Our organic Aperitif box directly from the French Terroir

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A gourmet organic aperitif box filled with the best organic products that we have tasted during our exploration of the gourmet terroirs, accompanied by an excellent organic wine of course! What to offer or share one (or more!) organic aperitif with exceptional products directly from our lands.

As always, you can personalize your aperitif box with your personal message printed on an elegant card inserted in your gift.

Contents of our organic aperitif box with a delicious white wine:

- White Wine Cuvée Sur Pilotis 2022, AOC Corbières, in Organic Agriculture (75 cl)
- The Ape'teaser! the crunchy organic aperitif biscuits with French Emmental cheese (100 g)
- Aperitif spread from the oceans, Duo of Salmon & Lime Cream (100 g)
- Organic and vegetarian Champi'Graines aperitif toastinade (90 g)
- Butternut gourmet organic vegetarian spread Lemon Verbena (110 g)
- Organic pork rillettes finely flavored with lemon confit (90 g)
- Organic carrot and orange spread (90 g)
- Le Québé'Quoi ! Organic biscuits with maple syrup and pecan flavour (100g box)
- Zen Palets - organic chocolate and Japanese Sesame (110g)

Details on our organic aperitif box and our artisans below.

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Organic aperitif box with white wine

An elegant 100% organic aperitif basket with a selection of the best organic aperitif products that the small team of La Gourmet Box had the chance to taste during its peregrinations through the soils, accompanied by a white wine of the AOC Corbières in organic farming of a great finesse. A magnificent organic aperitif in perspective!

White wine Cuvée Sur Pilotis 2022, AOC Corbières, in Organic Agriculture (75 cl)

vin-bio-blanc-sur-pilotis-corbieresWinemaker: Jérôme Esteve, Château Montfin.

On the hills of Peyriac de mer, in a magnificent setting, the vines of Roussanne and white Grenache flourish under the sun. Organic since 2011, Jérôme Esteve offers us a wine of a rather surprising quality in these price levels. The name of this cuvée, Sur pilotis, evokes the magnific "on stilts" walk right across the ponds of Peyriac de Mer where pink flamingos frolic. To take this path is to experience an incredible feeling of freedom with the exhilarating impression of walking on water..

This wine combines freshness and liveliness with a little iodine brought by the proximity of the vineyard to the sea. The mouth is fresh in attack with fruity flavors (apricot, mango) with a delicate floral note and a nice acidulous finish. It is a pleasure wine, a gourmet wine, which can be enjoyed as an aperitif or with grilled or pan-fried fish and which will be a magnificent accompaniment to the tasting of your organic aperitif box.

An expressive Corbières of great finesse to discover without delay!

The Apé'teaser, the crunchy organic aperitif shortbread with French Emmental (100g bag)

biscuits-apero-bioArtisanal cookie factory : Biscuit Addict Bio, Julie Richard.

Artisan cookie maker since 2016, the small team of Biscuit Addict elaborates tasty cookies with organic raw materials of first quality and a confirmed artisanal know-how.

We begin the tasting of your organic aperitif box with a delicious crunchy shortbread that smells good French Emmental. You will tell us about it !

Organic pork rillettes finely flavored with lemon confit (90 g)

rillettes-bio-panier-gourmandArtisan : Le Mottay Gourmand.

Here is a craftsman who has given us and has given us (quite simply) a taste (and what a taste!) for a meat, pork, too often and unfairly considered as not very refined and yet... Carefully chosen pieces (shoulder, belly and hard fat), a hint of Guérande salt, a pinch of white pepper and a slow cooking of about fifteen hours in a cauldron offer a flavour and a smoothness out of the ordinary to these artisanal rillettes.

Deliciousness and elegance are the key words of this tangy recipe where organic pork rillettes are associated with candied lemon. A magic for the most demanding taste buds! With no additives or preservatives, they can be enjoyed naturally on a piece of fresh bread or toast.

Organic Butternut Lemon Verbena Aperitif Vegetable Spread (110 g)

tartinable-bio-vegetarienArtisan : La Bocalerie des Gourmets, Aurèle Joannard.

Our artisan has set himself the goal of putting gastronomy in jars for the aperitif through the combination of local, fresh and seasonal vegetables, combined with unexpected flavors .

We fell in love with this recipe and all their creations are really amazing! Here the sweetness of the butternut squash is enhanced by the flavor of lemon verbena (an aromatic plant) whose fresh and delicate taste is reminiscent of citrus teas. A vegetarian delight!

Aperitif spread from the oceans, Duo of salmon with fresh cream and lime (100 g)

tartinable-duo-saumonsArtisan : L'Atelier Bernard Marot, an artisanal cannery in Brittany.

A fishmonger turned canner? It is a typical story of the region. With know-how passed down from generation to generation, Maison Marot offers us a tasty spread: fresh salmon is combined with smoked salmon for a contrast of flavors, fresh cream adds roundness and a hint of lime enhances the whole.

On small toasts with a glass of white wine, the aperitif is served!

Organic and vegetarian aperitif toastinade Champi'Graines (90 g)

tartinable-bio-champignonArtisan : Bernard Marot.

Discover this delicious forest recipe composed of button mushrooms and boletus associated with squash, flax and sunflower seeds for the pleasure of your taste buds.

Enjoy it for example on our small gourmet cookies or by associating it with diced goat cheese. Ideal also hot to accompany your rice and fresh pasta.

Organic carrot spread with orange (90 g)

tartinable-bio-carotte-orangeArtisan : Les Mets d'Aimé.

From the beginning, Le Temps des Mets has bet on quality and originality for the manufacture of its range of organic local products. Here again, our craftsman delights us with a very fine marriage where the carrot is cleverly spiced up with a touch of orange.

In the mouth, it's a little nugget for gourmets who love organic vegetables!

The Québé'Quoi ! The organic shortbread with a good taste of maple syrup and pecan nuts (100 g box)

biscuit-bio-artisanal-champagneArtisanal cookie factory : Biscuit Addict Bio, Julie Richard.

We continue the tasting of our organic aperitif box with this hyper melting shortbread combining sweetness and greediness with the marriage of maple syrup and pecan: melting as one pleases, we enjoy it!

Zen Palets - organic chocolate and Japanese sesame (110g)

palet-bio-chocolatArtisan : L'Attelier de Clisson.

To finish a generous organic aperitif with a sweet touch is a must! In this workshop in the heart of Guérande in the west of France, everything is made in an artisanal way and from organic ingredients. The work that our artisan does is really remarkable.

You may not know it, but a chocolate maker who buys all his ingredients in fair trade and who roasts, crushes and refines himself the cocoa bean to elaborate his own chocolate is a (very, very) great rarity... And when in addition the taste and the texture are there..

For these organic palets, he associates his 72% dark chocolate with Japanese sesame seeds that he roasts himself to reinforce the aromas and which will combine with great finesse with the flavors of our chocolate. To be enjoyed at any time! Close the glass jar, it will protect your palets until your next treat.


As usual, La Gourmet Box wants above all that the recipients of its gourmet baskets have the feeling of receiving a unique organic aperitif box, and reserves, in addition to these good little gourmet and organic products, some small surprises essential for the tasting of your gourmet gift. With of course the possibility to personalize your organic aperitif basket with a small elegant card and personalized with your words!


Bon Appétit with our tasty organic aperitif box !