitif on toast or with fresh vegetable sticks. A taste of the authentic for a pork-free, alcohol-free aperitif!

Artisanal mini breadsticks with Guérande salt (70 g)

gressins-artisanauxArtisan-baker: Les mignoteries

There are lots of breadsticks, but with this crunch and taste... Very few, we can tell you. Made to the highest standards by our family-run cookie factory in the Ardèche region, with all-natural ingredients and no preservatives, you'll enjoy nibbling on them as they are, or dipping them in one of our delicious spreads.

Genuine artisanal Tarama (the "clear" one!) from the Ile d'Oléron (120 g)

tarama-artisanal-naturelArtisan-conserver: La Lumineuse.

Here's a family-run business on the island of Oléron that makes direct use of the resources of the sea that arrive in port to make spreads that smell of the open sea. We wanted to introduce you to an artisanal tarama to savor the difference this Christmas: not the flashy pink of the supermarkets, but the pale, colorant- and preservative-free one where the taste of the smoked cod roe in this authentic recipe takes flight.

On toast or small blinis, it's a holiday treat!

Muscovy Duck Rillettes with Orange and Wild Pepper (100g)

rillettes-artisanales-canardArtisan: le comptoir du Fougeray.

For us, Le comptoir de Fougeray is one of the great specialists in rillettes: thanks to slow cooking in a cauldron, manual shredding and a rigorous selection of meat, their rillettes, which contain no additives or preservatives, have an incredibly tender texture and a consistently good taste.

So when it came to showcasing Muscovy duck, we put our trust in them, and we really weren't disappointed. The fruity, peppery touch doesn't go unappreciated either: a delight on a piece of fresh bread or toasted toast.

Crunchy aperitif shortbread with goat's cheese and rosemary (120 g)

produit artisanal apéro noël gourmandArtisan: Biscuiterie Apiflor.

We take you to the border between Cantal and Corrèze, to the village of Madic, where our craftsman makes tasty traditional shortbread in his bronze molds. He incorporates a subtle marriage of goat's cheese and rosemary to give his sablés a unique taste. Just perfect for an aperitif: a real crispy, gourmet success!

Tasting tip: to bring out the full flavor of these shortbreads, place them in the oven 2-3 minutes before serving for a successful Christmas aperitif!

Le Chocisson, the sausage but with chocolate!

saucisson-chocolatArtisan Chocolatier: Maison Guinguet.

Our sweet box is full of surprises! Beneath this sausage-like appearance lies a delicious almond and hazelnut praline, with nougat, pistachio and almond chips, coated in milk chocolate.

To be sliced into thin strips that young and old alike can let melt under the tongue ... or bite into!

Chocolate Christmas Cabécous (95g)

chocolat-artisanal-noelArtisan-chocolatier: Maison Guinguet.

Cabécou may be a goat's milk cheese from the Massif Central, but these little treats only look like it!

Maison Guinguet plays on this discrepancy, offering us cabécous that are in fact delicious morsels that are both crunchy and melt-in-the-mouth, with hazelnut praline, crêpe dentelle and a white chocolate coating... Having fun while enjoying yourself is the magic of Christmas! Both young and old are in for a treat!

But there's not enough for everyone!


As usual, La Gourmet Box has pulled out all the stops for its aperitif gourmet box, and in addition to these great little products, has a few little surprises in store that are essential for a successful pork- and alcohol-free tasting experience.


Enjoy a gourmet journey through the land with our pork and alcohol-free gourmet basket!