We couldn't resist the temptation to prepare a special champagne gift box packed with exceptional hors d'oeuvres that would allow our customers to sample the best of French cuisine with Champagne. Pretty on the outside and chock-full of scrumptious products on the inside, this food and champgne gift box has everything you need to enjoy a grand apéro, a word that describes the time-honoured French tradition of sharing drinks, hors d'oeuvres and golden moments with family and friends.

Salty, spicy, crunchy, creamy... in this gourmet box you'll find all the savoury staples of an authentic French hors d'oeuvres party, including an exceptional Brut Nature Champagne, for a gourmet experience that's guaranteed to please even the most discerning palates. We've even thrown in an eye-popping—or, better said, cork-popping—surprise... but then again, maybe it's just an oven-fresh baguette! Can you stand the suspense?

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Pinot Chevauchet, Champagne Brut Nature Cuvée "La Généreuse" (75 cl)

Champagne hamper La Généreuse Pinot ChevauchetWinery: Champagne Pinot Chevauchet. Decanter World Wine Awards 2015 - Bronze Medal.             

Vineyard in the heart of Champagne country, fruit harvested by hand to ensure the highest standard of quality, wine aged at least five years in its cellars. Take a break from the classic brands and dive into "La Généreuse", a genuine artisanal champagne that critics are raving about (Revue du Vin de France, the Bettane & Desseauve Guide, etc.). This Brut Nature champagne lives up to its name: what it lacks in sugar, it makes up for in finesse. Once you try this exceptional elixir, you'll never look at champagne the same way again! Three different vintages (2008/2007/2006) were combined in this coupage, where the Chardonnay plays a supporting role (10%) to the dominant Pinot Meunier (90%).

The absence of dosage (a reserve wine mixed with pure cane sugar, usually added just before corking) allows the wine's intrinsic qualities to shine through: the nose is a burst of floral aromas and hawthorn with the Burgundy notes contributed by the Chardonnay. The mouthfeel is a perfect balance of mineral and fruity flavours. Surprise your guests by serving it with a delicious plate of oysters or other fresh seafood.

Artisanal rillettes of poulard with Périgord black truffles (100 g)

French-poulard-rillettes-black-truffles-perigordArtisan : Le Comptoir du Fougeray. / Epicure 2018 awards, Bronze medal

Rillettes, a 100% French delicacy, is a savoury spread similar to pâté but with a coarser, meatier texture topped by a protective film of lard. The all-natural product we chose was made the old-fashioned way: shredded poulard (from the best breeding farms awarded with the “label Rouge” certification) is emulsified in its own juices in a cast iron pot for more than 15 hours and seasoned with black truffles from Périgord.

Serve it spread on toast to experience all the rich nuances of its delectable flavour. A truly unique and delicious recipe to enhance a gourmet hors d’oeuvres feast.


artichoke-summer-white-truffle-spreadArtisan: Le Temps des Mets.

Here's a gourmet spread that will quickly become a must for your aperitifs! The cream of artichoke with white summer truffle is delicious to spread on toast or lightly toasted brioches. You will find in this melting texture the elegant taste of the artichoke, enhanced by the white summer truffle that subtly diffuses its flavors. A real treat for foodies!


Artisan saucisson sec La Gourmet Box food basket appetizerArtisan: Maison Duculty.

This dry-cured farmhouse sausage is a renowned speciality of Lyon, one of the cradles of French gastronomy. It comes in many different sizes and flavours: our box contains the original saucisson sec, but there are also nut, peppercorn, cheese, smoked and other varieties. We chose this particular sausage because it is made the traditional way from fresh pork with no dyes or preservatives. And because it is excellent of course !

Important: like all natural sausages, this product has a long shelf life and will not rot unless you keep it for several years. But it is possible and indeed common to find something called “bloom”, a white or occasionally greenish mould that grows naturally on the sausage casing. This mould is penicillium, from which we derive penicillin, and is found in a variety of food products (such as Roquefort and other blue cheeses). It is perfectly healthy and is even a sign of the sausage’s quality as long as it does not develop an unpleasant odour. The casing is 100% natural and perfectly edible, but we recommend that you remove it before eating to appreciate the full flavour and finesse of this artisanal sausage. Store in the canvas bag included in the gift box and keep it on the bottom shelf of your fridge. Serve in thin slices for a deliciously flavourful appetizer.

Chestnut, Foie Gras & Ceps gourmet Cream (100 g)

chestnut-foie-gras-cep-creamArtisan: Le Temps des Mets.

Here is a gastronomic spread that will quickly become a must for your aperitifs!

The chestnut, foie gras and cep cream is delicious spread on toast or on a lightly toasted brioche. It will melt into the brioche before delighting your palate.

You will find the elegant taste of the chestnut, then the sweetness of the foie gras and finally the long finish of the cep.

A real festive treat!


French homemade foie-gras Rillettes French hors d'oeuvres gift by la Gourmet BoxArtisan : Maison Patignac, Conserverie Fine du Volvestre. Elisabeth et Denis Patignac.

Rillettes, a 100% French delicacy, is a savoury spread similar to pâté but with a coarser, meatier texture topped by a protective film of lard. The all-natural product we chose was made the old-fashioned way: shredded duck (raised by the artisans) is emulsified in its own juices for hours and seasoned with salt and pepper. When it get colder, our artisan just add some piece of foie-gras. Just a must-try ! Serve it spread on toast to experience all the rich nuances of its delectable flavour.


Tapenade terrine French food and drink gift boxProducer: Les Oréliades.

Since 1982, the family business Les Oréliades, based in the Var town of Salernes, offers a wide variety of Provence's finest gourmet products. All of their recipes, prepared by hand using only local ingredients, are highly original, festive and inspired by tradition. This olive tapenade terrine, with aromas reminiscent of a soft summer breeze, is a savoury blend of black olives, capers and olive oil. We recommend serving it on toast as hors d’oeuvres or the perfect addition to a salad of lettuce, minced onion and caramelized tomato.


Provence terrine French food and drink gift boxProducer: Les Oréliades.

This little jar is packed with the seductive aromas of sunshine and nature. A combination of warm, lively flavours, the main ingredient in this terrine is farigoule, a liqueur distilled from one of the region's most typical herbs: thyme. Ideal for a snack or appetizer.

Organic caramelized cashew nuts with a hint of Kâmpôt pepper (110 g)

organic-cashew-nuts-vegetarian-boxArtisan: L'Attelier de Clisson.

At this small shop in Guérande, a town in southwest France famed for its butter and salt, every product is made using traditional methods and all-natural local ingredients. Nuts are the common denominator in every recipe, but they add sugar, caramel, spices or condiments to create a wide range of flavours and textures. For our box we chose organic caramelized cashew nuts seasoned with Kâmpôt pepper for their originality (a change from the more conventional cashews), surprising taste (the pepper-sweet contrast is outstanding) and super-extra-crunchy texture. These sinfully delicious morsels are too tempting to resist.

Savoury Organic Cantal cheese biscuits (120 g)

craft made products Cantal-Auvergne gourmet basketArtisan: Biscuiterie Apiflor.

We made our way to a village called Madic, on the border between the départements of Cantal and Corrèze, where we met an artisan who makes delicious organic traditional biscuits in bronze moulds. Genuine Cantal AOC cheese is added to the biscuit dough for a truly unique flavour. Ideal for nibbling with a glass of wine from your gourmet box—a crisp gourmet treat! Serving suggestion: to bring out the full flavour of these biscuits, bake them in the oven 2-3 minutes before serving.


At La Gourmet Box, we're all about thoughtful details, which is why we've tucked some surprises among these delicious products to make your feast of French delicacies truly memorable!

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